~Author's Note thing~

Im'a back from my vacation of videogames and work! Hahaha hopefully this will be longer than other chapters in other stories . oh and HIIIIII! (Hyper from drinking POWERADE BRO!) And last time WASN'T a cliff hanger . just didn't know how to write a conversation since I is the quiet chick/tomboy/kid? Anyway enjoy the hopefully long chapter! Oh and all the soccer dudes know eachother Ikashy and Skye were hiding back stage kicking a soccer ball around, while Yasuchika is embarrassing his brother! Yay for annoyingnesssss!

~Start! In the 2nd POV Because I is lazy person .~

Everyone was in a group whether from their home country or mingling with the other teams. An interesting question popped into some of the teens as they began questioning eachother.

"Hey guys? Don't you think it's weird that Keita doesn't seem to be into social things? I mean he performs for crowds but here he acts like one of those emo guys.." Mark Kruger captain to America's team Unicorn he was currently talking with Fidio Aldena, Dylan Keith and Endou Mamoru. "Now that you mention it he seems kinda I dunno feminine?" Fidio considered thoughtfully. This conversation seemed to spark the interest of many of the males, but the Inazuma Japan thought otherwise.

"Some guys look feminine think about Aphrodi looks like a girl! And no offense Kazemaru but you kinda look like a girl to!" Haruna thought aloud as she began giggling when she saw 'Keita' look over cocking his head to the side a little confused, at the moment 'his' knee was in mid-air, he suddenly put his foot down and looked down at the ground. "Oi come on its getting late Keita, you to Yasuchika!" Ikashy shouted from across the field he quickly sprinted over to 'Keita' and dragged the now paler looking 'boy' along as 'Keita' began getting slower as they reached the entrance ' he' fainted.

"Crap! Yasuchika we have to hurry!" Ikashy shouted as he drapped the now unconscious 'boy' over his shoulder and began running. "Got it! Right now you guys and girls need to leave before things get out of hand!" Yasuchika announced before running after his two friends. "Come on guys we have to follow them!" Many people shouted there replies as they began following the Hoshi Catchers.

They all continued running until they arrived at the beach, the sand/ground began rumbling and in bright flash they found themselves lying on a pile of snow. The snow began shifting around until it disappeared leaving them in a beautiful grass plain.

~Bum bum buuuuhhhhh! Into the Enou POV Thing yea..~

"You guys ok!?" I shouted as I began standing up wincing a little at the pain in my butt. Looking around I was surprised at the scenery had changed again to what seemed like a town, but we were currently standing in the middle of a river. "Where are we?" I whispered to myself, but I heard a gasp from above me.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap! Damnit why didn't you guys listen to me?!" Yasuchika shouted from his position on the river bank. "Yasuchika?! What's going on?!" Kazemaru shouted to his brother who was freaking out right now.

"Uhhh, I'll explain on the way but right now you HAVE to follow me right now!" He shouted as a reply and began getting really jittery for some reason.

~Into noone's POV~

"Wait, so this is an alternate world created by Keita? Or Skye or whatever his name is?" Edgar Valintas questioned as he followed along with his group. "How uncivilized if he were to be a female, that would be ridiculous, considering women and girls should be sophisticated and well graceful." He stated once again as he continued his annoyingly sexist rant with his teammates.

"Is it even possible to create a world?" Kidou said as he followed behind his captain. "Well yes, the person has to have a strong fighting spirit or strong emotions to be able to have a stable world such as this one, Skye is able to create this world from her emotions, yeah 'he' doesn't seem like someone with emotions but this kids got the strongest emotions I have ever seen!" Yasuchika praised as he continued to explain the current situation to the confused people.

"What the…That explains it…" All the boys and girls froze in place as they saw the pale looking boy in front of them. "Skye?! Aren't you supposed to be resting?!" Yasuchika said while flailing his arms about like a weirdo. "How can I rest when I have to worry about taking care of what 30-50 people?" Skye said in a rather feminine voice.

"Is your voice cracking or something Keita-kun?" Aki questioned and walked forward worried. Keita just waved her off before grabbing something out of her pocket and pointing it to the group. Click!

"What was that?" Fidio questioned walking up to the paler boy, "That has memorized you guys and girls, so now you can get part time jobs and junk and live here until sh- I mean he! Can get enough emotions back to send you back, since there are a lot of you it will take a while for him to do so!" Yasuchika explained still flailing around like a weirdo.

