The Demon Slayer

Ch. 1

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Lucy's P.O.V

'I'm finally here!' I thought as I stared at the Fairy Tail building. 'Something feels missing though…' I was dressed in dark skinny jeans, a black strapless top, that hugged my figure and had a blue eighth note in the middle of it, I had black head phones and a blue music note in the middle of the ear pieces, hanging around my neck, to finish it all off, I was wearing a black cloak with a hood, but the hood wasn't on, you could clearly see my loose golden, blonde waist lenth hair and my large brown eyes. I walked up to the door and kicked it open. "Sup, Fairy tail!" I yelled out to the speechless guild members. I had a warm smile on my face, while I waved at everyone.

"Hello, I'm Mira Jane, you can call me Mira, what can I do for ya?" Mira asked me, she was standing at their bar, she's the bartender or whatever you call a girl who works a bar, she had longish silver hair and clear, blue eyes, part of her hair was held up, presumably the bangs.

"I'm Lucy and I want to join this guild." I answer walking up to the bar.

"Really? What magic do you possess?" Mira asks me, while wiping a glass.

"I'm a demon slayer." I answer blankly. She dropped her glass in surprise and it shattered to the floor.

Really?!" Mira screamed practically jumping over the counter to get to me.

"Uh yeah, is there a problem with that?" I asked meekly.

"Oh silly, no!" Mira smiled tenderly. "I was wondering if you'd show me, I'm a demon take-over mage, so I'd like to see the power of a real Demon Slayer!" She said excitedly.

"Okay, powerful or not so powerful spell?" I ask her smiling like an idiot.

"something simple for now."

"Okay, got a place I can punch without damage repairs?" I ask. The guild started to chat amongst themselves about my soon to find out powers.

"Come outside, you can do whatever you want out there." Mira smiled at me. I nodded and followed her outside, everyone else followed behind me. Everyone cleared out of my way, I started running towards a boulder, I went for a slow run, average wizard or ,mage run, everyone was watching me intently, I was coming up on the boulder…. And…. I fell flat on my face… Everyone sweatdropped. I got up rubbing my nose from the impact, "Why does that always happen?" I muttered to my self. I got up and tried again, this time I didn't fall, "Abyss Demon's Punch!" I yelled, my fist was coated in a pitch black fog, I made contact with the boulder, nothing happened at all. The guild members started muttering things like, "What the hell?" and "What's up with this chick?" The boulder turned into powder, everyone shut up. I now heard nothing bu a "Wow…." From some random person.

"Can I join the guild?" I asked smiling innocently, with my head tilted to the side and my hands behind my back.

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