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Chapter one : Jinxed

Tik, Tak, Tik, Tak, the clock kept tikking, annoying Tori more and more by a second, because she can't sleep for some reason. These past days she always felt like having to less sleep, even though she really doesn't know why. School is going fine, her friends are nice, even Jade didn't made much rude comments for the past few days. But maybe she couldn't sleep because of the fact that Trina was snorring like a snorlax, suprised? Yes, Tori Vega does know something about pokemon, but that not the issue right now. She sighed again and decided that maybe she could get up from bed and get some warm milk. Yea, that would help her fall asleep.

She pushes her blanket away and swings her legs over the bed so she can get up. She clumsily searches for her slippers and slides her feet inside it. Then with a groan she pushes herself up from the bed and walks to the door, opens it and sneaks 'soundless', throught hallways to not wake up her parents and goes downstairs directly into the kitchen. She searches throught the fridge for a carton of milk, but couldn't find any so she closes to door with a groan and decides to go upstairs again, but suddenly she freezes.

"What the? Why can't I move my muscles?" she whispers to herself. Again she struggles to move her muscles again, but the attempts she made failed again. Suddenly someone appeared in front of her, she wanted to scream and yell for help, but her voice betrayed her, no sound was coming out her troath. The girl blinked a few times and made a thinking face, but eventually she just shrugged her shoulders and snapped her fingers, then she started to draw circles in the air with her index while whispering a few words. The next few seconds were a bit blurry and everything started to spin, a thunder crash was heard from outside, but unlike the movies the witch girl didn't start to laugh evily or she didn't look ugly. Not the most beautiful girl she had ever met, but also not disgusting. Tori thought she was dreaming, so she closed her eyes and opened them again, nthing changed, exception of the fact that she couldn't see any colors at all. What is fucking happening? She wanted to pinch herself, but end up scratching herself painfully, she wanted to whine like a human would, but the sound she made was weird and unhuman-like. She looked up again, but seeing that there were not only one witch now floating in the air, oh another thing, they are not riding brooms, but there were now two witches. This one looked older and seemed taller. She was scolding the other witch, who turned Tori into a,... now there was a question running throught her head that she absoluty needed to know. 'What am I right now?'

The two witches came closer to Tori, who backed away from them, it's a natural reaction when two strangers approach you. Then another thing registered inside Tori's head. She's not walking on two legs anymore, but on four and she couldn't find her balance causing her to trip over her own paws. Yes, another thing got again registered in her head, she has paws. The smaller witch wanted to chuckle, but received a smack on the head from the older one. Then the older witch breathed in and start explaining.

"We are sorry girl, you weren't supposed to be jinxed, but someone else. This girl made a beginner mistake, anyways we can't turn the curse backwards, so I'll explain how you get back normal again. Find the guy, who should be your true love, you fall in love with him, he falls in love with you and done, this should be done within 365 days or else you'll stay like that forever, good luck!" the older witch explains hasty. Tori lied there stunned and speechless, was that supposed to make her feel better? To be honest she didn't listen to one word the witch said, only one sentence, ' or else you'll stay like that forever'. Then the anger soon started to boil inside her. She wanted to scream and yell, but the noices from her mouth were not words, she was saying them inside her head, but she was barking. She was now standing on her 'apparently' four legs barking to nothing, because the witches already dissapeared. Suddenly the light of the house flikkered on, but Tori didn't noticed, after all she couldn't see any colors.

Tori's Pov

My parents were standing at the staircase mouth agaped looking at me, they were like giants, and another thing got registered inside my head. I shrinked, what kind of nightmare joke is this? I frowned my eyebrows, well at least something that I still can do. I wanted to ask what's wrong, but barking sounds came out of my mouth and my parents jumped back from me out of suprise and... fear? Why are they scared of me, I would never harm my own parents!

"How did that puppy get in here?" my dad suddenly started to speak it took me a few seconds to register the words of my dad. P-puppy? A-are they talking about me? I ran inside the bathroom, but not without tripping a few times, I still couldn't keep my balance. I walked shakely to the mirror, that was on the door and looked inside it. I was a small puppy, I don't know which race, but I guesse I'm cute. I still stared at myself, when suddenly the tears started to stain in my eyes, I have to get out here. I quickly ran around the house, but this time with less tripping and saw an open window. I stopped running and walked in front of the window.

"Come on puppy legs, show me what you got," I barked to myself before running with all I've got and jumping on the kitching sink right out of the window away from the house and again another question popped up inside my head, 'Where should I go to now?'

I was now walking for about I don't know how long, but it was getting a bit cold and it was already realy dark. I seriously got to find a warm place to stay. Jade is out of option, she'd probably grill me, Andre's grandmother drives me crazy, Cat's brother sounds creepy and abnormal who knows what he would do to me?,I don't know where Robbie lives, so I guesse he's my only hope.

I started walking again, walking down a familair neightbourhood, still a bit struggling, but it's going well. When I arrived at his place, my breathing started to become heavier, it was just now I noticed that I was really tired. I guesse he noticed my presence, because his door went open suddenly and there he was standing the handsome boy, Beck Oliver.

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