For the first time in a long while, Yayoi was amused. Surprisingly enough, it was thanks to the discussion about how the young Inspector walked in on a scandalous fling in the filing room yesterday.

"You know, you were sorta… pulling down on his tie," Akane said with a faint smile.

"It was getting in my face," Kagari protested.

"His hand was on your chest."

"Well, either Gino-san took the opportunity to sexually harass me or he was just trying to get up like I said we were," he huffed melodramatically.

Yayoi sat back and painted her nails- she chose orange, because outside the sky looked warm. The argument determining whether or not Kagari and Ginoza had something to hide went on for another four nails.

"You know, the Inspector does stare at you a lot," she added flatly.

Kagari exasperated. "Gosh, look at you guys, ganging up on me. Well fine, let Gino-san be the only one to appreciate my good looks." He sat up straighter in his chair. "Let's get the dares started already!"

He pulled out the box from Akane's bag- since party-crasher Gino-san would be less inclined to snoop through his fellow Inspector's things to check if they were doing anything criminal or just anything without a seal of approval.

Roleplay a fictional character, address your co-workers as if they were fellow characters.
3 points.
5 extra points if any of them join in.

Kagari's lips quirked. "Roleplay, huh? I better think of something cool to do! Like… hey, Akane-chan! Ever played an old thing called pokemon?"

"I know that it has a theme song, and I also know you are planning to play it every time you enter a room, so please don't," she said. "It'll give us all a headache."

He let out a dragging groan before passing it along to her.

Cosplay as a supernatural being.
3 points.

"You know, I wonder if anyone here is afraid of ghosts and stuff," Kagari mumbled, reading the dare over her shoulder.

"Probably not, we're really past the era to believe in folklore," Akane replied. "Also, everyone here seems to have seen a lot of brutal murders anyway, I doubt a girl in a white dress is going to distress anyone."

She passed the cube along to the final player.

"Do you even have the props for that?" Yayoi asked.

An odd smile flickered on Akane's face, but she didn't reply.

Request a piggyback from a co-worker.
1 point.
5 extra points if you get a piggyback.

"It should say, 10 extra points if you get a piggyback from your boss," Kagari snickered.

"Is that a challenge, Kagari?" Yayoi asked, an odd glint in her eyes.

Before Kagari could set a bet, the doors hissed open introducing a bleary-eyed Enforcer nursing a cup of black coffee. The Enforcer blinked.

"What... are you guys doing in Division 5?" he asked, words still slurred together. "Or am I in the wrong office…?"

"Oh no! You're in the right place!" Kagari chirped, hopping out of the chair that was not actually his. "We were just borrowing it a bit. I think we're all done now!"

Akane sheepishly bowed her head at the unfamiliar Enforcer and helped Yayoi pack up her make-up bag. They all left in a small line, leaving behind the bemused Enforcer to his coffee.

Usually, it would not be so easy for an Enforcer to enter another division's territory before actual work hours. But Inspectors had access to nearly everywhere, so with Inspector Tsunemori's ID, it was easy for them to pick a new office to be their Dare HQ. This was due to Kagari's concern that Ginoza might catch on one day and get to Division 1 office before they can set the dares.

As The Trio stopped by at Division 5's vending machine to stock up on their own morning dosage of caffeine, Ginoza went through the trouble of arriving at NONA tower 30 minutes earlier than usual, only to find the office unexpectedly empty.

'Does this mean… it's all over?' Ginoza thought to himself brightly.

Unfortunately, bright things never last long in Ginoza Nobuchika's life.

Meanwhilst, a few skyscrapers away, two men were sitting in front of a large window, drinking tea, reading books and watching the sun rise. Of course the only person who is awake enough to read at the crack of dawn can only be Makishima Shogo. He and his partner usually don't spend their mornings together since they're both constantly busy with their own things -but Makishima had insisted they took the day off today.

And that worried Choe Gu Song a little.

He worried a little more when Makishima pushed the dare box in front of him.

"It's your turn today," he said softly.

Choe knew he was going to hate today.

If it's winter, dress up as the Easter bunny.
If it's summer, dress up as Santa Claus.
3 points.

It was starting off as a good morning for Ginoza. Kougami and Masaoka came in early, talking quietly. Kougami actually emptied two (of his many) ashtrays. Yayoi walked in not looking at all suspicious, a coffee and muffin in hand. She sat down and began work. It looked like it was going to be a perfectly good morning for Ginoza.

