The pink and parchment dragon-like creature flew around a blue and grey dinosaur-like creature suspended in a black space. The dinosaur creature's mouth lit up as it charged energy. The dragon creature attempted to bite the dinosaur, but a giant blue and purple laser shot it before it could do any damage.

"DIAAAAAAAALL!" the dinosaur shouted. The dragon leaped away from the dinosaur and its mouth started glowing too. Before it could fire a laser of its own, a round hole appeared in front of the two. They stopped fighting and gazed in. A young boy with a hat on his head, a young girl with large, purple hair and brown eyes, another girl wearing a beanie hat with a symbol that looked like a round ball and a man with green hair and matching eyes were in a forest, and they seemed lost.

"Cilan's just like Brock then, huh?" Dawn asked Ash, one of her three travelling companions.

"I guess," Ash replied as he stared at Cilan, who was looking at his handheld GPS.

"We've been in this forest for half an hour now," Iris told her friends. "I think we're lost for sure."

"We are not lost," Cilan replied. "We're nearly at the Giant Chasm now. Look, it's just down those steps." The four walked over to it. Before they went in, Iris, Dawn and Cilan stopped. Ash looked back.

"What's the matter," he asked. "It's just a small forest behind a cave."

"Ash," Dawn said. "Don't go in the cave."


"It looks like a portal."

"Huh?" Ash looked at the entrance. "That's weird. Oh well, I'm going in alone then." Ash disappeared in the pink, purple and orange smoke. Dawn, Cilan and Iris stepped away from the cave to leave, but suddenly a wave of the same colours started to suck them in like a vacuum. The three were trying to run away, but it was too strong.


"What happened?" Ash asked himself. He looked around to see white stone buildings surrounded by the sea, as well as white and blue windmills around the area. A yellow mouse with red cheeks started snuggling him by the cheek, a few sparks coming off as it did so.

"Pika pi?" The mouse asked.

"I'm alright, Pikachu," Ash replied. "Where are we? It looks like Lacunosa Town, but it doesn't feel like Lacunosa Town."

"Pikaaaaa!" Pikachu exclaimed, pointing to a blue streak travelling quickly across some hills in the distance. "Pika Pika pi!"

"It's coming towards us?" Ash asked. Pikachu shook his head. "Oh, charades!" Pikachu did as well as it could to mimic a person running fast towards them on the spot. Ash stood up. It was coming towards them extremely fast. Suddenly it stopped. A blue, bipedal creature was standing there.


"I've never seen a Pokémon like that before!"

"Who are you?" The creature asked. Ash was bedazzled at the fact that this Pokémon could talk. Then again, it could have just been Meowth in a disguise.

"Well, what's your name then?"

"A-Ash, and this is my friend Pikachu."


"Huh, so I guess you live here then."

"No, I've never seen this place before in my life. I just stepped through a way into the Giant Chasm and then I end up here."

"Sounds like Chaos Control to me."


"Never mind. Just come with me and I'll tell you about it. Maybe we should look around and see if anyone knows you."

"Pika!" Pikachu squeaked as he climbed onto Ash's head. Ash and the creature walked off towards a town of white and blue buildings.