~Author's Note~

I am on Hiatus and will only update every now and then because I have so many math lessons –head desk- Anyway! There shall be a bit of a twist to what I want sooo yea, large possibility that Ikashy or Yasuchika get taken by a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts character because im going for a Oc X character thing, so yea! Second time typing this up TT^TT anywayyy enjoy this filler because I cant think of anything! Yeah I might change it from romance to mystery to possible horror then back to romance sooo yeah

~Start in 2nd POV~

After being freed from the iron grasp of Xion, Skye stood back straight and began scraping her shoes against the floor boards of the triplet's abode. "Can you keep the girls away from me?" Skye questioned bluntly before straight at the triplets.

The three sisters (Ahahaha monument in aussie XD) all began thinking before Kairi answered. "What is in it that will help us?" Knowing a question like this Skye automatically answered, "Entertainment and humor" As soon as she said that the triplets nodded frantically awaiting the joke.

In her best laid back male voice Skye said, "Duuude you were sooo drunk last night!" Namine answered with a "No I wasn't!" Skye smirked slightly before continuing in the voice, "Dude you grabbed my parakeet and threw it at my dog shouting Angry birds" The girls erupted in laughter, well minus Skye.

"Another one!" Xion exclaimed. "Dude you were like sooo drunk last night!" Skye imitated a posh sounding boy. "No I like wasn't!" Xion said in the same kind of posh tone. "Dude, you like tried to like drown my goldfish for like 2 hours" The triplets burst into another fit of giggles.

"One more!" Kairi exclaimed while giggling. "My dear friend, you were very drunk last night!" Using an English accent Skye spoke with a smile on her face. "I'm afraid you are mistaken, I was not that drunk!" Kairi repeated with the same accent. "My friend, you ran through those woods over there, whilst shouting out, 'I am the victor of the 74th/75th hunger games!' how is that being sober?" The day continued on like this between the 4, when night fell Skye said her farewell's before leaving and returning to her apartment 5 doors down from the siblings.

~Dream land :3~

Running, that was all a young Skye could do as she tried to outrun the man chasing her. She had blood splattered on her clothes, some was her the rest belonged to her once happy and joyful mother and brother. Blood dribbled down and onto the white snow, which soon turned into a disturbing red colour.

"Get back here you little witch!" The deep and gruff voice belonging to her father, who wielded an AK-47 gun as he chased the little girl shooting with what little aim, an intoxicated man could muster. "You, bastard of a child! You're the reason your mother and your big brother are dead!" Tears streamed down the slightly chubby cheeks of the young girl as they fell to the bloodied snow.

"Why papa?! What did I do wrong?!" The girl choked out as she continued to run away from her psychopathic father. She did her best to out run him but the next sound frightened her to no end. And that was the sound of a bullet making contact with skin. But she wasn't the one hit.

Still running she turned her head back only to go wide eyed and stare. Her father's body…was laying on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding it. "See? This is all because of you, I'm dying because of you.." The man said before coughing up blood. His crimson orbs dulled until every from of life ever there disappeared.

"Papa? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry papa!" The girl cried as she ran back to her father's now lifeless form and crying into his non-moving chest. All hopes of seeing her family disappeared as she continued to cry until the tears dried up and she abruptly stood up.

"So this is what it's like? To lose everyone you love?" Skye said to herself as she began to stand up. "Then, I never want to fall in love, even if it saves me, I would rather die than ever feel this pain again." She began to turn around, with one last longing look towards her father and her now blazing home.

"You guys were the only people I could ever love…"

~In the morning~

"Why do I always dream of that?" Skye questioned herself as she prepared for the day, she had to do the daily newspaper run, along with the fact she had to help the national soccer teams bring up their love for soccer over their love for winning, while also helping them to settle in.

This was going to be a long day.


Because the first time I typed it up it didn't show, and this is actually not a cliff hanger (for once .) anyway since math has terminated my brain, I shall not post very often CURSE YOU MATH!