Dear Readers,

I have gotten a Beta to fix/edit this story, due to not only my own laziness but my grammar, spelling, and dialogue isn't so great. For those who have read this story despite those mistakes, thanks. Only reason I'm fixing this story, is because I've gotten tired of seeing multiple reviews stating that either this story is terrible, or that the grammar sucks.

I'm changing this Authors Note, the last one being about the chapters not being edited yet. Only the the first chapter has been edited...

The sequel won't be posted up, in till after the editing/fixing of this story is finished. I've paused it, along with another sequel, mainly because I want to fix the stories before I start the sequel, and because I'm still on a on-going story.

If I do end up finishing the sequel, that's going to be a one-shot, before the fixing is done, I'll post it. It all depends, really. This story was supposed to be a one-shot, with a major cliffhanger. Instead, I continued it on only writing as I go along without knowing what's going to happen in each chapter.

Queen MiMi