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Greetings, My Love,

You may not know my name, but do know my title. I am your intended. You do not know what I look like, but I'd like to say that you will most definitely not be disappointed when you see me.

How do I know you? Simply put, I have seen you from time to time while on business trips to the Ministry and the bank. Your mother just put a name to the face I have seen before. Of course, every time you are there, it is with an old man with a long white beard with hideous taste in fashion. This is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, correct? You teach Potions there?

Anyways, every time I saw you, I wanted to come up and introduce myself. But alas, you and the Headmaster are always in a rush.

You are a very pretty man, Severus Snape. I want you to know that I accept this marriage whole heartedly. I simply cannot wait until you will be mine forever.

I would love for you to reply back to me your thoughts, my sweet.

With Love,

Your intended.

P.S. – Put Rosewood Hall for the address, and send the owl to the Bank. They will know where to send it.

Severus stared blankly at the letter. Who the bloody did he think he was? He never even gave his name. Severus decided not to send a reply back. The guy sounded like a pervert and respectable gentleman at the same time. What kind of a bloody combination is that!?

Dominic poked his head back in his bedroom. "Hey, Sev! Are you going to send something back?"

Severus's lips turned upward into his signature smirk. "Actually, yes. I am."

"Cool. Are you gonna tell me what?"


"Can you please tell me?"

"Yes, I can."

"Dammit Severus! Tell me! What will you send to him?"

"My silence."

They both went silent. You could hear the birds chirping…

"Playing hard to get little bro?" teased Dominic.

Severus's face twisted into an expression of disgust. Eyes narrowing and lips turning into a tight frown.

"No. Now go finish breakfast and I shall go take a shower."

Dominic went back into the kitchen when Severus went to the bathroom. "Geez. You can't joke around with the guy. I can already tell that if he doesn't send something back, mother will find out. Hm, what to do…"

He turned off the stove and started to set up the table with the plates and food.

"What do I do? How do I convince him to send a reply back?" he thought out loud. Just then, he heard someone knocking on the door. Sighing, he quickly went to go open it, to find the Headmaster already barging inside.

"Hello, my dear young man! Good morning! Why, I smell pancakes!" And yes, Dominic did make pancakes, with chocolate syrup…and strawberries….and whipped cream…and he put it in the shape of a smiley face. Only the most sophisticated breakfast for his little brother, of course.

"You do not mind if I stay for breakfast, do you, my friend?"

Dominic did not mind and went to go get an extra plate, still thinking about the letter situation.

"Something is bothering you, is it not? What is the matter?"

Dominic replied while they sat down on the sofa waiting for Severus, "Severus go a letter from his intended today. He was asking for a letter back from Severus, but Severus does not want anything to do with him. I'm thinking of how I could convince him."

"May I see the letter?" asked Dumbledore.

Dominic slithered into his little brother's bedroom and took the letter from where Severus had thrown it on the bed. Bringing it back to the old man, he watched as his eyes started to twinkle madly with mirth. When he was done, Dominic put the letter back where it was to avoid suspicion.

"Well?" asked Dominic.

"Well, I have an idea. However, it will result in Severus being angry at us. I have an inkling as to who this young gentleman is based on the fact he said he has seen Severus and I together on business. There was this man who always stared at our favorite potions master whenever we went to the ministry together. At first I thought it was because people always stare at him, because of his "death eater" status. However, now I am beginning to question whether or not this is the same man."

"This is great and everything, however what is your plan?" Dominic questioned.

"It is simple," replied Dumbledore, "We meddle. We will write the letter for Severus."

Dominic's eyes got really wide and his eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"Why the heck did I not think of that? Brilliant!"

There was already some parchment and writing utensils on the table near the sofa, so they grabbed those.

Dominic looked at Dumbledore. "So what should be write?"

Said old man stroked his white beard, deep in thought.

"Hm. It has been a while since I have written love letters, my friend. Let me think."

Suddenly, Dumbledore started scribbling down on the parchment. Curious, Dominic moved to wear his was sitting and peered at it.

