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Who are you?

Every since the phone call Inoue has been sleeping with one eye open. She couldn't figure out who the caller was because the call was from a blocked number. She didn't know what to think. Who was this person?

The weekend would always go by so fast. Another day of school meant another day of stress for Inoue. As the alarm clock went she crawled out of her bed and made her way to the bathroom. Though her mother was asleep she felt like someone was watching her through the windows. The fear of someone watching her made her hands shaky. Inoue shook the feeling of and showered as quickly as possible.

After her shower she put on a red mini-skirt with a cute white blouse. She wanted to catch Ichigo's eye today. She added a light pink blush and put on some lip gloss as the finishing touch.





"You look great." She told herself and made her way to the Ferrari. It was officially three weeks since she had spoken to Rukia. She stopped trying to call her. She had finally given up on their friendship. What hurt her the most is that the little blue men would always remind her that it was all her fault.

When she arrived at school she started to get nervous. She didn't want to find another letter in her locker. As she got closer to her locker door her hart started to race. She slowly put her combination shaking a bit. She opened the locker door and found…NOTHING. Inoue felt relieved. This was a great way to start the day she thought.

Making her way to class she started to think of her other friends. Before she became best friends with Rukia she would always hang with Ishida, Rendji and Shinji. But as she got closer to her she drifted further apart from them. Today she decided she'd hang with them again.

As she walked through the class room her eyes went left and right just to see where the groups of guys were sitting. Looking in the back there they were. She walked towards them smiling widely.

"Looks who's coming over here" Rendji whispered. He was stil shocked after all. Ishida gave him a light push signaling him to be quiet.

"Hello guys." Inoue said with a bright smile.

"Hey Inoue-san." Ishida observed her from top to bottom while uttering these words.

There was no denying the fact that the chemistry was still there. After all the only reason Ishida and Inoue broke up was because he decided that he wanted to discover who he really was. She remembered that she spent nights crying over him. Until one day she woke up and all her feelings for him were gone. When he decided he wanted her back it was too late.

"Can I sit with you guys today?"

"What's the matter Inoue? No one else wants to talk to you?" Shinji said grinning.


"Shut up Shinji! Of course you can Inoue-san."Ishida smiled but you could clearly see how he was hurting.

Inoue sat down in front of Rendji for that was the only empty spot. In the beginning her conversations with the guys was a bit awkward but the more they spoke the more they started to accept her.

"I'm sorry for being…" she didn't get the chance to finish her sentence. The look they gave her was enough.

She almost forgot how crazy the gang was but what made her the happiest was the fact that she didn't get any letters.


Thursday was going pretty well that was, until the bell rang for them to go home. When she made her way to her Ferrari she couldn't believe her eyes. Rukia stepped into Ichigo's car and they drove away.

"Kurosaki-kun." Why would he give her a ride? Or were they going on a date? These thoughts made her feel dizzy. Making her way to her car she bumped into Loly, spilling her juice all over her cloths.

"You whore!"

"I'm sorry Loly. I didn't see you." Eyes wide.

"You didn't see me!" Loly shouted. "You just ruined my three thousand dollar blouse!"

Inoue didn't know what to say. She wished the little blue men would come to her rescue. Everyone started to stare at them. She didn't like being embarrassed.

"I'll pay you back." She calmly said. Showing weakness in front of everyone wasn't an option.

"I don't want your money! No wonder you have no friends, you stupid spoiled bitch" Loly pushed her hard.

Not expecting it. She fell faced down on the pavement. Not long after laughter's broke out.

Inoue picking herself up ran towards her car. She couldn't bear the shame nor the pain. Wishing she hadn't gone to school






Inoue didn't want to be at school but her mom thought otherwise. Making her way to her locker, she felt everyone eyes on her.

"Be strong "she repeated as a mantra

She opened her locker door and there it was. A purple letter. Why now? She thought. Just when everything was going south this letter showed up. Inoue didn't want to open it. She refused to let this person have power over her.

But then again would it really be better not to know?

'One last time.' She told herself.

Dear Orihime,

Everything I do….

I do for you


Your Secret Admirer

What does that mean? Just as she was thinking that Ichigo popped in front of her. In reflex she quickly put the card behind her back.

"Hello Inoue."

"Kurosaki-kun "She said coldly.

Inoue was tired of Ichigo having power over her. First he kissed her and then he goes out with Rukia? What did he want from her?

"Sorry that I'd been avoiding you. But I missed you so I figured I'd come talk to you." His amber eyes burning in to hers grey ones.

"Why were you avoiding me?"Voice trembling .

He took a few steps closer to her and did this without taking his eyes off of her.

"I was busy thinking…" he trailed off.

"About what Kurosaki-kun?" she wanted to look at anything but him.

"About you of course. I just didn't like how I came between you and Rukia. I heard that you guys were best friends before we met. I just didn't know how to face you. I felt like…no I feel like it's my fault. So yesterday I took Rukia for a ride and talked to her." Closing the distance between them.

Inoue couldn't believe her ears. So she was wrong about him.

"Talk about what?" she was curious now.

"I told her that I like you. And that she shouldn't let me come between your friendship and some other things. Then she told me that she just needed some more time."

"You like me Kurosaki-kun?" her eyes wide. She couldn't believe it he liked her or maybe the little blue men were playing tricks on her.

"I thought you already knew." He leaned in and kissed her softly purring his feeling into it.

After Ichigo left Inoue ran to class. She didn't care that everyone was staring. She was just happy. "He likes me!' she shouted while running through the hall way. It didn't matter if they called her weird Ichi-kun liked her.

When in class she went straight to Ishida and the others. She told them the story.

"That's great Inoue-san.' Ishida clearly jealous but he still tried to be happy for her.

"That's not what we heard…"

Ishida and Inoue turned towards Rendji and Shinji.

"What are you guys talking about?" She asked with a soft voice.

"You guys didn't hear?" Loly's dead!"

Inoue dropped the pen she was holding.

"What do you mean she's dead?" she felt light headed all of sudden.

Shinji started ."It was in the papers this morning. Somebody chopped her into pieces and put her in a garbage can."

"Yeah and to think she pushed and cursed you yesterday. Funny how karma works huh…"

Inoue didn't know what to think. How could this have happened? Who could have done that to her?




Ishida picked up the pen that she had dropped and gave it to her.

"Thanks Ishida." She said with a smile.

'Everything I do, I do for you Inoue-san…..'

At that moment Inoue's heart stopped for a slight second!