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The League of Legends has long been an organization of peace in Valoran; it was because of this place that major conflicts has all but disappeared. After the Many rune wars that scarred the land with devastation, the Summoners that eventually created the League realized that all their magic will bring their world down eventually. The devastation brought by the most recent 2 rune wars have made portions of the land extremely hostile for people to survive; something must be done. With that in mind, the League was formed so that conflict would be settled in matches, as opposed to all out warfare. And it had worked, to an extent that is. As expected all major conflict was eliminated, the city states now generally avoid large scale battles. Even so, small battles still happen from time to time, with Demacia and Noxus' rivalry still playing a role to this day. Internal conflict has not been eliminated either with the Freljord now being an area split between 3 factions.

Today, The League is no longer affiliated with the city states and now exists as an independent entity. Although each city state still sends its champions to battle within its walls, it is less for political reasons. The League is now regarded as a form of entertainment for Valoran and each city state loves to see their champions battle it out with others; the victors do bring glory to their home after all! Although political conflicts are still settled in that fashion, the League overall now became a simple organization that is used for the recreation of others.

Now however, it will deal with a different situation.

High councilor Vessaria Kolminye and the rest of the council has been gathered together to assess a report that was a first even to them. These days a champion rarely addresses the council directly, if at all. So it was to everyone's surprise that morning that a ragged Kassadin dragged himself into the League and demanding to speak to the council, the urgency in the champion's voice was very evident. The image of a beaten Void Walker was still engraved in her mind as she prepares to address the other summoners.


The mornings at the Institute of War were usually quiet; most people there were usually not about to begin matches or leaving after an all-nighter match. So it was to everyone's shock that one of the League's most well-known champions stumbled, dragged, himself into the great hall. Kassadin is one of the most powerful of the League Champions; he was picked enough for matches so much that many shudder in fear when they see him on the opposing team. Now however, the Void Walker was in a sorry state, his entire body covered with wounds and marks that signifies his defeat hours ago. His purple robes were in tatters and much of his face mask was destroyed. Kassadin's posture, normally holding himself high as he moved, was hunched over and clutching an open wound on his chest. He barely made it four steps before he collapsed to the floor.

Kassadin later woke in the infirmary, his face mask repaired and his body was being healed by a healing spell, he looked over to his side and found Kolminye beside his bed.

"They said you've suffered external damage up to 80% of your body, your left arm is broken and your mana pool almost completely depleted. We were surprised you were even able to move."

Kassadin groaned as he tried to sit up; his entire body protested as he attempted to do so. "I wouldn't strain myself so much if I were you" Kolminye warned "you were already lucky enough to survive whatever it is that you went through".

"I didn't come all the way from Icathia just to lie in a bed! For the sake of Valoran you must hear me out!" Kassadin hissed.

Kolminye's eyes widened. "Icathia is in Shurima! That's miles from here! How were you able to travel this far without losing consciousness?"

"That is not the point! I bring with me a warning that will end Valoran if we do nothing to stop it! Please I must speak to the rest of the summoners!" Kassadin attempted to get out of his confinement but his body just won't cooperate.

Kolminye sighed and cast a exhaust spell on the Void Walker, he could hear how fearful the proud warrior sounded; whatever happened to him must be serious if it was able to even allow someone like Kassadin to tremble. "I will deliver the message that you have, right now you focus on recovering."

"Very well, you may have this," Kassadin accepted his fate and handed something to Kolminye; it was a recording rune, something that was to take down and save information for later use. "Everything I have encountered is recorded in that. I beg of you High Councilor, please act quickly, and lest you wish for the Crystal One to destroy everything as we once knew. Valoran rests in your hands now!" Then Kassadin passed out.

Flashback end

After that ordeal, Kolminye did see what the crystal contained, and it was as shocking as the Void Walker led him to believe. Never in her life has she ever witnessed a League champion get completely pulverized in that fashion; from an outworldly being as well! If something this powerful exists at the borders of Runeterra then they might all be in danger.

The hall was packed with summoners of various experience and age. Each of them waited anxiously for the news that was to be presented. Meetings of such degree were rarely held within the Institute and in the case that they do usually signifies something drastic. The last time a meeting even close to this scale was held was for defending the city states against the Black Mist of the Harrowing. This time though, even more people were addressed. The Summoners were deep in conversation with each other; all guessing what has transpired to require the attendance of this many people.

Their concerns were soon to be addressed as Kolminye entered the room. She looked over everybody with a grim expression before opening her mouth to speak. "Fellow Summoners, by now you would've probably heard about what has happened to Kassadin this morning."

"How has he sustained such heavy injuries? He's one of the most powerful of the league Champions!" one of the Summoners shouted.

