~Author's Note~

I thought of this idea when I was asleep in a car, such creativity! Haha Jokes. Special thanks to MatserofYou and Angel Of Dark Heaven for sticking with me since chapter one of Skye's life and now to start a new story while I have this idea stuck in my head.

~Start in Yasuchika's POV~

"Oi Yasuchika, ready yet?" I heard Ikashy shout as he knocked on the door to where we changed into our performance clothes. We all wore white and different colours from eachother, our clothes were different from each other though, for one Ikashy was wearing a white hoodie with black sleeves, he had white jeans with a silver chain hanging off the right belt loops, and black hightop converse with silver laces. Skye was wearing a black tight shirt underneath her (only the band members know her gender) white short sleeved hoodie, the hoodie was a bright red as well as the pocket edges. She had on white shorts as well knee high socks with red hightop converse with white laces.

Then there was me, I was wearing ¾ brown pants with a white hoodie which was unzipped, the sleeves had cool anime like drawings on them, I also wore a white t-shirt underneath with NYAN-CAT (WOOOO!) on it too. We were all ready to rock.

After the commentator dude (they really annoy me…) announced the soccer teams from around the continents he introduced us, our band is the Hoshi (Star!) Catchers. We ran out onto the stage, I went to the front of the stage to the since I was the lead singer and keyboardist, Skye was the lead guitarist and Ikashy was the drummer. (the extra instruments are taped since I don't want anymore people on stage), watch?v=UsdhJVjkwTk Watch this, the song is really good.

After we finished the song, the crowd went crazy mostly saying stuff like "Woooo! Encore! Encore!" More praise and that was it, the soccer lads sat down on the ground Indian-style, they seemed to be in awe and the girls who help the soccer symbols squealed and ran up to the front of the stage, the Inazuma Japan managers ran up too.

"E-excuse m-me b-but can y-you sign this for m-me Keita?" I believed Haruna, the girl with red glasses stated bashfully to Skye, I was trying my hardest not to burst out laughing, even though Skye was the quiet one she had the most Fangirls. She turned and glared at me from behind her bangs.

She took the note pad gently from the girl along with the red pen, she then sat Indian-style on the stage and signed in her best make shift guy writing Keita, with a cool looking moon on it. "Th-thank you K-keita-k-kun" The girl stuttered so much I was trying not to go up to her and tease her about it.

"Eep! Keita can you give me an autograph too?!" The other girls tried to get on the stage, key word there tried. Skye simply sighed and the girls fainted with pink cheeks, I saw Skye sweat drop as Ikashy burst out laughing along with me, we held onto each other as we tried to stay standing. Skye seemed annoyed and walked up and flicked us both on the foreheads and we fell to the ground no not the stage the GROUND.

"Sorry Skye but haha you ha have no haha idea how haha funny that was!" I kashy said through laughs. By now the girls were taken away and the crowd had left already. "Skye isn't his name Keita?" We all stiffened as we heard Kidou Yuuto/Yuuta? Say from behind us. Crap his like the best at telling when someone is lying! Quick think think!.

"Because Skye is my nickname, I resemble my younger sister so they call me by her name." Skye said in her fake guy voice, pretty believable. "So you're an older brother too?" Gouenji came up next which made me and Ikashy start sweating bullets. "Yeah, these guys here are pretty close to Skye, so they usually tease me about it, since my little sibling is the polar opposite of me. That IS true, but Keita isn't alive anymore, soo it WAS true.

"Seriously where does she live?" Skye stiffened for a moment before sighing and saying. "She lives in heaven now, she was cool, but the real question is WHY do you want to know where she lives?" Skye emphasized the 'why' and looked questionably at the two.

"Uhhh nevermind see ya around Keita!"They said that so fast and in synch I would've been freaked, then I saw my big brother "Oh Ichi-kun!" I shouted and bolted over towards him and Endou, Ikashy and Skye right behind me. "Don't call me that Yasuchika!" Kazemaru said embarrassed that people heard my nickname for him. "Whatever, You remember Keita and Ikashy don't you?" I said playfully as I put him in a headlock "Yea I remember them, hey guys" The funny thing was not even Ichi-kun knew Skye was a girl, that makes it all the more fun when Skye thinks its right to tell the truth about being a chick…

~CliffHanger thing ~

I leave you with a very short chapter since I really wanna start this today and! I left you with an embarrassed and confused characters ! (that made no sense what so ever) anyway STAY TUNED!