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Epilogue : What comes after an happy ending?/Start from square one.

Beck smiled down at the beautiful brunette that was lieing in his arms. Sweet, cute and really adorable. He brushed her head behind her ear and pecked her on the forhead.

"Babe, time to wake up," he whispered softly into her ear. She moaned softly before burying even further into his arms if that was possible. He let out a soft chuckle and shook his head slightly.

"Even though I really really enjoy snuggling with you, but it's time to take you back home, your parents are going crazy," he whispered in her ear. Tori slowly and lazily opened her eyes, only being blinded by the bright sunlight.

"Nooo,.. Later please," she mumbled and turned herself away from the sunlight. Beck chuckled again, wondering how this girl can be this adorable.

"If you don't get up now I will bring out the tickle monster," he treathen in her ear. Tori immediately shot up, opening her eyes wide awake. She is kind of very ticklish.

"I am up!" she quickly declared. Beck laughed softly before giving her another peck on her forhead.

"Good morning my sunshine," he said and got up from the bed. Tori stretched herself. Then she took a glance at her hands again, it's real. She really is an human again. A big smile appeared on her face, still not believing that this is real. A few weeks ago she wouldn't have believed she turned into a puppy and now she is flabbergasted about being returned into an human.

"Still shocked?" Beck asked her frozen girlfriend. She broke out of her paralysis and smiled at him warmly.

"It's all so weird... I can't believe that this is actually all happening,... Just yesterday I was... And today I am... It's all so... Like a dream," she explained while finally getting out of bed and putting her clothes on.

"Yeah,... I know. I can't wait till our friends see you again,... I mean as a human," he smiled while turning away from Tori with a red tint on his face.

"Seriously Beck?" Tori chuckled. "You once gave me a bath and now you're embarrassed to look at me while I still have my undergarments on?" she asked him teasily, making his cheeks become even redder.

"It's,... Different!" he mumbled. Tori let out a soft chuckle at her cute boyfriend. She walked up to him and placed a sweet morning kiss on his lips before entering the bathroom. Beck soon followed behind her.

The bathroom was rather small, but surprisely they both fit inside it. Not long later the two of them were done refreshing themselves and exited the bathroom, only spotting the witch who jinxed Tori into a puppy sitting there on Beck's bed. It took Tori only one second to recall that face and the weird pointy hat of course.

"Ah!" She yelped and quickly hid herself behind Beck. "W-w-why are you here?!" she shierked at the witch. Who smiled and looked at her. Beck, being protective of his girlfriend, knew that there was something not right about the girl in front of him, so he opened his arms. Ready to attack if the witch would dare to touch his girl.

"Do not worry mortals. I came here not to Jinx her again, just have something interesting which she might want to have," the witch replied before dropping something on Beck's bed. "And here is the manu," she added before dropping a paper beside the tool. Then in an eyeblink she was gone again. Beck and Tori exchanged confused looks before Tori came behind from back and took slow steps towards the tool as if it was a time bomb. After standing right in front of it she bent down to take a good glance at te thing. It was most certainly shiny. It was a ring. In the middle an indigo glinstering diamond and around was all pure silver. It looked quite expensive. Tori took the ring in her hands and was staring at it.

"It looks like a ring," Beck said standing behind her and leaning over his girlfriend's shoulder.

"Mhm," Tori replied being quite fascinated by the jewel. She smiled and started fiddling the ring until she accidently pressed the diamond. It suddenly started flashing dangerously the both teens were blinded by the light. When the light finally got dimmer the two teens slowly opened their eyes.

"Are you okay Tor?" Beck asked with concern at his girlfriends, still rubbing his eyes from the light.

"Mhm," she groaned, but when she opened her eyes she knew there was something wrong. The colors,... The colors in her eye sight were gone again, except of the color red. She widened her eyes in shock and dashed to Beck's mirror. When Beck finally opened his eyes he didn't saw Tori around and thought she disappeared.

"Aaaah!" untill he suddenly heard a loud shierk from Tori. He quickly got up from the floor and entered the bathroom only seeing the cute puppy Tori there with teary eyes.