Then a thing walked in.

For some reason, a tall, faceless thing wearing a black suit strolled in and sat at his fellow Inspector's desk. It greeted everyone good morning in his fellow Inspector's voice.

"Tsunemori, what are you wearing?"

The faceless thing faced Ginoza- sort of. The head turned to his direction but there was nothing to focus on, just the faint contours of a nose and some brows.

"Holo-cosplaying," she explained through her non-existent mouth. "I bought this hologram years ago for a halloween party at my training school, I didn't throw it away since it looked good."

"That's not why I asked, Tsunemori," he deadpanned.

Usually, at this point of a conversation Akane would look rather nervous, maybe flitting her gaze about to avoid Ginoza's disapproving glare. But it was rather impossible to do the same glare in this situation since he wasn't really sure where exactly the eyes should be on the faceless face.

"It has cool features," she tried desperately. "Would you like to see?"

"Not particularly."

Yayoi then decided to turn her head their direction. "You should see it, huge black tentacles fly towards you."

"I really don't want to see it," Ginoza said as calmly as he could. "And Tsunemori, take that ridiculous hologram off. You are at work, and it's bound to trigger someone off around here into sky-rocketing stress levels."

The faceless thing's shoulders squared a little. "Well, Ginoza-san," she began nervously. "If a little shock horror was enough to turn someone criminally inclined, then I'm sure our ancestors would've already murdered each other a long time ago. Also, my cosplay is actually a very old and famous pre-CommuField meme- erm, a meme is a concept in the media that is copied-"

"I know what a meme is!" Ginoza snapped. Why does everyone assume he's that old-fashioned?

The hologram inclined its head. "Then you understand that this hologram isn't considered to be very triggering- well, when the special features aren't running at least. It's called Slenderman, created the year 2009 actually. Very retro."

A lot of things were about to be thrown at Slenderman- figuratively, and indirectly since those specific things were meant to be thrown at Tsunemori Akane. Ginoza was about to demand her to take off the hologram since it was stupid and unnecessary, and point out she still hadn't told him why she was wearing the damn thing.

But then Kagari bursted in, wide-eyed and full of terrifying energy.

"Mother, we're in big trouble!" he exclaimed. "The machines have infiltrated our territory! Look, one's already here!" He began pointing frantically at Masaoka who innocently drank his coffee. "We gotta move, mother!"

Ginoza shot up from his seat. "Call me 'mother' one more time and I will confiscate every game console you own and burn them myself. Now sit down and work."

He sat down and began work.

Yayoi gave him a side glance and mouthed 'what the hell are you roleplaying?'

She never got to hear his answer since the alarms started blaring- a sign that there was a new latent criminal to hunt.

The target was a 14-year-old bomber. A strange girl whose grades had been slipping the past year and had managed to steal plastic explosives from her father's demolition company. The girl had already destroyed her old school sports hall and blew up her brother's car.

They were standing in a semi-circle in front of a quiet street, unloading the Dominators from the weapons cart and waiting for the cymatic scanners to get a live feed on where the target was running to.

"Is there a link between the two bombings?" Akane asked, comparing pictures from her Commmunicator. "She used quite a lot to blast the sports hall into pieces, but the car was reported to only have a small capsule of the explosive chemical. Seems she's actually measuring out how much she's using and not doing it all randomly."

"Well, she certainly is looking some kind of attention, but not entirely the negative kind," Masaoka suggested. "So far, no one has been hurt in the attacks. The sports hall was completely empty when it went off, and her brother was nowhere near his car."

"Something's still pissed her off enough for her to use actual bombs," Kougami pointed out.

"Well, if she doesn't intend to hurt anyone then keeping casualty rates down should be easy," Ginoza said firmly.

"Yeah! Let's catch this machine before it terminates us! Right, mother?" Kagari chipped in.

Ginoza ignored him, it seemed to be the best solution to the current craze brought by 2/3 of the Trio. He wanted someone else for a change to say something about their behaviour, but for some reason, Masaoka and Kougami were never fazed out enough to speak up. In fact, Masaoka found it funny rather than insulting that Kagari kept referring to him as a 'machine.'

"If I'm a machine, what are you then?" Masaoka asked with a gentle smile.

"John Connor. And if you don't get it by now with that kind of hint then I've lost all hope for you guys," Kagari sighed. "Kunicchi, Akane-chan! You guys have a compulsory movie night with me coming up. Just what is Sibyl educating you guys with nowadays?" He flung his hands into his face in an exaggeration motion.

