Summary: Instead of roxy being the last fairy on earth Isabella is. Isabella is gonna tell her boyfriend Phineas and his step brother Ferb that she is a fairy. This story takes place in Danville not Gardena.

I don't own winx club or phineas and ferb

Now on with the story

Telling Phineas and Ferb her secret

Isabella's prov.

Hey phineas I need to tell you and ferb something important in privet. I said

Sure izzy said phineas he and ferb then walked over to me

What is it Isabella asked ferb

I'm not a normal girl I'm a fairy I said

WHAT! They both yelled

I am a fairy I said again

Prove it said phineas

Alright magic winx charmix! Isabella fairy of animals! I said

Wow how'd this happen asked phineas

I don't know I said

well I got to go home bye I said after changing back to normal

Bye they said