The Demon Slayer

Ch. 3

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I was already packed so I headed towards the train station to wait for everyone else. A flash of golden light interrupted my walk.

"Hey, Lucy." Leo or as I call him like greeted me with a flirtatious bow.

"Hey, Loke." I smiled. Loke's face changed from suave to worry.

"Are you okay?"

I frowned, "not completely, but I think I've found a place I can REALLY call home."

He smiled, the worry gone from his face. "I saw earlier and I'm sure you'll be happy in their guild."

"I hope so." Loke returned to the spirit world for now and I read a book to pass the time before everyone got here. 50 minutes passed and Erza arrived, we talked and bet on how long it will take the others to arrive.

"I bet one meal of your choice, that Natsu is going to be at least ten minutes late." I set my wager.

"I bet before ten minutes." Erza settled.

"Same terms?"

"Same terms." She agreed. I was about to suggest we bet on Gray, when he showed up. Erza and I shared a look that clearly showed disappointment.

"Hey guys." Gray greeted. I looked at Erza, we both nodded.

"Gray, want to join our bet on when Natsu will get here?" I questioned slyly.

"What's on the table?" He smiled like a cat.

"One meal of the winner's choice." I answered.

"I have a bet for less than ten minutes and Lucy has over ten minutes." Erza further explained the terms.

"Hmm... I'll take twenty minutes and over." I went back to my book. Without looking up I informed them the hour was up and Erza's betting time had started.

Ten minutes later and Erza had lost. "Erza, it okay, don't grow mushrooms please." I coaxed. Erza was in her own little emo corner muttering about... Cake? Weird.

"How 'bout if I win, I'll make gray buy you one thing of food." I smiled at her when she looked up; she had a hopeful look on her face.

"Really?" She asked sniffing, she looked like a child.

"Mmmhmm!" I agreed.

"Hey! I'm not-" Gray started to protest before I shot him a deadly look. He gulped.

"I mean... I agree!"

"Good." Erza stopped sulking and sat up straight on the bench, going back to looking regal. 15 minutes into our bet and Natsu finally arrived.

"Haha! I won!" I shouted pointing my finger in Gray's face.

"Won what?" Natsu asked. Oops... Erza saved me by starting to scold Natsu for being late and he completely forgot. We bought our tickets and boarded the train. Once we got on the train Natsu started to look sick and we started to discuss our mission.

"Do they already have the flute?" I asked all joking gone from my demeanor.

"Yes, we plan to beat them to clover town, which is where the guild master's are for their meeting." Erza answered my question stoically, she, for some reason, had knocked Natsu out and he was now lying in her lap.

"Their target is the guild masters?!" Gray exclaimed.

"Yes. Master does not know this is their target because I was just informed by lacrima."

"Well, I'm going to get some shut eye before we arrive, haven't slept in three days." I yawned and proceeded to curl up into a ball to sleep.

I was in a pink sterilized room. I was strapped down and I couldn't break free. I started to panic, 'where's my magic?!' I ceased my struggling when a blurry figure came up to me. I looked at the figure desperately, "Help me, please!" I screamed.

"Now Lucy, why would I ever do that?" He sneered. "I even painted this room just for you, so you'd feel more at home. Just keep still, it won't hurt for long..." I started to scream.

"No let me go! Don't do this to me! Come back! Don't leave me!" I screamed after the retreating figure.

"No!" I woke up sobbing uncontrollably, I was shaking and I couldn't see right. A flash of golden light and Loke was beside me. Loke pulled me into his chest. I dug my fingers into his shirt.

"It's ok Lucy, I'm here you are safe." He cooed in my ear.

"What's wrong with Lucy?!" Gray sounded alarmed but I barely registered him in my hysteria.

I started to quietly whisper a lullaby my mother used to sing to me, "hush now my baby", hiccup there, "be still now don't... Cry" I sniffed. "Hush as you're rocked by the stream..." I hiccupped into Loke's shirt as he stroked my hair. "Sleep and-" I stopped; I would just start crying again if I continued. I just stayed there, hiccupping and sniffing like a child in a thunder storm.

"Was it the same dream?" Loke asked me tenderly. I nodded. "Don't worry Lucy ill protect you with my life, just go to sleep, I won't leave." I barely nodded before my world turned to black.

Loke, what was that?!" Erza demanded.

"Lucy had a nightmare." I gave up no other information.

"She sounded really scared..." Natsu said, looks like he woke up.

"If you want to know what happened you must ask Lucy herself, I will not divulge information that is not mine to give."

"Then how about you tell us why you quit the guild and you just appeared out of nowhere to help Lucy!" Gray demanded.

I laughed sheepishly. "Well... I quit because I was dying..."

"What?!" all but Natsu demanded. He was to busy keeping his breakfast down.

"I'm a celestial spirit and I had broken a sacred law for celestial spirits; don't kill your master." I then proceeded to explain about Karen. I softly smiled once I started to explain how Lucy saved me. "Lucy, she found me when I was about to disappear for good. I was at Karen's grave." I paused. "Lucy already knew what I was doing there. She asked me to explain so I did. After I explained... She didn't believe I should die and she forced open the spirit world gates to let me in and she had the spirit king change the law for me."

"Wow... That's amazing and I forgive you for leaving, as long as you faithfully serve Lucy!" Gray said resolutely.

"I will as long as she needs me, but Lucy is different from all my other masters. She doesn't see spirits as tools but as friends and she fights along side us."

"She's a great person." Erza concluded. I nodded. 'Even under such horrible circumstances.' I thought grimly.

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