Masaoka looked over at the others who just shrugged cluelessly. Akane began to think that Kagari was in fact making everything up as he went along.

"Kougami, Kunizuka," Ginoza called out, bringing everyone back to the task at hand. "You two are coming with me, we are running direct pursuit for this criminal. The scanners have picked up on her trail, she's trying to shake us off in the back-alleys." Right now, he didn't want to talk to Kagari so he'll leave that madman with the equally mad Inspector. "Masaoka and Kagari will assist Tsunemori- you're in charge of crowd control. They're likely to be shaken with news of an explosion in such a public place like a school. Make sure no one else does anything stupid."

It had not escaped him that Akane was still wearing her hologram, but he was beyond caring. He was going to leave her alone and pretend she was not cosplaying some outdated meme to wind him up. It wasn't working. It wasn't bothering him at all. Totally not.

(That was definitely a lie.)

So Ginoza let Shepherd 2 to her own devices while he directed Kougami and Yayoi. As usual, Kougami the asshole did his usual thing and disappeared off on his own like some kind of lone wolf. At least Yayoi was tailing him and actually had his back like a real bro.

They closed in on the target, occasionally seeing a flurry of a leg and school skirt as she cut through a sharp corner. The scanner readings on Ginoza's Communicator showed the target reaching a dead end and wandering aimlessly through the same three alleys twice. The target being in 'lost little girl' mode was the best opportunity to catch her.

With Ginoza leading, he and Yayoi crept forward, backs pressed against the wall and Dominators ready to aim. He was about to make a hand signal for Yayoi to run ahead but she suddenly tackled him. There was a beep, a small explosion, and Ginoza was thrown onto the floor.

In the corner of Yayoi's eye, she saw a small figure dart past into the alley they had came from, Kougami might still be around that direction so she didn't bother scrambling to her feet. Underneath her, Ginoza groaned slightly, feeling bruised from the full weight of the Enforcer.

"Inspector?" she said, checking if he was still conscious.

"At least give me a warning next time!" he hissed, rubbing his head.

He staggered to his feet and tidied the rubble off his jacket. His glasses survived but also need polishing which he completed with the inside of his shirt. He noticed that Yayoi was still on the floor as he pushed his glasses back on.

"Are you injured?" he asked briskly.

Yayoi tucked the Dominator away. "No, I was just thinking if there would be any more bombs around here." She glanced behind her at the hole in the wall, the bomb was originally lodged into the a crevice between the bricks. "Good news is that even if I didn't notice that trap, we wouldn't have been fatally hurt. It was too far behind us. She was only making a warning shot."

"So she wasn't lost afterall. She knew we were coming this way," he grumbled. "We're going to have to move quickly. Let's regroup with Tsunemori."

He was about to walk away, and Yayoi soon to join him- then she remembered she had a dare to complete. And Yayoi was going to make damn sure she won that free dinner from Kagari.

"Actually, yes. I'm injured," Yayoi announced.

Ginoza stopped and turned round to squint at her.


"I said I'm injured," she repeated. "I think I... broke my ankle. I'm going to need someone to carry me." She rested a hand on her leg and tried to look at her left foot forlornly as possible.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Ginoza snapped, kneeling down next to her. "Let me see your ankle, we can-"

Yayoi tugged fiercely down on her trouser leg. "No. It's definitely swollen, and it hurts to put weight on it. We need to get out of here asap, right? Then you're going to have to carry me out, Inspector."

"Are you a child? Why do I have to specifically carry you out?" he groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Let me see your ankle, Kunizuka."

"Believe me, sir," she tugged harder on the hem so he couldn't see her perfectly fine ankle underneath. "And also I don't like people looking at my ankles. It makes me…" she paused, thinking for an excuse. "It makes me self-conscious. I have very... fat ankles you see."

Ginoza was staring at her as if she had just told him she hid a porn magazine on his desk.


"I have fat ankles. I am very self-conscious about them," she said very slowly. "Does that compute, Inspector?"

"No, that does not compute!" he spat out, voice rising. "I am your boss! You are a bloody latent criminal! There is nothing more than that to be self-conscious about! And for the love of God, you're worrying about someone noticing the size of your ankles when we have a terrorist to chase after?"

Yayoi didn't blink.

"Sir, I may be a latent criminal but I am still a lady who deserves her privacy," she said with a slight firm tone. "Is it so hard to believe that I got an injury from protecting you?"

