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The secret admirer

As the sun came up a new day began. Inoue was ready to start a new school year. She ran to the bathroom to freshen up. When she was done with her shower she went in front of her mirror to put on her make-up.

She hoped that the little blue men at school would find her attractive. Slowly she brushed her long hair.

"Inoue time for breakfast…" a sweet voice called.

"Coming mom…" She rushed downstairs to see what her mom had prepared.

"Ooh mom, pancakes, my favorite. Did you put wasabi or red bean paste in it?" she was practically drooling.

"Honey, you do know, that red bean paste isn't meant for pancakes". Honestly her mom didn't know which side of the family she got that from. It sure didn't come from her side of the family.

Inoue clearly wasn't listening. She was spacing out again.

"Inoue…Inoue are you listening?"

"The little blue men are…" Inoue blurted out.

"Hi hi "She laughed nervously. " Sorry mom I did it again didn't I?" She took a quick look at her watch, it was 8.45am. She was late for school. "Mom I have to go, I'm late."

Without waiting on her mom's reaction, she ran out of her house, into her Ferrari. Orihime liked the life she was living. She had everything she could ever wish for. Enough money to spend and the perfect friend, Rukia.

Rukia and she had been friends for years now. And as she parked her car in front of the school she saw Rukia walking towards her. "Orihime you're late! Where were you?" adjusting her Chappy brand Bag.

"I know. I'm sorry. The little blue men made me late. But come on let's hurry to class." Said Inoue not waiting for her friend response as she drag her inside the school building

After two periods of English and two periods of Spanish it was finally time for recess. Rukia and Orihime were walking to their lockers.

Rukia stared, as the boys were watching Orihime, who of course was obvious. She never knew if it was jealousy she felt. She loved Orihime as a sister but she always felt a pinch of anger when guys would only look at her friend and not at her.

Rukia always doubted the fact that a guy would chose her over Orihime. But no matter what she'd always remain a good friend to her.

"Today class sure was boring Rukia." …..No response….." Rukia?" Are you listening?" she turned to look at Rukia, who seems to be lost in thought.

"Oh, yes Orihime, it sure was." She trailed off.

Orihime stared at her friend for a longer moment. Honestly sometimes she just couldn't understand her. As Orihime opened her locker a piece of paper fell out of it. She picked it up and gasped.

"Rukia look!" her hands were shaking.

Rukia grabbed the piece of paper from her hand. Her eyes widened.

Dear Hime,

Always wear that beautiful smile of yours

Sincerely, Your Secret Admirer

"Who sent this?" Rukia asked with a troubled voice. She was practically radiating in anger.

"I don't know."

Inoue getting over her shock took the piece of paper back from her friend. She was shocked at first but now she found it quite sweet that she had a secret admirer.

But of course she saw the worry in Rukia's eyes. So to calm her down she said: "I'm sure it's nothing. Come on lets go back to class." Rukia who still didn't have a good feeling about this nodded and walked to class.

Rukia and Orihime were not the type that would fight often but when they did, they'd always go days without talking to each other. That's why they always try to avoid discussions that can lead to them fighting. The hours were going pretty fast. In a blink of an eye the last period was over. Orihime and Rukia made their way to the car.

Every Monday, Orihime would drop Rukia off at home, because her mom worked late.

Rukia made her way to the school gate as something or dare I say someone caught her eye. She quickly gave Orihime a light push so she would look too. "Orihime look….who is that guy?"

"I don't know Rukia….but he's very cute" she said while giggling.

The two girls stared at the boy. He had orange hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was tall and had a slight sexy way of walking. The girls knew that a guy who looked like that could only cause trouble so they made a pack.

"Rukia….he is very attractive. But for the sake of our friendship I think its best that we stay out of his way. I don't want any guy to come between us."

"Ahah, yes Orihime you are right. He does seem like trouble. So it's a deal. Not a word we shall say to him. Best friends honor."

And they left it at that.

Weeks went by and they didn't say a word to him. Orihime heard how the girls at school would talk about him. She even came to discover his name. It was Ichigo. She wanted to talk to him but the little blue men warned her that Rukia would not approve of something like that. And her friendship with Rukia meant the world to her.

Orihime stared out the windows in class. Her mind was elsewhere. Rukia wasn't at school today. When she called at her house her mom told her that Rukia had a cold. Four periods later she was standing in front of her locker. It was 2 weeks ago that she got a letter from her secret admirer. She had a feeling that she had received another one so she quickly opened her locker. And there it was. A pink card this time. She grabbed it and started reading

Dear Orihime,

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I dreamed of you last night

Hope you did too.

Sincerely, your secret admirer

Orihime chuckled. He dreamed about me? She thought. "Who?" A group of girls stared at her, for she didn't realize she said that out loud.

"hihi its nobody" she lied blushing a bit. She didn't wait for their response as she quickly made her way to her Ferrari.





"Start car! Come on!" she begged.

"Having problems miss?"

Turning around, her hands started to shake. It was the orange haired boy. What was he doing here? I'm not suppose to talk to you she thought.

"Uhm the car isn't starting. But I'm sure it will soon" He's even cuter up close she thought. Did she just think that? Her face was already turning red.

"I could give you a ride home. That is if you want of course. Cause…u have a flat tire." He smiled at her.

That smiled just know made her feel…

"What? My tire is flat?" she cried. "It must be the work of the little blue…" halting herself as her grey eyes widened. He'll probably think I'm a weirdo. Looking up, she saw he was smiling amusingly down at her.

Orihime sooner realized she had no choice but to hitch a ride. She decided she'd accept the ride but she wouldn't tell Rukia about it. After all it was just a ride right?

. "Okey, I live right around the corner." She suddenly said shyly.

The ride home was very quiet. She would always glance at him from time to time.

"Sexy…" face reddens.

"I'm sorry?" his eyes never left the road.

"Ooh uhm nothing" Orihime made the mistake of thinking out loud again.

The car pulled over at Orihime's house.

"Thanks for the ride home." Grabbing her back from the back seat.

"Anytime my name's Kurosaki Ichigo by the way." He said looking at her with those beautiful brown orbs.

"I'm Inoue Orihime, Nice to meet you Kurosaki- Kun" she smiled. "uhm, I don't know how, I can thank you properly Kurosaki-kun"

"Well I know way you could thank me." He said as he leaned in closer to her.

Orihime knew what was coming next. He was going to kiss her. She wanted to stop him but her hands were numb. Did she want to kiss him? As she was trying to make up her mind she felt his lips touch hers. It was too late. He'd already kissed her. Without thinking she kissed him back. For that short sweet moment she forgot about Rukia.

That was until she saw Rukia standing right in front of her door steps staring at them!