"For many decades, we have attempted to preserve Runeterra from anymore devastation", Kolminye continued, "And we have been effective in preventing another Rune War from happening. Now however, it seems that we have overlooked some things. In this case from the other world". She finished gravely.

"Head Summoner please! What you spoke does not seem to make sense to us, please elaborate!"

Kolminye nodded before continuing. "Hours ago, Kassadin reportedly had a run-in with those he call Voidborn in the now abandoned city of Icathia. The encounter has left him with serious injuries. While it is common knowledge by now that Kassadin has increasing hostilities with the Void, the creature that attacked him this time is something that has not been documented yet."

The second that last statement was spoken the entire room fell silent. "Undocumented? So has the Void Walker encountered a new kind of VoidBorn?" One Summoner finally spoke.

"That's what I believed at first. If a new type of VoidBorn contains enough strength to overpower Kassadin, then we must prepare ourselves." The other Summoners mentally shuddered at the thought; they've witnessed firsthand of how powerful members of the Void were. Back when the League was still fully functioning, they had accidently brought the monster Cho'Gath within its walls. Naturally he had not taken the intrusion well, and many lives were lost that day before they'd successfully confined him within the League. After that incident, more Void creatures appeared one after another, including the more feral ones. Not to mention humans that have been corrupted by the Void itself have also made themselves known. The Summoners by this point were openly discussing what to make of this, when Kolminye spoke once more. What she brought this time however only sent a further chill down their backs.

"Yes, I did originally think it was just another member of the Void. Then I had a conversation with Kassadin, and as it seems, this new creature does not originate from Runeterra."

"Head Summoner! W-what could you mean by that?!"

Kolminye said nothing this time; instead she activated the recording rune. As the Summoners watched the horrific scene unfold, one statement caught their attention

A few days ago…

Kassadin was bleeding profusely from his arm; a strike from wayward crystal shard. He was beginning to feel the strain of all the repeated Riftwalks in an attempt to dodge as many attacks as possible. As he looked up he sees that his opponent shows no sign of slowing down as more crystals sprouted from the ground as the Crystal Alien floated towards him.

"You seem to close to your limit there, this should not take much longer." The beast mocked

"You think by defeating me you've won? I am just one of many Champions that exist in Runeterra! There are many more powerful than I! And they will protect Valoran in my place!"

Spacegodzilla's eyes shone with a feral expression "Perfect, Let them all come to me! I will tear them asunder and use their magic to fuel my power!"

"What gives you such assurance that you can defeat them all?! An abomination like you will suffer the justice of the League of Legends!"

Spacegodzilla only laughed "In the past I've been bombarded with both cosmic storms and advanced weaponry, and I've shrugged off them all. I've faced an inferior copy of my very being and brought him to the verge of death! Yet fate placed such a divine joke upon me! I was defeated, torn up and left to die in empty space! But I lived, and now vengeance burns brighter than anything else in my mind! First I will bring this universe down and then I will return to that other place and unleash true power upon it! YOU THINK I HAVE ANYTHING TO FEAR?!"

With that last roar, Spacegodzilla fired a crackling corona beam which sent the Void Walker sprawling many feet away.

"W-what are you?!" Kassadin rasped in pain

"I am a being born from the pitch darkness of space itself. I am the One that will consume the world with Crystals. The Void is merely a benefactor in my final goal. Let it be known before your death that Spacegodzilla will be the one that dominates your land."

Then Spacegodzilla continued his assault.

Flashback Ends…

The rest of the Summoners stood in stunned silence as they watched the recap. The minute they've heard that chilling sentence everybody had a feeling that something terrible was to come upon them. Finally Kolminye spoke again

"And that is what Kassadin faced, and what we will potentially be up against in the future."

Immediately the room exploded in voices. Panic was setting in as everyone witnessed just what strength the new being possessed. Multiple voices were shouted over each other; some incomprehendable to the point of hysteria.

"How can something like that exist?!"

"Did you feel it? The evil? The malice? I can feel it seeping even through the rune!"

"What does it mean by consume?! Does it mean us?!"

"SILENCE!" Kolminye attempted to bring order to the meeting once more. As the madness within the halls slowly calmed itself, the Head Summoner addressed a new topic "Now is not the time to lose your mind! We are potentially dealing with an Omnipresent bring now, its power likely even surpasses the likes of Xerath, Ryze and Syndra! The immediate concern is to prevent it from entering Valoran at all costs! Let this be known to every city state: use every spell or technique to prevent the opening of portals. The one known as Spacegodzilla must NOT cross over from the Void!"

A few more seconds of silence, then one meek voice spoke up: "And if we fail in doing that?"

"Then the Void will enter Valoran, along with an even deadlier premonition. When that happens, we are truly doomed…"


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