Hello, Uranium235 here with my very first story. I hope I do a good job, but I'm not a writer by nature so I'm not holding my breath.

Summary: What if you loved someone with all of your heart? What if that person was from a completely different species? Ash Ketchum is about to find out; and boy is he in for a big surprise. Rated M for suggestive themes and some language.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon or anything in it. Also, credit for the amazing cover picture goes to blackpersian of Deviantart.


"Translated Poke-speech"
(Scene Changes and Flashbacks)

Chapter 1: Confessions

We start our story in the peaceful and quiet town of Pallet. Or at least it's normally peaceful and quiet. Now, however, there's quite a heated argument going on inside one of the houses...

"I'm sorry Misty," said a raven haired teen. He looked to be around 16 with tanned skin and a slightly muscular build, most likely due to all of the traveling he's done. On his shoulder is a yellow rodent-like Pokémon with red circles on his cheeks and a lightning bolt shaped tail, known as a Pikachu. The young man was currently trying to calm down a certain red-haired teen. She didn't seem to be accepting any of it however.

"Excuse me!?" she bellowed. "I come all the way over here to finally tell you, after all of these years, that I love you, and all you have to say is 'I'm sorry'!?" She looked ready to burst into tears and/or slap him at any moment; the second outcome being the more likely one if he knows her as well as he thinks he does.

"I don't know what to tell you Misty, but I don't feel the same. I have feelings for someone else," he replied, doing his best to calm her down. He might not love her, but that doesn't mean he likes to see his friends sad or in pain.

"Who!? May!?"

"No," he replied


"No," he said again. He was starting to get tired of this.

"…Brock?" she asked after a slight pause. She didn't sound quite as angry when she asked this time; more like she was trying to be delicate if it turned out to be the case.

"NO!" he screamed indignantly. How could she thing he was gay? With Brock the Pervert no less…

"Well then who?!" she asked again, turning back to yelling at him.

"Sorry Misty, but I'm not going to tell you," he rebutted. At this point he just wished she would drop the subject and leave him alone about it. Arceus forbid if she found out the truth. Not only would she be even more pissed than she is now but I would probably be thrown in jail, he thought to himself.

"Well if you're not going to tell me then I'm just going to have to find out on my own and give whoever it is a piece of my mind!" she yelled again before turning around and storming out of the house before slamming the door behind her.

"Man am I glad that's over, huh Pikachu?" he asked his best friend.

"Pika," he squeaked. Ash couldn't understand everything that Pikachu says all of the time but they've been together long enough for him to usually get the gist of what Pikachu was saying. Their short conversation was cut even shorter when the front door opened again. Ash spun around expecting to see Misty coming back in, having forgotten to slap him before she left, but was pleasantly surprised to see his mother walk through the door, returning from her trip to the store.

"Hi Ash!" she exclaimed. "I just passed Misty in front of the house. I said hi to her but she ignored me and stormed off without so much as acknowledging my existence. What happened?"

"Oh, she came over to confess to me that she loved me, but-" Before he could continue his mother went into her 'Overprotective Mother Mode' as he liked to call it.

"Oh my Ash finally has a girlfriend! Congratulations honey!" she beamed as she took him into a bone-crushing hug. After Ash turned a bright shade of blue she finally let him go.

"Mom!" he coughed. His mother was stronger than she looked. "You didn't let me finish. I turned her down. I don't feel the same way she does. Needless to say she didn't take it very well and claimed she would find out who I really liked and give them a piece of her mind," he explained before dashing upstairs and into his room before giving his mother time to respond. The last thing he wanted was for her to pry into him asking him who he actually likes; he didn't think he would've been able to handle it. As he got into his room, Pikachu jumped from his shoulder and onto the bed, with Ash flopping onto it right afterwards. "Man Pikachu I don't know what to do," he said as he stared up at the ceiling.

"Pika pikachu pikapi?" he asked. He would do anything in his power to help his trainer and best friend.

"I'm talking about these feelings I have. I know I shouldn't have them but I do anyway; and I don't think I've felt this strongly about anything else in my life. Not even my choice to become a Pokémon trainer."

"Pika chu chu pikachu pika pikachu."

At that Ash breathed a heavy sigh. On one hand he didn't want to tell anybody about the problem he's having. But on the other hand it was eating him alive from the inside-out, and he figured that if he could trust anyone with this information it would be his best friend. "Okay Pikachu, I'll tell you. But you have to promise me that you will not tell a soul what I'm about to tell you."

"Pikachu," he agreed, while using his right paw to draw and 'X' over his physically small but yet still somehow very large heart.

Ash breathed another heavy sigh, trying to get the courage to tell his most guarded secret. "Well, do you remember Mew?"

"Pikachu pika pipi chu pikachu? Pika?" he asked. He was confused as to where Ash was going with this. What did Lady Mew have to do with anything?

"Well I um…" he trailed off as he blushed furiously. "I'm kind of… um… in love with her…"

Pikachu stared at Ash for a few seconds before what he said completely sank in. "PIKA!"

Lord Arceus was in the Hall of Origins, like He usually was. At the moment He was standing in front of a small pool that was used to view what was happening on Earth. Currently, He was using it to check up on His Chosen One. He didn't like eavesdropping like He was, but He liked to keep tabs on him every once in a while to make sure everything was okay. He was watching him this time though because he felt that the Chosen One was in some sort of turmoil over something.

"Well, do you remember Mew?" Arceus heard Ash ask his partner Pokémon. Mew? he thought, Why would Lady Mew be causing his inner turmoil?

"You mean the one that we first met at New Island then again at the Tree of Beginning? Yeah I remember her, why?" He heard Pikachu reply. Lord Arceus, for a split second, though that Pikachu might be psychic, but quickly banished the idea knowing that Pikachu was just as curious as him.

