Rukia POV

"Make a wish, Rukia." my friends cheered. Today is my 15th birthday. Though I may be the youngest, I'm actually the Leader of my group of misfit friends. I smiled. Three years ago, I had gone missing for a year, leaving them at home alone. Least to say, I came home just in time to save my house from burning up. I grinned. "Kia," my cousin Jenni started to say. "Don't even think about Naru-"

"-to..." We were suddenly in a forest full of trees for about fifty miles out. "Kia...what did you do? Where are we? This isn't the house we were in two seconds ago..."

I full out grinned and stretched my arms out, gesturing to the forest around us. "Girls, welcome to the Naruto-verse."

"..." I laughed at the shocked faces of the nine girls before me. "Rukia-sama, what do you mean we are in the Naruto-verse?" I turned my head to a blonde haired girl with a fringe of hair covering her left eye, only three months older than me.

"Well, we are in the Naruto-verse, Diana. Go ahead and try a jutsu, you guys." Jenni started to create hand signs and suddenly yelled, "Chidori!"

I looked over at her to see her holding a Chidori in her hands. "Impressive, Jenni. That took me two weeks to get. And that was with Kakashi's help!"

She looked at me shocked. "Is that where you were three years ago?" Sanaa, a sweet red-head asked me. I nodded my head. "Go ahead and try the tree walking exercise. You might want to practice jumping from tree to tree as well. I have a meeting in a few days and I do not want to be late for this one…" I shuddered remembering the God rant that Pein had gone off on when I was late before. Soon, they went from tree walking, to water walking, to chakra exercises, to elemental jutsus. I studied the girls from under the shade of a tree.


Related to: Sasori

Elemental: Earth


Related to: Deidara

Elemental: Earth


Related to: Konan and Pein

Elemental: Air


Related to: Kisame

Elemental: Water


Related to: Itachi

Elemental: Fire


Related to: Madara/Tobi/Obito

Elemental: Fire

"Girls," I called, getting their attention. "We're going to go meet a couple of…old friends of mine. When you meet them, their reactions will be…varied." I got up and jumped into the trees. Digging into my jeans pockets, I pulled out a ring and slipped it on. "Don't worry; you guys will get your own soon." I told them, seeing their curious looks.

I ran off towards the west with the rest of the girls right behind me. A few hours later, I noticed that the girls were starting to slow down. Looking around with my chakra, I noticed there was an old abandoned Akatsuki hideout only a few miles away. "We'll be at an old hideout in a few minutes, so just wait."

As said, only five minutes later we showed up at the hideout. Quickly opening the door, I let all the girls in and had them rest before I contacted Pein and Madara.

"Pein? Itoko*? You guys there?" I asked silently, using my ring as the communication device.

"Rukia?" I heard Pein ask me over the device. "Where are you?! You left two years ago without an explanation! The entire village was going off, curious about where you went!"

I slouched. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is itoko there?" I knew I was going to hate myself later, but I knew I had to leave for a bit.

"Right here, itoko." I smiled.

"Well then, I just wanted you guys to tell Konan to set up a few extra rooms near mine's. I have a members coming." I smirked and turned off the communicator when they started to get curious and ask a tirade of questions.

Looking over to the girls, I gently nudged them awake. "Come on, we'll be at the base in about an hour. You can go back to sleep then." Slowly, one by one, they woke up and continued our journey to Ame. When we got there, I took them into my room and pulled out a couple of futons and let the girls sleep again. Even though I was tired, I made my way to the kitchen to get some dango.

I gave a big yawn as I walked into the kitchen, shocking the other members of the Akatsuki that I was actually back. Before I could even make it to the middle of the room, I was attacked by a blonde mass. "Rukia, un!" I fell onto the floor with Deidara on top of me, not quite used to getting such hugs since I was back on Earth. Looking up at Deidara, I smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"It's nice to see you too, Dei-chan." He let me up off the floor and enveloped me in a huge hug.

"You're back, un. You're back and I'm not letting you go again."

I hugged him just as tightly. "I'm not leaving anymore. I'm staying here now. Permanently." He let me go and soon, I was being passed from one person to another in the room, getting hugs almost as tight as Deidara's. When I finally got to the last person, he hugged me gently before bonking my head. I rubbed my head where he hit me.

"You had us all worried, imouto. We thought we lost you forever…" I looked up at him.

"I'm sorry, Nii-san." I looked at him, dead serious. "If I ever leave, I will always come back. No matter what."

After I finally got my dango, I sat in Deidara's lap in between Sasori-Danna and Itachi nii-san. As I finished my second dango stick, I realized something. "Danna, Dei, Kisame." I called, getting their attention. "Do any of you remember having a younger sibling by any chance?"

They looked shocked. "Now that I think about it," Kisame started to say, "I remember having a little sister that disappeared when she was a few months old." Danna and Dei nodded.

"Same here, un." I turned in my seat to look at Dei-chan. "She was about five years younger than me. She disappeared after a few months, un."

I nodded and turned to Danna. "What about you?"

He nodded "The same here. She was born and disappeared a bit before I became a puppet."

I nodded again and grabbed a couple dango sticks before getting up. "I'll be in Leader's office for a bit." I told them at the curious looks I was getting when I moved. Not even waiting a second after I knocked on the door, I opened it and came in. Noticing Konan standing next to Nagato, I gave her a hug.

"R-Rukia?!" she stuttered.

I grinned. "The one and only!" I sat down on one of the love seats in the room just as Madara came in. I turned to him and raised my hand holding the dango. "Want some, itoko?" He quickly came over and took half of it. Pein and Konan sweatdropped as we sat next to each other, eating dango.