"You,...pfu," he quickly turned around and held back a chuckle.

"Beck,..." Tori growled dangerously while shooting daggers at her boyfriend.

"You have to admit Tor,... This is really funny," he grinned.

"Well,.. I have to say that I disagree with that," she snarled.

"Well, don't be so mad my perrito," he said and tapped her nose.

"If your life is your dear then don't say that again," Tori glared at him.

"D'awww,... But I really love it both Perrito Tori and my normal Tori,.. They are both important to me," he said. Tori cheeks started to heat up and she turned away from Beck's lovely shiny gaze.

"You're too much," she mumbled shyly. Beck chuckled again.

"Well anyways, let's check out the manual the witch left," Beck said. Tori nodded and dashed out of the bathroom, jumping up and making a summersault in the air before landing on his bed on four paws. Beck applauded in awe.

"That was amazing Tor!" he said. Tori grinned, well she had ben training a little bit when she was a puppy, so stuff like that wasn't that difficult for her because of her light weight and small form. Beck picked up the manual and exfoliated through it.

"Oh,.. Ah,... Uh,..." he said while Tori was nodding thinking that her boyfriend was sucking information from the manual. "I don't get it,.." he finally, making Tori loosing her balance falling on the floor.

"What you mean you don't get it?!" she groaned will getting up from the floor.

"It's written in Japenese,... Or Chinese,..." he replied. Tori facepalmed herself. Obviously bad luck is always stalking her.

"What to do Beck?" Tori started to panick and was pacing through his RV. Beck scratched his head, but tilted up Tori, getting a slight bit nervous about the pacing puppy girl.

"Well,... Let's head out to school first, maybe our friends can figure something out," he replied. Tori nodded in agreement and the two of them departed to school.

"And I wanted to actually surprise them,.." Tori whimpered in the passenger seat. Beck also had a sad look on his face, seeing the saddened look on his girlfriend's face.

"Don't be sad Novia, I am sure everything will work out, you might be still be able to surprise your parents," he smiled encouragely. Tori replied with a sad smile.

"I think my parents would first kill me,... Then they will be shocked," she replied. Beck shook his head and patted Tori softly on the head.

"Hey,.. Chica don't be sad, I love you weither you're a puppy or human," he said with a warm smile. This time Tori managed to get a small, but real smile on her face.

"Stick with one nickname guapo," Tori grinned. Beck chuckled along and nodded.

"But I can't find a perfect one for you yet, so let me think for a little longer," he smiled.

"You know, I think I do like perrito," She said. Beck frowned his eyebrow in confuse.

"Really?" he asked her. She nodded slightly, making clear she meant it.

"Well, Perrito it is then," Beck cheered, Tori also jumped on her seat. "Seatbelt Perrito," he told her with a chuckle. She pouted and ended up putting the seatbelt, which was too big to fit her and sat quietly in her seat. Since arguing with Beck is not the smartest thing to do.

"We're at school," he said. Tori pushed open the door and immediately jumped out the car breathing the fresh air into her lungs. She realy disliked the air in the car. Soon Tori and Beck saw Cat, Andre, Jade and Robbie approaching them. The two of them greeted their friends and gladly accompanied each other to the classes. Beck had history the first hour with Jade and Andre. Cat and Robbie waved bye and went to Maths class.

"Yaay maths! Numbers," Cat cheered before skipping to class while pulling her boyfriend with her to Maths class.

"They are really cute together," Tori awed. Totally forgotten that she was still in puppy form and she spoke. That's a very bad combination.

"Did that puppy just talked?" said someone. Tori's eyes widened and shielded herself behind Beck.

"What?" Beck asked the guy, pretending he didn't hear anything.

"Seriously? A talking dog?" Jade confirmed him. Tori smiled, she was still getting used to gentle, kind and friendly Jade. Well gentle, kind and friendly in her own ways of course, but still cursed herself for not paying more attention and dragging her friends down with her.

"What talking puppy?" Andre said with a high pinched voice. Seriously, Andre might be a musical wonder kid, but he is kind of,... Horrible in acting. The three of them groaned at his bad lying abilities.

