Just a little drabble that popped into my mind. My first attempt to write something sad.

Disclaimer : No one reads these anyways so here goes – Harry Potter is not mine, he is Ginny's.

Rainy grey

Hermione Granger stared at the darkening rainy sky. It was a tradition of hers to sit outside and look up at the sky whenever it was going to rain. It made her feel happy, feel alive. They sky would turn from light to a dark stormy grey. These shades were her favourites. It was the only time that she could admire these shades because no one had ever been able to recreate them perfectly. There was only one other source that had the precise same shades, only one more source which gave her the same kind of emotions but it was long gone. It had stopped existing. Hermione looked up as little droplets of water started to fall on her face and mixed with the drops of tears on it, she looked up to see the colour of Draco Malfoy's eyes.

I don't know why but it sort of broke my heart.

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