"What did you want, Rukia?" Pein asked me.

I turned to them with a serious face. At least as serious I could get with stuffing dango in my face. "I know where your child is." They stuttered something about not having a child or anything when I interrupted. "What kind of child has naturally bright orange hair with auburn hair that once in a while shows signs of the Rinnigan?"

"What?!" Madara yelled. I winced.

"Watch it, itoko. Still have sensitive ears you know." I muttered.

They looked at me. "Speaking of which, why haven't you released your genjustu yet?" Konan asked. I looked at my reflection in the window behind Pein's desk.

"Oh, I guess I was too busy taking care of the others." I replied, releasing the genjustu so my cat ears and tail. My ears and tail were a deep black; close to the dark purple I had dyed my hair when I came back to Earth. "That feels so much better."

"Speaking of which, is there any reason to why there is a barrier around your room, itoko?" Madara asked.

My tail twitched from side to side. "That is none of your business. You'll know what's in there in due time. Call everyone into the meeting room in about an hour or an hour and a half." I told them. "And Madara? Don't kill me later." They looked shocked. I never referred to Madara as "Madara". I always called him "itoko", so they knew I was dead serious about this. Noticing I didn't have any dango left, I asked Madara if he wanted anymore. He nodded and we headed down to the kitchen together.

I made some more dango for Itachi-nii, Madara, the girls, and I so we wouldn't get hungry later. I also made some of my special cake, since I was taking my time in the kitchen. On the way out, I grabbed some raw meat in the fridge for Zetsu. Opening the door to the living room, I gave a quick shout to everyone. "Hey! Get your fat asses in here! I made food! You too Zetsu!" In three seconds flat, everyone was in the living room. I sweatdropped. "Do you guys really miss my cooking that much?"

Itachi-nii shrugged. "It's better than most of the food we cook ourselves." I laughed at him.

"You never really could make your own food." He gave me a playful bonk on my head. I tossed Zetsu his meat and handed Tobi and Itachi-nii some dango before placing the cake on the table. "You guys are cleaning your own mess. I'm heading to my room to feed the other girls." They gave me curious looks. "I'll tell you when the girls are up. I don't like explaining more than I have to."

They nodded and I walked up to my room. Placing the plate of dango on my desk, I sent a soft jolt of chakra into the girls. "Girls, come on. Wake up." I glared at them when they started to go back to sleep. "I have food." I laughed as they immediately sat up straight, looking for food. I handed the girls food. Jenni, being part Uchiha, ate the most dango out of all the girls. I sighed, that meant I would have to buy more dango ingredients soon. "When you're done, go to the closet and grab some clothes and get changed if you want." I motioned to the closet and pointed to the restroom. "If you want to take a quick shower, go ahead, but we're meeting the others in about half an hour."

Fifteen minutes later, they were all done and wearing something they liked from my closet. Walking to the meeting room, I gave a quick once over of the girls. They really did look like their relatives. Tenshi was an almost exact copy of Konan except for her hair which she got from her father. Sanaa was just about as quiet was Sasori when he didn't want to say anything. Diana was just as loud as her brother, but was silent in shock and amazement of the base. Kirisa was just a more feminine Kisame except was more human than shark. Jenni was very smart, constantly thinking about how to make something better or whatnot.

Slamming the door to the meeting room open, I smiled. This was going to be one interesting day. As I walked over to Deidara, I leaned by Tobi and reminded him of what I told him in the office. "Remember, Madara. Try not to kill me." Dragging the girls in behind me, I dropped each girl by their respective person.

"Sanaa, meet your older brother, Sasori Akasuna." I dragged Sanaa to Danna.

I took Jenni's hand and took her to Tobi. "Tobi, this is your sister, Jenni." Jenni gaped at me.

Kisame was my next victim. "Kisame~!" I jumped on him. "This is your sister, Kirisa!" Kisame stared at me shocked.

I got off of him and took Diana's hand. I gave Dei a kiss before saying, "Dei-chan! Look, I found your sister, Diana, too!" Diana stared at me, half shocked that she had a brother, half shocked that I had kissed her brother.

"Tenshi~!" I called dragging her to the head of the table. "Meet your parents! Pein and Konan!"

I swear. After that, I was so quiet, that you could hear Orochimaru all the way in Sound.

The silence was broken when an abnormally loud albino practically screamed, "WHAT?!"

I sighed. "The silence was good while it lasted." I walked over to sit in Deidara's lap. Looking at the other girls, I noticed they were stiff and almost shaking. My eyes widened and muttered a quick, "Oh, shit." before jumping out of Deidara's lap. "Roupu o hoji suru!*" I yelled. All of a sudden, the girls were bound with rope.

"Leader!" Kirisa yelled. "That's not fair! How come you never told us that it was the Akatsuki?!" I sighed.

"Because you would've rushed your training and I didn't want to come here with a group of girls that hardly knew how to use chakra." I replied. I turned to the Akatsuki. They had wide eyes, in shock that they had almost been jumped by a couple girls. "When I let the girls go, I suggest that Hidan, Kisame, Danna, Nii-san, and Tobi run as fast as you can. You don't want to be caught."

Tenshi looked at me. "Leader, why do you have cat ears and a tail? And who's your nii-san?" I looked behind me. My tail was swinging behind me and my ears were flat because of all the yelling that had just happened.

"Itachi's my nii-san, Dei-chan is my boyfriend." I laughed at Diana's shocked face. "And as for my cat parts…let's just say, I have a personal reason to kill Orochimaru now."

Itoko: cousin

Roupu o hoji suru: holding rope