I didn't expect to be writing a new multific so soon, but one of my friends inspired me, so here it is! It's rated T for now, but I'm sure it'll move up to M as the fic progresses.

Thank you to my angel Lucy for beta'ing!


It's cold, the sky clouded with darkness and the air filled with a tense silence as they all wait on baited breath, waiting for him to show himself. From outside, the house seems empty and lifeless, but they know he's in there, and they know that they have to catch him.

Agent Finn Hudson waits in the wings, hidden from all sight, like a predator waiting for the opportune moment to pounce. His eyes are trained on the house and that alone, as though it's the only thing remaining in the world.

And suddenly. Movement.

"Is that him?" he says through his cell to Lopez, who is watching the street surveillance a block away, "is that the guy?" He tries to get a better view, but the blinds on the window prevent him from doing so, and his frustration builds, "Lopez, tell me!"

"That's him, Taylor Young," she pauses, "we've got sound and visual in the house… he's got the girl with him."

"Then we've got all we need. I can go in?"


"Santana!" he says, forcing himself to keep his voice down. But that girl is in danger and they're just wasting time.

She finally returns, "Berry says to wait a few more minutes."

"Screw that! He's already killed five girls – I'm not letting him get another. Let me go in." He peers to the window again frantically, where all signs of life have deceased. Finn can't let that girl stay in there any longer, he can't.

"No!" This time the voice is of Berry herself, sounding pissed as ever.

"Hudson, don't you dare go in there. We need to catch him red handed."

Finn growls in annoyance, "catch him when? Until he is standing over her dead body?" Doesn't she understand the urge for speed right now?

"We do things by the book," she says clearly, the authority to her tone.

He isn't listening.

Already having blown cover, he races to the front door, ignoring the incessant yells of Rachel down the cell. As he's got his gun poised, checking his surroundings, he speaks one last time. "Sorry sweetheart, I don't do things by the book." Hanging up the call, he pockets his cell and takes a deep breath, before kicking in the front door.

"FBI!" he shouts, "Taylor Young!" Finn follows the sound of screaming until he nears the living room, finding just what he's looking for. The man, barely past his twenties, holds a knife to her neck, a gun shakily pointed his way.

"I-I'll kill her," he threatens, pressing the knife that little bit further against her already sore skin. She whimpers, eyes pleading toward Finn for him to help.

He keeps a stoic face, his own gun held steadily in his hands, finger poised on the trigger. "You know that there's no way out of this, kid. Killing her or a federal agent is just going to make things worse for you." Cautiously, he takes a step nearer, keeping it slow and calculated, enabling him to get a better shot if needed. "Now, drop your weapons."

The kid's trembling can be seen from where he's stood, so Finn does his best to look the strong one, devoid of any fears, but of course having a gun pointed at you isn't exactly a walk in the park.

"Taylor," he starts slowly, "let go of the gun – "

It all happens so fast. The knife falls to the floor, his hostage – his latest victim – falling along with it, so that he can use both hands on the gun as he shoots. Finn reacts faster, stealthily dodging out of the way of the incoming bullet and letting his own trigger pull. The kid's body drops with a heady thump against the hard wood, while Finn takes a breath of relief.

He's on his feet in an instant, hearing the sound of the rest of his team barging in. Anderson suddenly zooms past him, helping the girl up, while Puckerman is patting his back, "good going, dude. We didn't think he was gonna shoot."

"Yeah, well let's be thankful that I was quicker." His eyes travel down to the body. Still, unmoving. But he's been exposed to so many corpses over the years that it doesn't bother him anymore, and all he does is turn his back and move to leave the house.

Unfortunately for him, not everyone is proud of his heroic actions, although they damn well should be. Berry is standing at the end of the yard, her glare icy and strong, even from so far away. She crosses her arms, and begins a powerful walk his way. Finn may not have been scared with a gun aimed his way, but a furious Rachel Berry makes his heart flip out a little.

Still, he doesn't let her see that.

"Why the hell did you pull that, Hudson?"

