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Chapter one
He sat on an overturned box in that room. The blood wall hadn't been fed in a while. It needed to be fed. He couldn't bring himself to feed it right then. He had done an unspeakable thing. His rage had blinded him of what he was doing. His hands shook as he glanced at the russet weapon on the floor at his feet. His black eyes were pain stricken and full of anguish. The weapon was a reminder of what he had done. The consequence of his actions had hurt his one true friend and squee would never be able to forgive him for what he had done. A lone tear streamed down his pale face and splashed onto the ground. "you should punish yourself for what you've done."a voice said. Nny looked up to glare at the Styrofoam figure of dough boy. "killing myself is not the answer."nny said firmly. "but you left poor little todd all alone."dough boy smiled cruelly "there's only one thing that would help him. And thats to know the person who killed his parents is dead.". "don't listen to him nny."nail bunny floated in "he speaks lies.". Nny nodded at the bunny head. "there is only one thing i could do for him now."he stood "im all he has left and schmee isn't a good role model for that young squee...". "and your a better role model?"dough boy asked. "just shut the hell up dough boy. You don't know anything!" nny yelled pointing a knife at him. Dough boy smiled knowing johnny wouldn't dare. Nny lowered the knife looking at the blade. It reminded him of what he had to do. "im going to get squee."he walked down to the tunnel entrance. Dough boy shook his head. "Todd will be dead by morning."he smiled cruelly once again. "your wrong Dough boy." Nail bunny said "squee might be able to save johnny.".
-line break-
Squee huddled in his room with schmee as shadows fell across the bed. "why did mr. neighbor man kill mommy and daddy?"he asked schmee. Schmee silently spoke to him as squee surveyed the room making sure nny wasn't coming to kill him to. "your wrong schmee."squee said suddenly "they weren't bad people! They didn't disturb this.". A soft set of footsteps sounded from the lower level. "squee!"squee shrieked at the noise "oh no schmee! The scary neighbor man is coming to kill us!". Squee scrambled behind his bed as a tall, thin shadow fell across the moonlit bedroom. He shook with terror, hoping johnny didn't have a knife. "squee?"johnny asked. "he sounds sad schmee?"squee whispered to his companion quietly. Nny looked around what appeared to be an empty room. He sighed at the whispering coming from behind the bed. "squee!"he said in a serious tone "im not here to kill you. I came to protect you. But seeing as i myself played a factor in your now growing distrust i can understand if you find this statement as somewhat of an ironic thing.". Squee shook with even more terror. "the scary neighbor man wont's to take me away!"he whimpered quietly to schmee. Creaking floorboards told the small boy that his homicidal neighbor was approaching him. His labored breath sounded loud in his ears as he squeezed his eyes shut tight. Two thin arms scooped him up and when he peeked open his eyes, he found himself face to face with nny. The startled boy let out his signature squee and shook with fear, squeezing schmee. "im sorry.."nny said. Squee was promptly set down on the bed, with the maniacal killer seated next to him. "i came here to apologize with all sincerity for my misdoing."johnny looked at his friend "and to offer to look out for you.". "schmee says that your bad and i shouldn't listen to you."squee said. "you cannot live here along with that bear..."johnny said, a dangerous look on his face as he gazed at the wall. An silent moment passed. Nny broke the silence as he said "go back to bed. I'll be watching out for you now.". Without another word he left. "this is bad schmee..."squee said when he was sure the scary homicidal neighbor had gone. Schmee gave no reply to him. Squee couldn't sleep so he lay in bed staring at the wall shivering at what would happen then.
-line break-
Johnny put the finishing touches on the newest happy noodle boy comic. The dusty analogue clock struck two thirty. It had been three hours sense he had visited squee and taken responsibly for his care taking. Still he feared he would end up hurting the child. Maybe dough boy had been right about taking care of him being a bad idea. "something bothering you nny?"nail bunny said floating in. Nny turned to him saying "what if dough boy was right?". "don't listen to dough boy. hes no longer part of you. I'm all thats left."nail bunny said "he is wrong.". "still..."nny said "this can't end well. I'm not the best influence and squee can't grow up to be like me. Hes to pure...". "your the only one who can protect his sanity."nail bunny said. "lets just hope."nny said as he left the room. The moonlight cast Erie shadows across the now empty room.
End of chapter one.
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