Greetings, my love,

I need someone to make the stars brighter, to make the rainy days cozier and warmer. I need someone to make me smile, someone who will accept the demons within me. I need someone who will give me an ear when I'm feeling down. I need someone who will support me and help me reach my dreams and goals. I need someone who will care, someone who will share, someone who will always be there. I need someone who will comfort me, someone who will cheer me on, and hold my hand through nighttime, noon, and dawn. I need someone who is passionate, and yes, I do mean partially in the bedroom, love. You do not need to have my love for potions, but have passion for what you personally do. I can picture you now, my lover. Tall, dark haired, muscled. Your letter awakened another side of me, the side that yearns to be in someone's strong arms, and cared for. I cannot wait to meet you my love. Let us meet. In three days time, it will be Saturday. At 12 noon, let us meet at Rosemerta's in Hogsmeade? Oh, I cannot wait to see who my intended might be. What his name might be. What his lips might taste like to me.

With Love,

Severus Snape

Dominic stared at the parchment.

"You are kidding me right? That does not sound like Severus at all! Quite the opposite really!"

Just then they heard footsteps in Severus's bedroom. He must be done getting ready. Dumbledore quickly folded the letter and put it in his pocket under his periwinkle with orange poka-dots cloak.

He whispered, "That is okay, my friend. You shall see. I will go send it after we eat breakfast. Now hush, I hear him coming. On second thought, my friend, I shall not stay for breakfast."

As soon as Dumbledore got up, Severus walked opened his bedroom door and came in the living room. When he saw Dominic and Dumbledore together, his eyes narrowed into slits.

"My older brother and the meddling old coot, whom I regard as a father-figure, sitting together. What have you two come up with?

Dominic was about to open his mouth, but Dumbledore beat him to it.

"Why, Severus! My dearest boy! You hurt us so!"

"Do not twinkle your eyes at me, Albus! Why are you here?"

"I have come with some news about your upcoming marriage."

At this, both Dominic and Severus looked at the Headmaster, one in surprise and the other in distaste.

"There will be no marriage, Albus. I will see to it." stated Severus.

"Ah, yes. So you have said. I know, Severus. However, I received word from your mother this morning that you are to go to Diagon Alley this upcoming Friday with her and your siblings. They will be here at 10 o'clock sharp and you shall leave through the fireplace in my office. Dominic is free to stay here for as long as he likes."

Severus angrily started to say something, but Dumbledore kept on talking.

"Well, I have to go! Meetings to go to and letters to owl! Good day, gentleman!"

With that, the wizard left, leaving Severus and Doinic to stare at the door.

"What did you talk about with him Dominic?" asked Severus.

Dominic turned to face his little brother. "Nothing much. He came in, said he wanted to stay for breakfast, realized he had to go to a couple meetings, and that's when you came in. We were just talking about my kid."

"Really? I do not believe you, but I believe I shall find out very soon. Let us just eat. I am rather hungry."

"Ok, Sev!" chirped Dominic, inwardly smirking. He could not wait to see how this entire thing will unfold.

Severus took one look at the smiley faced pancakes, and muttered something about children, annoyed. They both sat down and tucked into their meal. When they were done, Severus told Dominic to do the dishes. He cleared the table. Suddenly, they both heard Severus's fireplace blaze and out came a note.

Severus went and bent down to pick it up. It said:

Hello, Severus!

I am giving this note to ask you, though I will not take no for an answer, if you would be able to come to the Burrow tonight for dinner? Again, I will take your answer as a yes. You need some meat in your bones, sweetheart. Also, the kids and Harry would love to see you. I believe they all have something to say. I will see you tonight!



"What is it Severus?"

Severus sighed. "It is from a mother hen I know. The Weasleys. They are inviting me to dine with them tonight."

"Oh, are you going to go?"

"I suppose. I cannot say no apparently. I am not allowed. I shall give them a confirmation stating that I will be bringing you with me. Excuse me." replied Severus, leaving to go get parchment.

Dominic laughed. Tonight dinner. Tomorrow, who knows? Friday, shopping with dear old mum. Saturday, well Dominic could not wait for Saturday. Life was going to get a bit more interesting.

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