A/N: Hi! Sorry for the long wait. I lost all inspiration for 'The Queen of Ace', so updating is out of the question in that story. I've noticed that many people have been hitting that awesome button of 'Favorites' for 'To Love Her Again'! That made so happy that I decided to write a quick songfic!

This is based in Hatsune Miku's Black Vow, I do not own such an alluring and beautiful song! If you see it in Youtube, which I recommend, it talks of the forbidden love of an angel and a human girl. Given that they're both girls, I made a Berserk X Blossom fanfic. Please don't give me any bad reviews, is my first yuri.

Is not very lemon-y yuri, you'll see how it plays out.


The wingless fallen angel

Surrendered herself to the contract of evil

In the past they loved each other

She ended it by her own hand


Benjamin sobbed as he held her love in her arms. The slight blush of pink was gone from Blossom's cheeks forever. He was filled with unbelievable and vengeful rage.

He could not bring the happiness of the past, back. They had loved each other, when he was Berserk and now when he came to her as Benjamin. He—she changed for Blossom, ripping away her useless wings and surrendered herself to the sweet temptation of an evil contract, in order to live in complete and utter happiness forever. Yet their love did not last long.

Only one solution came to Benjamin's mind—he will end their love, once and for all.

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