"You better keep quiet," Jade hissed at him. Andre cleared his troath and turned his head away, only giving a nod in agreement.

"I really heard that puppy talk!" the guy said with determination. Tori cursed in her head and started letting out small whimpers. The guy's girlfriend suddenly approached him and guided him away, but not before giving them her apology about the weird behaviour of her boyfriend. The four friends all let out a sigh of relief.

"You know what will happen if they find a talking puppy right?" Jade warned puppy Tori. She whimpered sadly again , meaning that she is really sorry. Jade turned her face away glanced at the other side.

"Curse this," she mumbled under her breath. Tori grinned again. She definitly got Jade in her paws. Soon the bell for the first period signaled, making the four friends quickly dashing towards their first class. They made it barely on time, but they were on time nonetheless. As the teacher started speaking, Tori immediately fell asleep on Beck's table, snoring softly on her spot. Beck, Jade and Andre grinned at the cute puppy, but the teacher wasn't that happy about her appearences in the class, he was expecting that she would only come one or two times, but not every class.

"Beck," the teacher called out to his name. Beck sat straight up, ready to answer any question that the guy was throwing at him.

"Yes sir," he replied the teacher.

"You know that animals are forbidden in school right?" the teacher asked him. Tori was now already awaken, irritated by the teacher she picked up a blank paper out of Beck's book and a pencil out of his fiddle case and started writing while the other were distracted. Then she poked Beck and showed him the paper. Beck glanced down the paper and read it out loud.

"No, it is not written in the school rules sir," Beck answered him. The guy gave him a weird look as if he just had grown three heads all of sudden.

"Oh really?" he said and went through his cabinet for the school rules.

"Yeah,.. Apparently," Beck replied in a whisper, not believing himself either. How is it possible that animals are allowed in school. The teacher who was exfoliating through the school rules was staring at the rules book in silence. He probably exfoliated through it three times before giving up.

"You're right," he mumbled and continued his class. Beck was surprised.

"How did you know that?" he asked Tori who was smiling proudly.

"I read the school rules on my first day since Trina was really slow and I had nothing else to do," was what she wrote down. He made a knowing gesture and fixed his attention back on the blackboard.

It was finally lunch time and Tori was gobbling out of Beck's plate. Beck chuckled at her and gave her a pat before turning his attention towards his friends.

"Okay, there is something. You two are hiding something from us," Jade declared while staring intensly at Tori and Beck. Tori swallowed her food and Beck just drunk from his cola. Tori turned her attention towards Beck, looking at him with shiny puppy eyes.

"Seriously Perrito?" he asked her. Tori made a pouty smile and kept her shiny eyes open. Beck facepalmed himself and let out a groan.

"How should I put this," he asked himself.

"Perrito? Seriously?" Jade snorted disgusted by the pet name Tori got. The couple's cheeks started becoming red and they were looking down steadily at the ground. Andre whispered something in Jade's ear, making her eyes go wide.

"Okay, okay. No more mockings from me. So just go on with your explanation," she said surrending herself. Beck and Tori exchanged looks with a knowing smile, but let this subject drop for now.

"Tori,.. Turned back into human yesterday," Beck replied them. Jade frowned, wanting to say something mean, but remembering what Andre told her. She quickly swallowed these words and replaced them.

"Uhm,... Yeah,.. She sure does look like,..." but she stopped her sentence and started drinking from her beverage. Tori rolled her eyes, but grateful that she held back.

"Yeah, but she turned back into a puppy this morning because of a weird ring," Beck explained further. Their friends were still confused. "Let's go talk in a more private place, we have a free hour on the next period, so I will do some more explanation." everyone nodded in agreement and packed their stuff, taking off to the black box theatre.

Once there everyone dropped their stuff in the chairs and positioned themselves on the podium. As usual Tori lied down in Beck's legs and snuggled into his arms, while he was gladly accepting her hugs.

"So, explain," Jade said impatiently.

"The witch who Jinxed Tori, she returned and gave Tori a gift. A ring, the witch suddenly dissapeared after leaving a manual behind about how it worked. So Tori picked up the ring and accidently touched something wrong and she turned back into a puppy," Beck explained. Everyone Oh'd and Ah'd after the explanation.

