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'Amazing... To think that he fought in the prelims two days ago and started water walking yesterday with half of his chakra sealed and his control down the tubes and yet when his chakra is normal, he can't even manage to summon a baby toad... Why is it that he can't expel enough chakra at once to summon, when he can make a THOUSAND CLONES!' Thought Jiraiya as he looked away from the beautiful young woman swimming in the lake next to the clearing that naruto was training in. 'Maybe it's the fox? When kyuubi was fully sealed away, he had better chakra control. Maybe Kyuubi is messing with his control somehow.'

"Gahh! Another tadpole! What am I doing wrong?" questioned Naruto to himself, unaware that Jiraiya was in the tree behind him.

'Maybe Naruto should meet the fox? Mito once said that she would visit the fox every so often, and Kushina got to the point that she could use the foxes pure chakra...' Kushina was known as the Red Death because of her hair, and when she was ever in a pinch, she would start to radiate red chakra. Only Minato, Jiraiya and Old man Sarutobi knew that it was actually the fox and not some genjutsu or fire nature chakra. 'How did those two manage to do it I wonder? Could it be that they took the foxes power? Oh well, here goes nothing. Even if it doesn't work, i'll just teach him the trick to shadow clone training'

"Naruto, what would you say if I told you there was a way you could summon the toad boss?" asked Jiraiya as he looked down on Naruto from a tree... That he was using to peek on girls...

"I would do it! I can't let that Teme stay better than me!" shouted an excited, yet very tired Naruto. It was a fact that naruto hated Sasuke, not because of the special training he got from Kakashi, or even that fact that he was admired, but for the fact that Sasuke had everything handed to him, and never had to actually work for anything.

"Good, follow me." stated Jiraiya as he lept from the tree and started jogging towards the far end of the training area, Naruto close behind, but having to sprint to keep up with the shockingly fast older man.

After only a few minutes of running, which turned out to be about two miles, much to Naruto's shock, they arrived at a rather deep canyon.

Naruto was panting and cursing at Jiraiya for running so fast, while Jiraiya simply summoned a small grey toad. "Gamata, can you inform Sensei that me and Naruto will be training in Foster Canyon for the remainder of the month, and ask him to send the ANBU that guards Naruto?"

The toad simply nodded and proofed off to the Hokage's office, to deliver his message.

"Naruto, what did you feel when you used the Fox's chakra?" questioned Jiraiya

Naruto's eyes widened in shock "Um, well... When I saw Sasuke go down, I got really angry, but when I was trying to save Sasuke and Sakura from snake face... I felt... I don't know... It was weird, like I wasn't fighting for myself, like I was fighting for something more..."

"Naruto. We're going to the bottom of this canyon, and you're going to talk to the fox." stated Jiraiya

"Why would I? He's made my life hell! The only thing he's good for is when I get hurt, and it's usually his fault anyway!" stated Naruto loudly

"Well, would you rather switch places? That demon in your gut has probably been staring at the same thing for the last seventy years? You don't know this, but that fox has been sealed three times now, and the only time it's been out, it was immediately attacked. Put yourself in that position." stated Jiraiya as if that explained everything, though at most it raised further questions.

"What! I thought I was the only one to ever carry this stupid thing!" shouted naruto.

"Naruto... You're not the only person in the world that has a demon sealed inside of them." stated Jiraiya

"I-I'm not?" questioned naruto

"No... In fact it's so common that there's a name for them. Jinchuuriki, the power of human sacrifice, you've met one of them. Gaara of the desert is a Jinchuuriki." stated Jiraiya, a sad smile on his face.

"But he's the son of the Kazekage! Why would he have a demon sealed inside of him?" questioned Naruto

"Most Jinchuuriki are related to Kages or important people. In Kumo, The container of the eight tails is a man by the name of Killer Bee, the Raikage's brother. There is another container in Kumo, a blond woman, I don't know her name or what beast she holds... I'll be honest, the only reason I even know about her is because she caught me peeping." stated Jiraiya a stupid perverted grin on his face.

"Guessing she beat the shit out of you?" laughed naruto.

"Actually, she asked me to sign her book and not use her in any of my books." stated Jiraiya

"What? There's actually a girl out there that reads your books?" asked Naruto

"Shut up Gaki! We're getting off topic. It's your duty as a Jinchuuriki to at the very least be able to use your curse." stated Jiraiya seriously.

"I still don't want to. If its not my own power, then I don't want to have it." stated Naruto adamantly.

"Naruto, by that logic, you wouldn't use a Kunai or a sword or shuriken or a senbon." stated Jiraiya

"Huh? Why do you say that?" asked a confused Naruto

"It's simple. That demon sealed in your gut is nothing but a tool. If used wrong it can kill you, of you don't learn to use it, it can kill you and everyone around you, and it's one of the best trump cards out there." Seeing Naruto's confusion, Jiraiya slapped his forehead and elaborated "Your demon can HEAL you. If you learn to control its chakra, you could take anything but a killing blow and keep fighting. Imagine that, a hokage that can take any blow in stride and always come through in the end."

