"Ginoza-san has been looking more stressed lately."

"Yeah, I noticed."


"Do you think it has anything to do with the dares?"

It all happened after Kagari's newest collection of games came through the post. He got a few new Gundamn figures, a new dart board (Kou-chan had somehow broke a hole through the last one), a lava lamp, a remote-controlled car and-

-a Dare Box.

Out of curiosity, he tapped one of the cube's faces and a dare flashed onto its surface. He grinned at its message and tapped it again to see another. He tapped quite a few times and laughed his way through the mentioned dares. He had to share it with someone.

Of course, there was a very limited number of people he could play it with though. Even then, it had to be one of his work colleagues since there was nowhere else he'd be able to freely perform and watch dares.

So that brought down his list of faces to the MWPSB.

There was no way Gino would want to even look at the Dare Box. He'd be all 'it'll get in the way of work' and 'fun is for losers,' so Kagari decided to leave him out. He had a suspicion Kou-chan would act similarly since he was just as obsessed with solving cases.

Masaoka-san was a cool old dude, but Kagari's gut feeling told him that he'd be politely turned down.

There was no way in hell he'd be asking Karanomori Shion.

So by process of elimination, his only players were Akane-chan and Kunicchi.

"It's childish," Yayoi commented. "And besides, Inspector Ginoza would disapprove."

Akane looked a little unsure herself too.

Pouting, Kagari waved the Dare Box in front of them. "Then all we have to do is make sure no one knows we're playing, right?" He paused, and came up with a bright idea. "And there's a point system in the game. First person to hit 30 points I swear I'll treat you to dinner. Wherever you want."

Suddenly, Akane felt sympathetic for the young Enforcer, he was probably bored all the time from being stuck doing work and never having the freedom of just going outside and having fun like all guys his age.

"I'll play, Kagari," she agreed.

A huge grin lit up on his face.

"I knew you were the best, Akane-chan!" he sang before facing Yayoi expectantly. "Well, what about you? Dinner is the prize!"

A few tense seconds went by before Yayoi casually shrugged her shoulders and picked up her guitar magazine.

"Fine, I'll play. You better start saving up for when I win."

And so it begins. Not sure how long I'll be continuing this one, but so far it seems like a fun idea to play with.

I'm going to be using a bunch of office dares but if you guys can think of any hilarious (but reasonable) dares for our trio to perform. Then please share in a review!

Ginoza's going to be tripping so bad.