"Well, why don't you turn her back then?" Robbie asked.

"We don't know how," Beck replied.

"Didn't you got a manual?" Jade asked, Andre nodding in agreement. Beck pulled the manual out of his pocket and showed it to Jade.

"Try reading it," he replied. Jade opened the manual and immediately frowned her eyebrow.

"The f*ck, isn't this Japenese or Chinese?" she asked them. Beck and Tori nodded their heads sighing in defeat.

"Maybe a kiss will work!" Cat suddenly chimed in. Everyone turned their attention towards Cat.

"A kiss?" Beck asked her.

"Yeah, like how the princess kissed the frog and he suddenly turned into a prince!" Cat giggled non stop while holding her stomach. All her friends rolled their eyes except Tori.

"That might work," Tori pouted at Beck. He gave her a weird look.

"Well if you want to try perrito," he said. She grinned and nodded.

"Oh my chizz," Andre replied, feeling awkward about a kiss being shared between a dog and its owner. Jade just smiled and pulled out her phone, getting a warning stare from Andre so she put her phone away again. Cat and Robbie were staring intensly at the couple. They were closing their eyes and Beck leaned forward placing a kiss on Tori's lips.

"Nothing changed,..." Tori pouted sadly, but after a few seconds she said that she started to glow and the transformation began, blinding their eyes. After a few seconds of very flashy light Tori opened her eyes, staring right at the shocked faces of her friends, exception of beck obviously. She glanced down at her hands, she saw fingers, other colors than red! A grin appeard on her face.

"Well, I'm back?" she questioned opening her arms for a hug. Cat was the first one who got out of the paralysis and lunged at Tori. Soon Andre, Robbie and even Jade were hugging her closely as if they hadn't saw her in ages.

"I'm also very happy," Tori smiled and hugged her friends closer.

"Am I the only one who is surprised that Cat actually solved this?" Jade asked after they all released her. Everyone went all silent for a second, before agreeing to that.

"What's that supposed to mean?" the little red head yelled in offense, which received a pat on the head from her boyfriend and soon she was all perky again. The six friends exchanged chuckles and were now chatting again like old times.

After that weird event, the six friends decided to ditch school and head straight to Tori's house time to explain the matter finally to her concerned parents who were almost going crazy about their missing precious youngest child, really probably also wondering why it wasn't Trina instead of Tori.

When the youngsters arrived at the parking lot, the ring suddenly caught Cat's eye.

"Oh! That ring is so pretty! Can I see it Tori?" Cat asked the brunette. Tori shrugged and nodded at the perky red head and took the ring of her finger and gave it to Cat.

"Careful 'kay?" she told her. Cat nodded and started fiddling at the ring, what they didn't know was that the ring caught also the eyes of a bunch crows. In a split second Cat accidently pressed on the indigo diamond in the middle of the ring. The ring started shining and the friend's heads were all turned toward Cat.

"No!" Tori whined and soon they were all blinded by the light again today. Cat let the ring drop out of shock, which made the ring fell on the ground. When the lights suddenly went out, Tori was glaring furiously at the perky red head, again on four paws.

"I am so sorry Tori!" she squeaked and hid her face behind her hands. Tori let out a sigh and even though she was mad, she forgave her immediately. It's a Cat, you can't stay mad at Cat. Before the friends could pick up the ring a swarm of crows darted towards the ring and pecked it up and in a split second they were gone again.

"Wha,.. What?!" Tori yelled out of frusturation.

"Well,.. It's not like we need the ring to lift this curse right?" Beck said. Tori calmed herself down, thinking that he might be right. Beck leaned down, pecking her on the lips, but this time nothing happened. They were now waiting for minutes, but it didn't happen.

"No! No! No!" Tori yelled to the air covering her eyes and started whimpering while Cat was feeling guilty and Robbie was comforting her saying that it wasn't her fault, Jade was facepalming herself while Andre was still staring mouth agaped in shock. Another weird day in Hollywood arts.

"Here we go again from square one," Beck sighed placing his head in his palms.

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Story Name : Square one again.

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