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'Normal Thoughts'

"Normal Speech"

'Goa'uld Thoughts'

"Goa'uld Speech"

In a large room connected to a hanger what seemed to be a lone figure hurrying to tranfer items into the ship berthed in the hanger. This lone figure was actuall two being although only the one hidden from sight had any control over their bodies as the other conscienceness had long since been ripped apart. The one in control was a Goa'uld, a parasite called Telchak, whose kind ruled over the majority of the galaxy (which would later be known as the Milky Way). As to why he waas hurrying? simple, he was fleeing.

'Damn that Anubis! How dare that young upstart try to kill me! ME! Th greatest scientist our kind who ever lived! Who was it that perfected the sarcophagis technology? ME!' These were Telchak's thoughts as he finished loading supplies onto the Al'kesh. Said supplies including kohl and several crates of gold. 'How could it have come to this? That's right! Damn you Thoth! How could you have made such a plebian mistake?'

Entering the cockpit he made some final checks before sitting down. Reaching out he put his hands on the control crystal- only for nothing to happen! Rechecking the controls and seeing nothing wrong he thought, 'What am I missing? Wha-!? Damn I forgot to reconnect the main engines when I installed the new drive type!'

Hurrying back to engineering, stumbling over supplies twice, he reconnected the engines-only to trip over more supplies. Arms flailing he reached out for something to grab onto. After what seems like eternity he grabs something. Regaining his balance he looks at the item that spared him a fall... and paled considerably. Hearing the engines reach full power his last thoughts before the darkness takes him is, 'Damn you Anubis!'


Reality 12943

Date- 9,000 BCE

Location- Al'kesh engineering room

Pain. Just pain. That was all he felt at the moment. Taking a moment to ascertain the status of his bodies, he decided that the situation was not repairable or at least not for both bodies. Standing up and stumbling into the cockpit he checked his sensors for any Goa'uld installations in the system. When he found none he sighed in releif before muttering, "Finally, at least the Quantum Entanglement Drive works!"

Scanning the planet intensly and finding that there were Tau'ri on it he decided that he would be better off in the Sarcophagus. Walking over to it he taps the start up sequence and delights when it lights up- before sending sparks and smoke into the air. Realizing that he can't fix it in the time his bodies have left he curses and reaches for one of the stasis jars. After putting it on the surface of the sarcophagus he opens it before placeing his mouth over the entrance. As he exits the host, making sure to poison it, his last action (in a host) for several millenia is to hit the closing mechanism.

'Now all I have to do is possess the idiot who opens this!'