The return to Ahsoka final chapter.

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Last time:

(On Endor)

Luke and Ahsoka had built a wooden bed and laid Vader's body upon it. They cremated their fathers/masters body, the helmet and suit included. He and Ahsoka looked at the burnt remains of the evil lord.

Once the flames had completely consumed him, Luke and Ahsoka walked back to the party. All across the forest of Endor, dozens bonfires and groups celebrating was heard as the Ewoks and Rebel Alliance members celebrated their victory over the Empire. They arrived at the main Ewok village, where Han and Leia welcomed them back with open arms.

As everyone smiled, talked, dance and sang the night away, Luke and Ahsoka noticed the ghosts of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, and Yoda appear before them, smiling.

No one POV:

Ahsoka was breathing in heavily, she was so nervous. She couldn't believe she was going to do this. She was so scared at this, she could take on the empire and the federation with ease but this was so scary for her. She decided to focus on happy memories, her father and Leia wedding. Han even bought a suit the only one he even brought. They both have a blaster to their sides, in case something goes horribly wrong. Ahsoka was a flower girl, much to her disappointment, but then again maybe she should have asked what it was before she volunteer for it.

She was wearing white, something she felt clash with her skin color. She felt like a youngling wearing a skirt but no leggings, but she just thankful that her adoptive father could commit she thought he never would since that last girl he dated.

She hopes nothing bad would happen to during the wedding. She found a way to hide a custom lightsaber made so it could fix in her shoe in case of she had an emergency that needed it.

She took a few breaths to get comfortable in her flower girl outfit; the worst part is it was from her planet. She sighs as she was force to wear this white dress with pink stripes, she look awful and felt so uncomfortable wearing it, hoping she will never wear it again. Admittedly it was only a rental, so that may be a possibility.

She hated wearing it but it isn't like she could trade spot with Chewbacca without someone noticing. She decided to try and hit her head on a wall until she was in a coma knowing it would be pointless due to her head could absorb blow. At least she didn't have to wear high heels those things were a pain.

She looks at the flowers she would have to throw. There were blues, and orange flowers. She sniffed the flower then smile at this. She hopes Luke would at least like her outfit. It accidentally hug her curves.

She hopes Luke would like her outfit at the very least. She sigh she had an hour left before her daddy and Leia wedding. She hopes she wouldn't have anything go wrong, she love Leia and would love for her to be her mother.

She decided to take a peak and see how things were going outside. There were several people all waiting for Han and Leia who were getting ready. She smile at Luke in his suit, and Lando was talking to each other. They were laughing probably about the trouble she and Han cause them over the years.

She didn't mind being here but it took so darn long, but half the rebellion was here so there was going to be complications. She started to use her force to mess with some of the guest.

Bell started to ring meaning the bride and groom were going to go down the aisle. Luke stop his conversation to go to the room that Leia and Han were in, since her adoptive father was busy and her birth parents were dead, Luke would have to be the one that gave Leia away.

Ahsoka follow him knowing that she would be needed soon, she enter the room knowing there were a few more mere minutes. Once a second bell rang Ahsoka grab a flower basket and started to throw them. She smiles glad she gets to be part of her pseudo parents wedding.

Luke smile with his and Leia who was dress in a very light green dress had them arms attach and hook together. Han walk behind the two.

Lando was the one doing the ceremony he did the very long speak. "Han Solo do you accept Leia Organa as your loving wife and soul mate."

"I do." Han said.

"Leia Organa do you accept Han Solo." He asked.

"I do." Leia said.

They kiss each other, Ahsoka smile looking at her right hand at her engagement ring.

Skip to much later on Carida:

Several months since Han and Leia wedding, in that time Luke and Ahsoka got married, and found a guy who could created time travel.

He made the machine with enough energy left for 1 trip for Ahsoka to warn herself about Vader and return which she already done. They also have enough energy trips for her and Luke with some more. "You ready Luke?" She asked.

"I hope you are ready." Luke said before activating the machine.

"Luke I need to know that you are sure you want to, I'm not sure how many times it can work?" Ahsoka said.

"Ahsoka if it means making this route work, I will gladly do it a hundred times." He said.

"Knowing how time travel work you may have to." Ahsoka said.

"Plus you manage to give a warning to yourself didn't you?" He said to his wife.

"Yes, I guess I did honey." She said with a smile, before giving him a kiss.

She hoped for nothing more than for this to work and they could return to their work, or for her to truly get started.

The machine start to turn on, since she went through the portal she knew she had a few minutes to calm her nerves before her and Luke mission start.

The machine made an orangish red portal with purple blue stripes, Luke and Ahsoka slowly put their hoods up, this was going to have to be a slowly mission.

They started to move with the portal their body parts moving in spirals with the portal they did their best to try and remain calm.

They had a strange sensation throughout both of bodies. Energy flown through the single one of their body parts, their fingers tips started to glow something was different this time than with Ahsoka trip but there was no turning back at this point.

They landed on a military base from the clones wars. Luke asked "You ready snips?"

"May the force be with us." She said. Ready to get herself involve with rebellion.

The end.


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When is Chapter 26 of The Return of Ahsoka

Right now.

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I predict two weddings very shortly; Leia and Han, Luka and Ahsoka.

I think I can put it in, that is a good idea.

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Nice work on this. Hope I was helpful in some way.
Probably could have added more, but it seemed to go with the rest of the story.
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Write on.

I put a lot of work in it, you were the most helpful you and my brother who movies I used to make this. I guess I can but I like this. Hope you like it.

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read your story, and you may want to refix the last part on your story where Luke and Ahsoka said the lines what Han and Leia said at endor. She would remember finding out back chapter 19. Might want to look into that.

I am sorry I forget I see if I can fix it. I don't want to change the lines so I might have to alter chapter 19.

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love the story just wow you caught the charioteers just right you found there ways I like the idea of Luke and Asoka it's cool ok bye

Glad to have a fan, yeah I do believe a good story can be like music in many ways. Yeah I plan that for a while I think there should be more clone wars characters interacting to the empire and the characters from it. Plus I really like the idea of a Han and Ahsoka father daughter connection.

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Hi; I've been meaning to review for some time but have got sidetracked. I like the story and how you fitted Ahsoka into it and I look forward to seeing what the final chapter will be.

P.S. I like the idea of Luke and Ahsoka together; it just seems to bring the whole franchise together

Hello; looks like you finally got around to reviewing it. I am always happy to have someone who like my story. Yeah I did my best to get her involve in this story; I hope you enjoy the final chapter.

Yeah it really does bring most of the franchise together sadly I couldn't put any elements from Star Wars: Rebels, due to most of the time of this story being made it didn't exist.