Ginoza looked ready to shoot her with the Dominator but she still didn't blink.

"Kougami will find us soon, right?" she suddenly thought. "Why not let him carry me instead?"

"No one is going to carry you!"

"You can't just leave me here, Inspector. I'm an Enforcer, you're meant to keep an eye on me," she pointed out. "And what if the terrorist comes back and finds me unable to run? I'll be finished in no time if she just throws a bomb in my direction. We're short on manpower as it is."

In the back of Ginoza's beyond stressed brain, the thought of just leaving his Enforcer behind so her fate could be decided by a crazed 14-year-old with plastic explosives seemed tempting for a second and half.

There was a distant explosion.

"Will you carry me now, Inspector? Or are we going to wait here until Inspector Tsunemori picks us up?" Yayoi asked. "If you don't want to, I'm sure she'll carry me instead. Despite her looks, she's actually quite strong, you know. One time Kagari got knocked out in combat training by Kougami, she was able to drag his unconscious body all the way to his room and change his clothes by herself."


There was another distant explosion. And something crashing down shortly after.

On Ginoza's Communicator, Inspector Tsunemori popped into the conversation. "Ginoza-san! We could really do some help! The terrorist has pre-planned everything! There are bombs everywhere! So far, it's nowhere near where civilians are, but they can definitely hear it from the main streets! We need to get the crowd away from the bombing site before they panic!"

Her voice crackled out. Ginoza was still staring at the Enforcer sitting on the floor. The corner of his eye was twitching and his lips was trembling as if holding back a great big speech bubble of angry words.

Then his entire face relaxed.

He turned round and held out his arms backwards.

"Hop on," he mumbled in defeat.

Two left turns, one right, up some stairs and past two doors away were Slenderman, John Connor and a Terminator- all disguised under Comisa holograms. They tried to usher the curious crowd away from the long line of smoke appearing from a building.

Kagari and Masaoka were reassuring people in the cutesy Comisa voice-over that the smoke did not mean a serious fire was occurring, or that some crazy 14-year-old was blowing up shit for the hell of it. Meanwhilst Akane was organizing the drones to spread out and help.

In the craze of the crowd, she bumped into a large elderly man with a great white beard and a bright red suit. Her costume buzzed for a moment and switched to her Slenderman cosplay. The elderly man stared at her with unblinking eyes.

Santa Claus? In summer?

"Watch where you're going," the old man snarled. "You outdated meme."

Akane noticed his mouth didn't move- so it was a holo-costume too. (Why Santa though?)

"S-Sorry, Santa-," she stoped mid-flow. "Sorry, sir. It's my mistake."

The old man paused.

"No, sorry. I'm in a bad mood, I didn't mean to take it on you," he sighed.

"Does it have to do with the holo-costume?" she asked innocently.

"...maybe," he replied hesitantly. "I have an eccentric employer with eccentric requests."

"Ah, I see, work problems," she concluded. "I have a few eccentric colleagues too, it's hard to keep up with them."

Santa Claus nodded vigorously.

"Yes! He's very unpredictable! Which can make work more fun at times, but there are other times when you just wonder why you picked this job!" he blabbed on hurriedly.

Akane slowly nodded back, she realized that Santa had things to get off his chest unless the stress was going to pile up. And who was not a better person to help than the MWPSB? So she waved Slenderman's bony white hand towards a bench.

"Would you like to sit down for a moment? You look as if you could do with a coffee."

Santa rubbed his head in thought.

"I guess I am a little thirsty."

So, the two of them sat down with two cans of coffee from the vending machine. The first few of minutes went by awkwardly as they sipped their drinks.

"So, what's this about your employer?" Akane abruptly asked.

"He's… he's a unique individual, I can't help but respect him," he replied. "My employer in fact is the most interesting man I've ever met, I haven't had such intellectually stimulating conversations in a while, but…" Santa trailed off, shaking his head.

"But…?" Akane echoed, coaxing him further.

"He's so demanding," he breathed out. "I have six different programs to run, some new gadget to design, sort out his online banking accounts… he doesn't seem to understand the concept of a break."

Akane wanted to give him a sympathetic smile, but Slenderman had no face- and usually looking directly at it was more terrifying than heartwarming. So she patted his back instead, both their holo costumes fizzing a little at the contact.

