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I couldn't comprehend what was happening, it seemed like everything was happening in slow motion. Percy slowly fell down, Hecate slowly took her sword out of his chest.

I finally found my voice when I shouted for Luke to move. I pushed Luke out of my way and ran to Percy.

He was in a pool of his own blood...I couldn't believe this was happening. I hoped this was a dream...but hey, since when was life nice to me?

He looked at me, coughed up blood...but it was blurry, I felt tears pouring out.

"S-Sever-ra." He coughed. I put his head on my lap and shook my head,"Percy, please don't leave me."

He gave me the smile I loved, except it was covered in blood.

"I w-would n..ever le-leave you." He swallowed blood coming out of his mouth.

I turned to Annabeth who was running towards us, along with Grover and Aaliyah.

"Get him some water!" I screamed. Percy shook his head,"I'm hurt too bad...ly."

I saw tears drop onto his beautiful face, my tears. I covered my mouth with my hand, trying to keep myself from screaming.

Hecate smirked at both of us,"Well, we all knew one of you would die in the end, might as well make it now!" She said happily.

She walked over to us and Percy was reaching for his sword. Annabeth nodded and began distracting Hecate.

"Hecate, why on earth would you do something like this?! Because you're insecure about yourself? Because you're a worthless, good for nothing minor god?!"

Hecate exhaled in anger,"Watch your mouth, daughter of Athena!"

Annabeth took a step closer to her, looking straight into her eyes,"Face it...you're nothing."

Hecate was about to reach out for Annabeth. But it was too late. Percy stabbed her right in her back with his sword. Hecate screamed in pain and Percy just pushed the sword further in. Hecate's face went pale, then she dropped to the ground, and that was that. It was quiet for a long time, all we heard was the fire around us on the walls.

Percy coughed up a lot of blood and I gave my attention back to him,"Percy, are you okay?! Please stay with me, we'll get you back to camp and Chiron wi-"

He shook his head, cutting me off,"N-n-no Severa, this is how it ends...Y-you're the child of all the propecies." More and more blood trickled out of his mouth.

It couldn't end like this...I couldn't be the child of all 3 prophecies.

Power of brothers will bond.

By the one who makes lightning and seas respond.

Into the pits of the dark abyss.

Into the mouth of Tartarus.

Lies will soon unfold and become broad.

By the one who calls themselves a demigod.

War will be cut loose as death is released.

Nothing will be left of those deceased.

That was about me...

4 Shall travel wide.

To find the soul that has died.

Blood shall be unleashed by Death's hand.

And make the sorcery have its final stand.

Yet one shall be revealed to a new wonder.

The one who controls the sea, lightning and thunder.

That also, had me in it.

A Half-Blood of the eldest Gods

Shall reach sixteen against the odds.

And see the world in endless sleep

The Hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap.

A single choice shall end his days.

Olympus to preserve or raze.

That...could not be me...something wasn't right, this wasn't the way it was supposed to end.

I shook my head,"No, Percy...this is not how it ends."

I looked at Luke and glared,"I'll deal with you later.

I closed my eyes.

Dad...please take us to your home...please, we need you...Percy needs you...I need you.

Then I felt myself lift from the ground with Percy. There was a blinding light, then all of us were in the court of Olympus in front of all the gods.

Zeus, aka my dad was sitting next to a beautiful woman. I knew who it was.

"Severa, my darling daughter." Thetis said as she smiled. She walked up to me and wiped my tears,"Why are you upset, my dear?"

I looked at Percy's face, still beautiful, even with blood and sweat. He was too busy staring at his father, Poseidon, who looked heartbroken and older than he was... Thetis stared at me and I stared back at her and she gasped...she knew what I was thinking. She looked at Zeus and he understood, his face went pale.

He came up to me and sighed,"Severa, are you sure this is what you want?"

I looked down at Percy, who was staring at me in confusion and wonder. I sighed and stared back at my father and nodded,"Yes."

He shook his head and my mother began crying. I swallowed my tears and called Annabeth, Grover and Aaliyah over, who were also confused. They couldn't know what I was doing, or they'd never allow it. I told them to help me pick Percy up gently and put him in the center of the room. Without question, they did. Percy winced every step we took and his breathing got more and more shallow. This had to be done quick. I sat by his side and everyone took a step back, except for the gods. I grabbed Percy's hand and stared straight into his eyes.

"You know I love you, right, Percy?" I asked him, completely serious.

He nodded, scrunching up his eyebrows,"Yeah, but what's happening?"

I sighed,"You'll see. Please know that I'll always be there for you..."

His face went from confused to concerned,"Severa, please tell me what's going on."

Then, all the gods put their hands out and closed their eyes. Light began flowing from everyone's hand and surrounding Percy and I.

I began crying, and Percy, despite how weak he was, wiped my tears away.