"Look, if we would have waited longer, she could have been dead!" he insists to her, watching as her expression doesn't change. He rolls his eyes.

Berry lets out a sigh and then shakes her head, "we didn't have a reason to enter the house. We were waiting to make the arrest legal."

"He had a fucking knife to her throat."

"Only because you kicked the door down!" she grits her teeth, "and now he's dead and can't be interviewed, meaning that we may never find where the other bodies are hidden." Her eyes narrow, the anger clear, "I thought we talked about you being careless?"

"I was doing my job."

"And part of your job is making sure that the families of those victims can get closure, and they're never going to get it now, are they? Not unless there's some evidence in that house that can lead us to the bodies." By now, there are a few people gathered around the heated pair, watching them curiously, though the rest of their team try to ignore it; this is a normal occurrence for Finn and Rachel. They just never can see eye to eye.

He frowns at her, deeply. "We'll find them, take it easy."

Berry gives him an incredulous stare. "Give me your badge," she says, "and your gun."

"What? You can't –"

"You're suspended. Don't think that this is going to be taken lightly, Agent Hudson." Leaning closer, so there are barely inches between them and no one else can hear, she says, "you got lucky today. The outcome could have been serious, and I could have lost you out there – don't ever put me in that situation again." The way that she speaks make him drop his act, staring wide eyed at the amount of care in her voice, something that he's never heard from agent Berry before. Silently, he hands over his badge and gun to the tiny woman, unable to keep his eyes off of her.

She peers up, deep brown eyes holding his, "you have unpaid suspension for two weeks. Maybe that'll give you time to think about how you could have handled this with better care. And when you get back I'm assigning you to a low profile case, got it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Berry nods, eyes drawing over him briefly, before she turns on her heel and starts in the opposite direction, being stopped to talk to some of the county police.

"Quite a grilling," Puckerman appears by his side, an amused smirk on his face.

"You can say that again," he says, eyes following Berry slowly. "Don't you think that she gets really hot when she's angry?"

Puck smirks, nudging his side, "oh I see. You trying to impress her back there? Being all macho Hudson?"

He lets out a hollow laugh, "sure seemed to work, huh?"

His friend shrugs, "she's textbook. She follows the rules – why do you think she leads the team?"

"And here I was thinking that it was because her Daddy basically runs the FBI."

"…That too."

For a moment, they're distracted as Anderson brings out the girl from the house, who looks as frightened as ever, but Finn knows that with time she can put this whole ordeal behind her, and he takes a small victory from that. He saved a life and nothing, not even Berry's whining about rules and regulations, is going to stop him from being happy over it.

He nods in acknowledgement to Anderson, who gently leads her to the police car, a paramedic walking behind them.

"Anyway," Puck's voice says, "I've got to get home. It's already late and the wife's gonna be pissed if it's any later."

"Alright man, see you." He pats his back, "you did good today."

"And you did, too. Even if some people don't agree."

Finn laughs, shrugging his shoulders casually, "she's just stubborn. It's nothing new. I think she finds me threatening, and she just doesn't know how to handle it."

Instead of hearing Puckerman speak, Lopez suddenly bursts out laughing, leaving Finn to wonder where the hell she'd come from. "Sure Hudson, that's the reason," she teases, "she knows that there's no way you'll fill her shoes. One, your feet are huge, and two, after that stunt you pulled today, you're in dangerous territory."

He sighs, wanting to think that what she's saying isn't true, but maybe his actions weren't exactly the most thought through.

But that's him. He doesn't always go through all the possibilities – he sees an opportunity to say something, do something, and he does it. Because the consequences of not taking that chance could be far worse than if he did.

"You better get yourself home before you cause any more trouble for our esteemed midget leader," she smirks, "or are you not going to listen to what I say and do whatever the hell you want?" she raises a perfectly groomed eyebrow in his direction.

He glares her way, "I did the right thing. I stand by that."

"The right thing for who? That girl, or for you, to make you the hero?"

"I didn't…"

"Yeah, whatever," she sighs, "you really should go home." She begins to saunter away, hips swaying, "have a fun suspension Hudson."