"So frankly we go to school, hang out with friends, eat sleep like we would normally?" Rococo questioned curiously as he popped up behind the flailing boy. "Pretty much, difference is that the 'teachers' and other adults that appear here are dead – " Skye stated in her female voice but she couldn't finish of her explanation as Megane and few others gave this reaction "OoO D-dead?!" She stared at them questionably before nodding and continuing her explanation. "Yes most of the adults are dead, since frankly they are spirits of people close to me who have passed away, whether they passed away recently or not beats me since I have terrible memory at the moment since you scaredy cats are wasting fear over something which is actually interesting and amusing…" She finished her explanation with an insult, (that's new aint it?) she then walked off somewhere not without having the team captains follow her that is.

"Wait we can still play soccer right?!" Endou said freaking out and flailing his arms like Yasuchika had done previously. A nod. "Do we have spare clothes to change into?" Edgar said a little worried about wearing his soccer uniform for more than a week. A nod, and a response "You guys will live in an apartment building with clothing suitable for each person"

"What kind of school is this?" A turn of her head towards the Italian captain, "School is resembled from my previous school, so just pretend it was your old school or something." It seemed the males were satisfied for now.

"Wait, where can we find you?" Mark spoke rather curiously towards 'Keita' the said nick-named person turned and stopped walking. "-sigh- If you want to find me go to the green plain and find the largest tree there, I will most likely be lying underneath said tree, or climbing it." The 'boy' said rather annoyed Keita/Skye mock saluted the captains before poofing away in a cloud of smoke (NINJA!).

"Well wasn't that necessary?" Therese from Argentina's The Empire said rather sarcastically. "Dude just be glad we have somewhere to live!" Dylan from the Unicorn team said as he began walking with his friend Mark. The captains returned back to where the others were along with Yasuchika.

"What the?! Where's Skye?" Yasuchika said while flailing his arms around again at the loss of his child hood friend…AGAIN. "He poofed of in a cloud of smoke, rather strange I must say" Edgar said as he motioned for his team to follow him.

~Skye's pov thingy (I cant believe I took so long to freaking update TT^TT)~

What an interesting bunch, they seem to adjust rather quickly. But they seem to of gotten used to flailing around like idiots… I had been watching the 'intruders' speaking and joking amongst themselves. I couldn't help but smile at the fact they were getting along pretty well, even under these circumstances.

I hopped off of the apartment building and landed in front of the ice cream store. I saw one of the –Alive- residents, Roxas Strife (Kingdom hearts baby! And final fantasy since Cloud Strife is a FF character .) boredly staring around at his post leaning on with his arms folded, against the counter.

"Yo Rox, can I grab the usual?" I stated wondering over to the bored looking blonde haired male (If you do not know what he looks like search it up) he seemed surprised and fell backwards on to his butt. "Y-yo!" He stated embarrassed but quickly composed himself as he stood up patting imaginary dust from his fall.

"One sea salt coming up" He stated coolly before going off to find said item. After returning we had a random conversation talking about nothing yet everything at the same time. After waving good bye I thought it would be smart to go and find someone to help keep the girls off my back, to the triplets I gooooo!

~Fast forward after hiding from anyone that bothered to run after her!~

"Skye?" I heard the voice of Kairi say while her sisters stood behind her curiously. They were all polar opposites clothing to personality to appearance. Xion was the middle triplet she had short black hair which was styled into a boys hair cut, she always seemed to have her skate board with her and refused to wear anything pink purple, well anything that could be considered girly, personality wise she was the stubborn tom boy that always won an argument except against Skye. Namine was the youngest she had blonde hair which usually rested upon her right shoulder, always carrying an art book whether big or small and something to draw with, she was the more quiet one but she had the will to never give up and lastly Kairi, the eldest of the 3 she was a confident girl with red hair it was straight and was mostly on her right half of her head all the sisters had in come on were there bright blue eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Xion said before tackling Skye into a bone crushing hug which would've affected someone who isn't well Skye.

~Cliffhanger thing~

I cant believe I took so long to update and I only have like 5 days until school starts CRAP! Sorry I ran out of ideas so sorry if this sounds rushed because it is and I really wanted to try a crossover! Soooo yea…