"I love you Severa...please don't cry." He whispered.

I sighed and kissed his lips softly but passionatly,"I know..."

"What's happening?" He asked.

I sighed as I felt myself drifting away into the air.

I kissed him once more...for the last time.

"Just know that by your heart Percy, I'm always here."


It's been a month since Severa sacraficed herself for me... A month that I can't describe. We had a funeral for her, except we didn't have her body to burn, the Gods kept it because apparently, some ritual thing wasn't done yet...but either way, she's gone.

I don't remember much from that day,except all the light that surrounded us...Severa crying, then I guess I passed out. When I woke up, I was completely healed, but I saw Zeus putting Severa in a clear glass case, I swear I saw tears in his eyes. I didn't know what was going on, so I ran to Severa's body. Her eyes were closed and she was...glowing. But I didn't need anyone to tell me what she did.

She gave her life for mine.

Camp has been very boring and dull without her, everyone is depressed. Nobody has smiled since either...you'd think Camp Half Blood was a ghost town. She affected everyone's lives...she gave everyone joy, but most of all, she gave everyone something to live for.

She was beautiful, funny, smart, so social and she helped everyone with anything. Even the Ares cabin is sad about her death. She was everyone's friend...but she was my life , my world ... I feel empty without her. I haven't left my cabin ever since the day I came back from Olympus. I don't know what to do with myself anymore.

Someone knocked and I just stared at the wall in front of me trying to ignore them, whoever they were. The person opened the door and I saw Annabeth and Grover walk in, both of their eyes were puffy.

Annabeth sat next to me and cried on my shoulder. I hugged her as did Grover. Annabeth and Grover were almost as torn as I was. We stayed there for about an hour until the conch horn blew, time for dinner.

"Percy, are you coming?" Annabeth choked, wiping her tears.

I shook my head and she sighed. Her and Grover got up and walked out, Annabeth began crying again.

I looked at the picture of Severa and I feeling a new wave of hot tears fall down my face. I took the frame in my hands and sighed.

"Severa...why?" I whispered.

Her beautiful brown eyes, her beautiful brown hair...her amazing smile and laugh...she drove me crazy. And now she's gone.. And she took my heart , my life with her.

I looked at her wristband that Zeus gave me before I left...the one that was blue with a lightning bolt, but now, instead of blue, it was grey. Her parents were sad too.

I got a lot of IMs from Poseidon and my mom, but I didn't answer them... I haven't showered in...about a week? I sighed getting up off the bed and chose some clothes. I got in the shower and let the hot water seep into my skin. After I washed up, I got out and dressed myself. I looked in the mirror and shook my head. The boy staring at me...was not me. The boy in the mirror was sickly pale and thin...his eyes were red and puffy...and he was just...colorless, lifeless. I dried my hair as I walked back to my bed.

I heard another knock and Chiron came walking in.

"Percy, you can't stay locked up in here for the rest of your life." He sighed closing the door behind him.

I shook my head,"Watch me."

He grunted,"Percy, I know you're broken...but do you really think Severa would want you to live like this?"

Hearing her name felt like daggers stabbing me...

"She's not here anymore." I whispered, looking down.


I had it.


"Percy! You're being selfish! And don't you dare talk to me like that!"

I shook my head and took a breath,"HOW AM I BEING SELFISH?! "



He looked taken aback. sighing heavily he looked everywhere but me,"Percy, that's something you need to find out for yourself. But she gave you a second chance at life, she'd want you to use it. Don't be sad about her life ending, she'd want you to be happy about the life she lived."

With that, he turned around and left the room without another word.

I was panting and I just collapsed to the floor, letting tears fall. I hated when Chiron was right.

1 month later~

It's been 2 months now, and camp life was almost back to normal. Everyone was still very depressed, but they were doing better. Training picked up again, not as well as before, but still, it's a start. I began sword fighting again...since the prophecy about me was coming closer.

I couldn't stop thinking about her though...but I was doing as Chiron told me. Living the life that Severa saved.

All of a sudden, the clear blue sky turned grey, there was thunder in the distance. I couldn't see it , something stirred in me.. I felt the ocean becoming unstable too...

Chiron came running outside,"Everyone inside now!"

Everyone began running in their cabins except me, I ran to Chiron.

"Chiron, what's happening?" I asked, looking at the sky.

He looked at the sky too with an uneasy expression,"The war...it's almost here."


According to Chiron, we had about 3 months until the war. That wasn't long at all. Training picked up times two, everyone was preparing for the worst.

I didn't know what to expect, I just hoped that Severa would stand by my heart like she promised. I closed my eyes and sat down on the beach by the lake, the spot we both sat down on her first day here. I smiled at that thought.

I miss you Severa.

The wind picked up a bit, and I swear to Zeus I heard 6 words that I'll never forget.

By your heart, Percy...I'm here.


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