"He is putting me through so much stress, you know. One little mistake and I'll be fired, he wants nothing but perfection," Santa mumbled into his hands. "He even started ordering me to make his tea, like I didn't have enough to do already! And I'm a programmer! Not his butler! He has enough money stashed away to buy a huge mansion of servants yet I'm doing pretty much every job available. Just yesterday I had to fix the sink because the tap was leaking and the noise apparently bothered him…"

With this much to say about his boss, Akane was getting increasingly worried for his psycho-pass. It couldn't have been too bad if the public cameras weren't picking up on anything and raising the alarm. With Santa's face still buried in those big red mittens of his, she thought about risking aiming the Dominator at him from behind her jacket- but couldn't risk distressing him even further.

"...and everything he said makes him sound like a pretentious asshat. 70% of what he says to me is quoted from a book," Santa went on, sounding almost distraught now. "He has absolutely no sense of humour and has literally created his personality from the most despairing collection of literature in existence."

Her fellow Inspector was going to call up eventually and demand where the heck she was, but she felt too guilty to cut Santa mid-sentence. So she continued to pat his back in comfort, nodding her blank face along with what he was saying.

"When he does allow me 'time off,' he forces me to read all these boring books about how terrible the world is and then makes me watch even more depressing movies about the ugly face of humanity. I think he is deliberately trying to destroy whatever hopes and happiness I have left in the world," Santa moaned, his shoulders shaking slightly.

Akane wondered if he was crying. It was hard to tell when she was staring at the face of the jolliest man alive with rosy red cheeks, a beaming smile and a fluffy white beard.

"I'm sorry," he sniffed, rubbing his button nose. "You have problems at your workplace too yet here I am ranting all by myself."

"It's okay, it's good to let it all out," Akane said soothingly. "Bottling up your emotions would only cloud your Hue. You should probably find a way to vent out your emotions through a hobby- fishing is said to be relaxing."

Santa beamed her at her- this time, she felt as if his smile was genuine.

"Thank-you, Slenderman," he sighed. "I have no idea what you look like under that hologram, but you are a very thoughtful and kind person."

She nodded encouragingly, wanting to say more but then her Communicator blinked. Hound 2 was trying to contact her.

"I'm sorry, but I have to get back to work," Akane said, getting up from the bench. "I hope things work out with you and your employer."

Santa nodded. "No, thank-you. What you did is enough. I hope things work out for you too."

They waved each other goodbye and Akane went back behind the security wall of drones to receive Kunizuka's message. It was nothing more than a simple text 'we are regrouping.'

On cue, Akane heard the familiar voice of the lone female Enforcer talking flatly under the equally familiar voice of the other Inspector who sounded as happy as usual. Which wasn't much.

She turned to the direction she heard them in, spotting a dark figure approaching from a narrow passageway.

"Kunizuka-san! Ginoza-san!" she said cheerfully. "Thank goodness you-" she paused.

It was only then she noticed that I-still-support-the-cooties-theory Ginoza was carrying Yayoi on his back. It was a little surprising to see Yayoi actually having fun sitting at the backseat, it might have something to do with her not receiving a proper piggy back ride since the age of seven. On the other hand, Ginoza was looking quite miserable and kept staring at the floor, as if measuring how high would the drop be for his passenger if he just happened to accidentally lose grip of her legs.

To make matters worse for Ginoza, more drones finally managed to drive through to man the rest of the crowd. That allowed Kagari and Masaoka to finally stop having to wave cutely at the people and tell them 'it's awight.' That meant more Kagari and Masaoka time for Ginoza.

"Aw mother really does have a heart," Kagari sung as he approached the group.

"Looks like you do know how to be a gentleman!" Masaoka said proudly. As if he had always taught his son how to lug around a latent criminal clearly faking her injury while making sure a child bomber wasn't on their tail.

"Kunizuka broke her ankle," Ginoza growled. "Someone get a medical drone over here."

Before anyone could even twitch in response, their Communicators began to flash.

"Hound 3 to all units. Target is entering the main street!" Kougami reported. "Target is at the back of the Black Order cafe!"

Instantly, Akane began running towards the cafe with her Comisa hologram activated again. It was only one street away and she was sure she would be able to intercept the bomber before anything else gets set off. Behind her, Kagari and Masaoka were following suit, their totally cute holograms flickering on.

"Well, Inspector," Yayoi said, swinging her legs. "Aren't we going after them?"

"Get off my back, Kunizuka," Ginoza responded flatly. "Both figuratively and literally."