'Good lord, this kid is more stubborn than his old man AND his mother... Minato, Kushina, what do I do to make your son understand?' thought Jiraiya

"So... It's just a tool? Like a kunai or a sword?" questioned Naruto 'I could always just not use it unless I really need it...'

'Well... That was easy... I'll have to
Remember to just relate everything to him being hokage from now on...' thought Jiraiya "Yes, although a much more robust and powerful tool. And just like any weapon, you have to Learn to use it, and unlike other weapons, you have will have to EARN the right to use this tool."

"So... How do I go about doing this?" asked Naruto.

"When I first met killer Bee, he said he had a mental connection with his beast. Also, it was said that Yagura, the fourth Mizukage, had such control over his beast that he could fully transform into it." stated Jiraiya, more to himself than anything "I guess that you might be able to travel into the seal and speak to him, at the very least, you could ask him to use his chakra when ever you wanted."

"And how do I do that?" asked Naruto

"Like this!" shouted Jiraiya as he pushed Naruto over the edge of the massive canyon. Jiraiya then followed after his blond student, ready to catch him when he finally entered the seal... Or at least before he hit the ground.

Meanwhile, naruto was freaking out. "God Damn it! How the hell is this suppose to help me?" questioned Naruto as he felt a pull in the back of his mind and blacked out. He was then promptly caught by Jiraiya, and taken to the bottom of the canyon.


"Where am I? How the hell did I get in a sewer?" asked Naruto as he looked around his surroundings, seeing that one end of the sewer was bright and the other was dark, he decided to go towards the light. "I swear to god Pervy sage, if I'm dead I'm going to haunt you for the rest of your life!"

"I can help with that" came a deep booming voice from where naruto was heading "But first, I believe we have much to discuss"

Naruto walked up in front of a large gate, easily 50 feet tall. Behind the gate, two huge blood red eyes and orange ears were visible. "Are you Kyuubi?"

"No, I'm the Easter bunny... No shit I'm kyuubi! Now what is it you want? I hate talking to humans, so make it quick before I choose to eat you!"

"My sensei sent me here so that I could make a connection with you and maybe request the use of some of your chakra. But I have another reason for wanting to speak to you." stated Naruto with confidants and resolve that honestly shocked the chakra entity.

"Hahahaha, And what exactly do you want to know? Depending on the questions, I MAY let you use some of my chakra."

"Well I have a couple of questions. I guess my first is, why does my mind look like a sewer, the second is why did you attack the village the night I was born and the third, who were your other hosts and four... Outside of letting you go, what can I do to make you more comfortable while you're here?"

"... I don't know why your mind is a sewer, maybe it's because of your mindset. I was being controlled when I attacked the village, I refuse to go into any more detail than that. My first host was the man who first sealed me, Hashirama's, wife. I believe her name was Mito. The second was a woman named Kushina. Reminds me a lot of you, fiery temper, skilled, wanted to be hokage. Then there's you. Now if you truly want to make my life inside of this seal better, you could give me access to your senses, I'm tired of living closed off from the world, you could also change the size of this cage, it may seem big to you, though I can barely move in this place." stated a much calmer and even friendlier sounding Kyuubi.

"How would I do that?" Asked Naruto, his curiosity skyrocketed by the suddenly not so terrifying Kyuubi

"It's your mind kit. If I knew I would tell you, my best guess is that if you concentrate hard enough, you can move these things at your will."

Naruto closed his eyes and barely a second later, a pulse ripped through his mindscape, shredding everything in its path. Then a second pulse went through his mindscape, turning it into one giant cave with about a dozen doors on both sides and a small path in the back of the cave with a large blinking exit sign above it. Then, Kyuubi''s cage expanded in all directions, forming a large grassy valley, surrounded on all sides by mountains and of course the large gate that made up the seal.

Kyuubi was shocked, not only was it beautiful, it was also brilliant. With mountains on all sides, it didn't truly feel like he was trapped any more, the grass felt great on his paws, there was a massive tree in the back that looked like it would be great for napping under, and finally, because of the drop-off, naruto and kyuubi now stood eye to eye. That's when kyuubi felt it. He could feel everything going on around naruto, the perverted one setting up camp, a small fox was currently staring at naruto from afar, somewhere, a blond with large breast was losing a alot of money, a Snake was cutting open an orange, a scarecrow was creating a lot of lightning and a bowl cut man was somehow doing pushups with his chin.

"Wow. That was easier than I thought." stated Naruto

"You have proven yourself to me Kit. I'm going to give you a gift, but first, I must tell you of my origins."

"Kit?" questioned Naruto

"You've just done more for me than any human since the man that created me. You see, all Nine Bijuu are all originally from one being. An ever powerful beast that created the oceans and continents. It was the Juubi. It had no emotions, no thoughts, it was just a giant mass of immeasurable energy. That is until it was sealed into a single man. On the mans death bed, he released the Juubi, separated it's power from its body and used it to create the nine bijuu. Each of us have a power from the great beast. Mine is its ability to harness natural energy and convert it to my own, so I can never run out. My last container earned enough of my respect to use just under a tail of my power. You on the other hand have earned everything... I'm giving you full, unrestricted control of all of my powers. And my true name Kit, Is Kurama."

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