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A little voice cut through my slumber. I looked up and saw my little sister, Azula, standing in the doorway of my bedroom. I got out of bed and hurried over to her. "What's the matter?" I asked her.

"I had a bad dream," she said in a small, plaintive voice. Azula was four years old and she always came to me when she had bad dreams.

I led her back to my bed. We sat down and I put my arm around my sister. "What was it about?"

She twisted the edge of the sheet in her small hands. "We were fighting in the war and somebody hit you with lightning." She looked at me, her gold-colored eyes filled with tears. "I saw you fall down and you didn't get up. You just lied there." She choked back a sob. "I kept telling you, 'Zuko, get up!' but you didn't." She buried her head in my chest and sobbed.

I held Azula close. I felt like crying too. "It's okay, 'Zula. It's okay. That was just a bad dream. We're not fighting in the war, and I didn't get hit with lightning. I'm fine, and I'm right here with you."

She drew a long, shuddery breath. "Okay."

"Do you want to sleep with me?" I asked, knowing her answer.

She nodded.

"C'mon, get under the covers. It's chilly." She crawled under the blankets, still sobbing quietly. I rubbed her back and sang a song that Uncle sang to us sometimes.

"Winter, spring,

Summer and fall.

Winter, spring,

Summer and fall

Four seasons,

Four loves.

Four seasons,

For love."

I kept on rubbing and singing until my little sister was asleep.

0000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000

That was ten years ago. The scene flashes through my mind as I lie here in excruciating pain, shot down by the same little sister who once cried herself to sleep at the idea of it.

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