A girl wearing a baseball cap and a school uniform was found scrambling at a wire fence at the end of a long alley. She saw Akane stagger in sight, and raise her Dominator. The girl had no choice but to run straight on towards the Inspector.

The Dominator focused on the target and made its reading. Non-lethal Paralyser mode.

But Akane hesitated. Surely there was a better way to apprehend a little girl without blasting her unconscious?

So she instead stabbed a button on her Communicator, and it activated Slenderman and his flying tentacles.

The bomber let out a short squawk and tried to stop dead, but fell over from momentum. Akane then took her chance to body slam and wrestle on a pair of handcuffs whilst the girl was still confused.

Kagari and Masaoka both poked their head round to see the bomber detained.

"You really don't like shooting people," Kagari pointed out.

"If I can avoid having a 14-year-old be unconscious and paralysed for 24 hours, I try," Akane replied.

"You threw yourself on top of me…" the girl groaned. "I think you broke something..."

The two Enforcers' gaze went from the poor schoolgirl rolling on the floor in pain, to their Inspector who was avoiding eye contact.

"Like I said, I try to avoid it," she repeated.

"Urgh… my ribs hurt…" the girl whined.

"It's better than paralysis. Feel lucky," Akane added quickly.

"Actually, Akane-chan," Kagari chipped in. "You don't feel a thing. It is uncomfortable, but no lasting pain as long it isn't the spine."

"Thank-you for your input, Kagari."

"You're meant to call me John."

Even though the culprit had been detained, there were still some panic among the public that there would be more bombings nearer to their homes. Several units including Unit 1 were posted around the city, going round to observe civilian activity and assure them that the terror was over.

Even Chief Kasei had made a brief appearance and was making a public announcement on a small podium that there have been no casualties during the bombings.

When she finished her speech, she descended the stairs and was speaking quietly with Unit 3. In the distance, Unit 1 was taking a short break and Kagari took his opportunity to continue his Dare. He began tugging on Akane's sleeve and waving his arm wildly at someone.

"Look! It's another one of those machines!" Kagari said excitedly. "Look, mother!"

Ginoza and Akane both turned to see their new apparent enemy, not because they were curious but it was almost an instant reaction. Sort of like when you turn your head round when someone calls out 'hey you!' even though the voice may be of a stranger and you weren't expecting to meet anyone.

"You're pointing at the Chief?" Akane asked. "Why? She doesn't have any prosthetics like Masaoka-san."

"That's because it's all on the inside!" Kagari argued.

"Not so loud, Kagari," Ginoza hissed. "The Chief might hear you!"

However, John Connor could not be stopped. "She may look like an ordinary human but she's still a machine! She's a cyborg wearing human skin! That way, she'll blend right in and no one will suspect she's anything different from us! This is bad, mother! It's a total compromise!"

"Okay, she can definitely hear us, she's looking at our direction," Akane warned quietly, placing a hand on Kagari's arm. "You can stop now, Kagari..."

"Great, now she thinks Unit 1 is raising delusional children," Ginoza let out a dragging sigh. "Why do I feel like I'm a failure of a parent?"

Kagari opened his mouth.

"Don't say anything, Kagari."

Kagari closed his mouth.

"I got it!" Masaoka suddenly announced. "Terminator! That's what he's referencing! What a classic."

"Wait, this is based off an actual show?" Kougami showed an uncharacteristic amount of interest in the outburst. "A show about a robot wearing human skin? What's it about?" There was a slight chance he thought this was another dystopian story about a robot learning about human nature- what a cynical nerd.

A few metres away, Chief Kasei was absorbing information slowly. She of course had superior hearing which allowed her to take in every word Unit 1 spewed out, and those words obviously were having some effect. However, Ginoza's interpretation of the wide-eyed stare of Chief was completely, utterly off. She- or in reality, the Sibyl System- was shocked to how a young, unimportant Enforcer knew such a secret and was blabbing it out loud for the world to hear. By some unknown power, information had been breached. This was bad. It was a total compromise.

But Sibyl quickly recovered from its panic. There would be a way to fix it. Somehow, somewhere, for some reason, Sibyl will find a way to quietly assassinate the leakage Kagari Shuusei, trap the currently unsuspecting Inspectors, silence Masaoka Tomomi and push Kougami Shinya out of the picture. If there's a will, there's a way. Unit 1 will be dealt with.

Kunizuka Yayoi- 25 points

Shuusei Kagari- 19 points

Tsunemori Akane- 24 points

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