"Well I um… I'm kind of… um… in love with her…" If Arceus had been drinking water he would've performed the most spectacular spit-take in history that would've gone down in legend and been talked about for millennia to come.

He's in love with Lady Mew!? He would've started freaking out more had he not remembered something that happened a little less than a week prior.

(Begin Multi-dimensional Time-warping Memory Loopback... AKA Flashback)

Lord Arceus was heading for the Tree of Beginning. Recently He'd noticed that Lady Mew hadn't been as happy and cheerful as she normally was, and He was going down to talk to her and see if He could help. As He reached the core of the Tree He saw Lady Mew sitting up against a crystal with her head in her paws. He could hear faint sobs coming from her so He could tell that she had been crying. "What's the matter,Lady Mew?" He asked her gently.

Lady Mew jolted upright at hearing the voice, not having sensed Him enter. "Oh, hello Father. Don't worry about me, I'm fine," she lied. She didn't want to worry Him, seeing as He had a lot of other more important things to do than console her.

"You can't fool me, my child. I could sense your sadness all the way from the Hall of Origins. Please tell me what's wrong," He chided. He could tell that she didn't want to tell Him, but it was His duty to make sure that all of his children were happy.

Seeing that her Father wasn't going to let the matter go she decided to tell Him, "I'm just lonely. Myheat cycle startsnext monthand I'm just upset that the one that I love will never love me back," she responded sadly. After finishing her statement she started bawling her eyes out again.

"It can't be that bad Lady Mew. Have you even tried to tell this person how you feel about them?"

"No, because I know he will just reject me and look at me like I'm some pink cat-fetus-looking freak. Not to mention the fact that I killed him twice, and almost a third time," she sobbed.

"No he wouldn't. Can you at least tell me who this person is? All I want to do is help."

Mew didn't want to tell anyone, especially Father, but she knew better than to try to hide something from Him, so she just decided to come out and say it. "It's The Chosen One…"

After she had confessed to loving Ash, she insisted that she would be fine given some time. Being too shocked to argue, He returned to the Hall of Origins.

(End MTML)

Ever since, He's been trying to find a way to help Lady Mew, but nothing had come up as of yet; but now here was the Chosen One, without realizing it, returning her feelings. I need to summon Lady Mew up here. She should know about this.

Back in Ash's room, somehow, no time had passed…

"Shhhh! Not so loud Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed while holding a hand to Pikachu's mouth to silence him.

"Pika," he apologized while scratching the back of his head mareepishly. After calming down he was able to ask the next question that was now burning a hole in his brain. "Pi pika?"

It took Ash a second to translate what Pikachu meant this time. "Why Mew?"

"Pika," he said while nodding his head in the affirmative.

"Well, what isn't there to like about her?" he started. "Her playful child-like yet caring nature. Her incredibly soft pink fur. Her large and beautiful bright blue eyes…" he trailed off.

Pikachu could tell at this point that Ash was lost in his own little world. After looking out the window he saw that it was nighttime, so he laid down to go to sleep for the night.

After about ten minutes in his own little dream world, Ash came back to reality and noticed that Pikachu had fallen asleep, so he laid down next to him and went to sleep himself.

Back in the Hall of Origins, Lord Arceus was currently waiting for Lady Mew to appear after summoning her. He would've worried that she wouldn't appear if not for the fact that all Legendary Pokémon were required to appear if summoned.

After a few more moments Lady Mew appeared in front of Lord Arceus in the meeting room. "What is it now,Father? I said I would be fine."

Even after a few days' time He could still tell that she was quite depressed. "Well, I just happened to come across some information that I thought you would like to know," he replied. He couldn't wait to see Lady Mews face when he told her this!

"Oh? What's that?" She didn't sound remotely interested, but He knew she would start literally bouncing off the walls in a few moments.

"I happened to be looking through the view-pool earlier today.I was looking in on The Chosen One to see how he was doing," he started. He noticed that as He said 'The Chosen One' her mood darkened again, so He continued. "And I overheard him talking to his Pikachu about why he was so conflicted emotionally, which is actually why I was watching him to begin with, and he confessed that it was because he loved someone that he thinks will never return his feelings."

"Please don't say anymore Father..." she pleaded, tears already starting to reform in her eyes. She didn't think her heart would be able to take hearing who he loved.

"Lady Mew," He consoled. "The one he loves is you."

Lady Mew stared at Him for a few seconds before promptly flying up to Him and smacking Him across the face with her tail, since her tail was stronger than her stubby arms. "How dare you!" she screamed, still on the verge of tears again. "You know how I feel about him,and you call me up here to lie to me about something like that!? How could you!?"

Lord Arceus flinched back, that slap stung even Him! "I'm telling the truth. Here, let me show you." He showed her His memory of what He saw in the view-pool

After the memory sunk in, Lady Mew started to franticly fly around the room in large circles. "Oh my Arceus! Oh my Arceus! Oh my Arceus! What do I do!? How do I approach him!? How do I tell him?!" she screamed.

"Calm down, my child," He chided. "I'm going to bring him up here. There's something I've been wanting to do for a while now,and this will allow me to kill two Pidgey with one stone," He said as he started glowing in a golden light.

Lady Mew hadn't calmed down in the least, but she was paying enough attention to ask a question. "Why do you want to kill two Pidgey Father?"

Lord Arceus sweat dropped, and would've face palmed at the same time if He had any hands to do it with, but He still concentrated enough to finish the task He started.

Back in Ash's room, Ash and Pikachu were still sleeping peacefully without a care in the world. Suddenly, Ash started glowing in a golden light. A second later he disappeared into thin air, with Pikachu still sleeping away, blissfully unaware of what had transpired.

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