The Return of Ahsoka.

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This happen a few months before the end of the clones wars, (or star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith.)

Person thought.

Ahsoka POV:

Location: airship to Carida. "The mission is simple, get the recruits from Carida, and get them on a star ship," Captain Rex said.

"And we are expected to stop any separatist force on the planet if we find any," I said.

"Left plank of our platoon will get the northern base, the right flanks the southern, and we get the middle base," Captain Rex said.

At the middle base Ahsoka said:

"Ahsoka, Cody, and I will check the surrounding area with the new recruit," Rex said.

"Yes Rex" I said, "I focus on the tree, 'Rexie'," he playfully glare at me.

"I manage the mines," Cody said.

Checking the surrounding area Rex POV:

(The clone other are made up.)

"We found nothing in the trees sir," 1256 said, nickname Wisp.

There is a slight rustle of leaves, "Captain," clone 178 said, nickname Keltor.

"I heard that too," I said.

"Wisp check the tree, and Keltor look to see if what ever made that noise was in the ground. I'll do the same." TO my knowledge the planet to my knowledge is uninhabitable.

"Captain permission to warn the others," Wisp asked.

"Permission granted," I said.

There the rustling again. I turn around to see a glance of a hooded figure.

Checking the surrounding area Commander Cody POV:

I place the deactivated on the ground so we don't get blow up, I then heard a rustling, 135 (Cagen) and Y-1288 (Steeler), then look tour the sound, gun at the ready.

"Commander what was that?" Cagen ask.

"Not sure," I then get a massage from wisp.

"Rex did you see what the figure look like," I asked.

"All I know is he was wearing a robe, and a hood," Rex said.

"Like a Jedi?" I asked.

"Wouldn't they tell us about it?" he asked.

I got a horrible thought, and so did Rex, "Where Askoka?"

Ahsoka POV:

Me, N-127 (Blaze), and C-196 (Glory), were searching the area, I was looking into the tree like I told 'Rexie', I like messing with him, the other two question why I was up here, the I heard the communicator go off, "For you," Glory said, jump from the highest branch, to a much lower one, easily within range.

"Ok," with the force I easily caught it, "Ahsoka in," I said, it was 'Rexie', something was wrong he never broke radio silence.

"General Tano, I believe someone manage to get past of our guard, Cody and I are planning a regroup at the base," 'Rexie' said.

"Understood Ahsoka out," I said. I wonder if I should mess with him or not.

Ahsoka POV the perimeter:

We were on the holoscreen with Yoda, and Obi wan, "The perimeter is secure with the exception to a trespasser. We have no reason to believe if it is a security threats."

"Your trespasser underestimate do you?" Yoda said.

"I agree with him, you need to exit with the troops, and have the security system check for the intruder," he was interrupted by an explosion, we all turn around to see a robed figure, in a hood, I got my light saber out, and the others manage to point their guns at the I believe to be male trespasser, and another female trespasser, the clones shot him, they disappear. "General I think we should spilt up," 'Rexie' said.

"Agreed 'Rexie'," I said.

Rex POV in a hallway:

All the clones but the ones who help us check the perimeter, were on the ship out of this, the group changes from 3 each, to two each, the teams currently are Cagen and Wisp are currently lock the doors so the only way out is with one of our cards. Cody and Steeler are checking the west and south wing, Blaze, Glory, and Keltor are checking the east and north wing. While Snips and I are checking the loading dock.

Before we know it there was an explosion happens near us, we turn to see the hooded figures; I got my blasters out, they didn't move, they manage dodge our attacks, Snips and I are now on different sides of the room, the female rush me, the male one rush Ahsoka.

The female trespasser somehow manages to hide behind several crates. I heard Ahsoka light saber block several of the trespasser blasts.

The female trespasser uses a high power weapon to destroy the crate I was hiding behind. I easily manage to find another. I also use one of my high power blaster. I did the same to the crate she was hiding behind, and we both manage to get some distance on each other. Ahsoka still dodging her opponent blast.

The next thing I know Ahsoka is in one of the crates, and then is blasted with a white blast, she disappear, and so did the two trespassers.

Ahsoka POV: Unknown location:

I woke up in a box which is open and heard what sound like Wookiees.

Prompt: Ahsoka get time-warped into the future, where she joins Han Solo and Chewbacca before they meet up with Luke Skywalker and an elderly Obi-Wan on their quest to get to Alderran. Obi-Wan recognizes her from long ago, and is happy to see her again.

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I going to do a poll for Ahsoka outfit in this story, Smuggler version: Same jacket as Han, light green shirt, and white leggings, and light green skirt, a belt made so her saber is hiden,

Luke version: a grey shirt (like Luke has,) and grey pants,

Leia Outfit: A white verison of her season two outfit,

Ps any version she will have a slave princess Leia under her outfit,

To be continued,