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The black stained bride

At the place she was suppose to take the holy vow

She came across a mysterious boy

Smiling with mournful eyes

At the moment their eyes met

The pathetic girl fell for him


"You look so beautiful, milady." The maid, named Belle sighed. Blossom looked at her reflection and smiled. Although she was highly praised for her beauty, Blossom never really saw her own beauty. However, now in the black silk wedding dress, she could see the beauty that was strange and familiar.

"I see." Blossom whispered. Belle's eyes widen. Usually her lady will shrug off compliments. She had gotten used to the idea that Blossom will never see what others saw, will never be happy like everyone else.

But now she has. All thanks to Lord Butch of Cambridge, or so she thought.

The day was beautiful. The sun was shining with warmth and care, the grass was greener, the sky bluer. Indeed it was a beautiful day for a black-dressed bride's wedding. Blossom and Belle looked at the beautiful church where Lord Butch will take Lady Blossom in holy matrimony.

"Finally you will be happy, milady." Belle said with tears running down her cheeks. Blossom smiled, although she was happy for everything Lord Butch did for her, Blossom knew they were in vain, for she did not love him and, he did not love her.

"I appreciate your words." Blossom said with a small smile. She should be regarded for a good actress, no one, not even Belle, figured out that there was something mysterious about Blossom.

They stepped inside a private room for the to-be brides. It was near the picturesque gardens of the Church. Thankfully it was by the little path leading inside the House of the Almighty One. Blossom sat down, but was growing ever so restless as the minutes were slowly ticking away. Belle sensed this and took a good last look at her lady's hair, dress, and corset (although the lady didn't need one, she was already thin).

"Can you please see if they are ready? I want to get the ceremony out of the way." Blossom said with slight impatience. Belle chuckled. Her lady must've been madly in love with the Lord to wish for a quick wedding.

"Very well, milady." Belle said and left. She couldn't have been more wrong. Blossom was not in love, if anything she was about to redress the ridiculous wedding. It was absurd! Obviously, if Blossom married the Lord of Cambridge it would not stop the nobles from deriding and interspersing her. It had happened all her life, the ladies were constantly deriding her choice of wardrobe, and the noblemen along with the gossiping ladies could not decide whether to praise or criticize her. Sure, the Lady of Townsville was a beauty but what was with her solitary confinement and wasteful loveliness in a poignant girl?

Blossom knew their derogatory was untrammeled. The world was cruel to her. She knew that her beauty was a curse. Many people desired it, and many envied it. No one dared to come close, not even her past suitors, the only one to ever break through for her was the Lord of Cambridge.

Or so she thought. She had one the town's slyest and cunning woman, who was named Buttercup, figure out the Lord. Blossom knew that no one in their right mind will take a widow-look-alike as their wife. The Lord had dark intentions…she knew it from the bottom of her heart. Blossom chuckled without humor. The Lord was after her inheritance, he was planning to kill her late in their wedding night after ravishing her. He bought her that beautiful black wedding dress not because he cared for her but because she will be walking to her own funeral. Buttercup had seduced the gallous Lord and reported everything that he darkly whispered in the shadows of night.

"You did not have to go that far!" Blossom said as she looked at the dark-haired and green-eyed girl. All she did was shrug.

"I didn't do it for you, princess." Buttercup said as her face flushed. Blossom's peculiar eyes widen as realization hit upon her, the town tomboy fell in love with the Lord of Cambridge?

"I owe you so much, now. You have saved my life." Blossom said as she prepared to give her some money. Buttercup looked at the money.

"Even though my reputation is bad, I am doing it for the sake of others, okay? I do not need your useless pity. I did fell in love and is going to be my crucifix forever." Buttercup said as she left.

Blossom didn't hear from her again. Her heart broke but she knew it was imminent. Buttercup though helped her drag out their engagement until she found a punishment fit for the Lord. She will annihilate him as she will do one simple act that will throw him to the clutches of ridicule.

She will leave him waiting, waiting for a trophy that he thought he already won since the beginning. However Blossom was ready to debase him once and for all.

Blossom elegantly stepped out of the private room to find herself face to face to a mysterious boy. Well not a boy, he looked around her age…he looked at her with mournful eyes. As if he was accepting a defeat worse than death. His smile looked naturally cocky yet the foreign feeling of sincerity painted his handsome face. His smile widen as he saw her, as if the Almighty One pardon his unknown sin and blessed him with eternal happiness. Blossom was taken by his dark lure, everything about him screamed wrong but, to her it felt right. Blossom couldn't take her eyes off his luring red eyes. They consumed her with a strange passion that seemed eternal, as if the past and future were meaningless and all that mattered was the present.

A present where reality ceased to exist, a present where happiness and temptation were intertwined to form a deadly sin which was unbeknownst to them.

Her heart was beating faster, a new feeling consumed every fiber of her being like a fire, for the first time Blossom felt more than being content. This man (for she knew he was more than a boy), made her feel alive.

That was when the pathetic girl Blossom fell for him.

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