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"Sire? You do realize your own servant has magic, right?"

Arthur stared at the random magician person his father had sentenced to death.

"Psh, Merlin? MAGIC? BAHAHAHAHAHA! Have you been on your ciders, mate? Because that's hilarious!"

"Hey, Arthur!"

"Yes, Merlin?"

Arthur really was tired of Merlin's random stuffs by now.

"Look what I can do!"

"If you try to fly again…" he said, turning around…

…To see Merlin asploding a rock.

With. His. Mind.

"I'm magic!" Merlin declared, raising his arms over his head like a five year old.

Arthur's eyes popped out of his skull. After replacing them, he started shouting.


And then his brain asploded from information overload or something.

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So I was texting my friend Bones about what would happen when Arthur discovered Merlin's secret, and it lead to a plot bunny. that plot bunny... Well, it lead to this.

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