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Tigress Pov

A lot of people say I have a temper. Are they right? Yes, and unfortunatley it has gotten me into trouble many times. I have had to do many things as consequences. Either way latley I have been able to control it. I was in the Sacred Peach tree meditating. "Inner peace, inner peace" I whispered breathing in and out. I was finally relaxing until someone interupted me. "Tigress!" someone shouted. I opened up my left eye and saw a black panda with a goofy smile.

"What do you want Po?" I asked a little harshly trying to keep calm and relaxed. I was probably failing

"Master Shifu is requesting everybody's presence at the Jade Palace, and by everyone I mean the furious five and me" Po replied jumping around.

I groaned and got up. "What can be more important than my meditating?" I asked walking. Po started to follow.

"I don't know, Master Shifu said something about, well something important" Po said trying to find the right words.

"Great, lets just stop everything and go to Shifu as if it were not a big deal" I said sarcastically.

"Hehe, are you actually going to tell him that?" Po asked laughing a bit at my statement.

"No of course not! I think Shifu would probably make me mop the floors because of that" I said.

"Yeesh, that's a little harsh, no? I don't think Shifu would actually make us do that, would he? Because the Jade Palace is kinda big so.." Po said going on.

"Calm down Panda its not like he's making us do that now" I said as I opened the door to the Jade Palace. I already saw Viper, Crane, Monkey, and Mantis there. I stood next to them with my arms crossed with an emotionless expession on my face.

"So Shifu, why exactly did you call us here?" Po asked as he roughly shut the doors to the Palace.

"I called you all here to tell you some important news" Shifu replied plainly as if it were not important.

"Uh, we know that Master, but what is the important news?" Viper asked a little unsure of what Shifu would say next.

"Oh sorry, my apologies, anyways there will be a messenger from a Master I know of, he or she will observe my teachings and observe all of you. I want all of you on your best behavior and just try to show your best. I am not worried, I'm sure all of you will do fine. Monkey, I want no fooling around" Shifu said.

"Don't worry Master, I'm not that imature as I used to be" Monkey replied with a big grin on his face.

"Mantis, that goes for you too, and I want you to keep your dirty jokes to yourself" Master said with a stern face.

"Master, I do not recall myself ever saying dirty jokes" Mantis replied foling his arms (or whatever mantis' have).

"I hope so, Crane try to make sure Monkey and Mantis don't try anything childish or, how do I put this... anything stupid" he said.

"I got it Master, I will make sure these two don't get into any trouble" Crane replied glancing over at Monkey and Mantis. I'm pretty sure that will end bad judging by the smiles and whispering between them. I could of warned Crane but he would figure that out soon enough.

"Tigress, please control your temper while our guest is here. I know sometimes you get a little angry at small things" Shifu said.

"Master I am very aware of that, but do you really think it is necessary telling me that when I am the the leader and most behaved, aside from my temper?" I asked.

"Hmm, you are right and we shall see what happeneds, Viper all I ask you to do is calm Tigress when she is mad" he said.

I crossed my arms offendedly. Shifu does not think I can do this by myself? I am more than capable of taking care of myself. Viper does not need to watch me.

"Po, remember your manners, and a worrior always stays humble. I want you to show of your best Kung fu moves when this guest comes, got it?" Shifu asked glancing at the larger panda.

"Master when is this messenger coming?" Viper asked already getting nervous at a this mysterious guest.

"He or she will be coming somewhere this week, so I would like you all to be prepared. And just act natural, this is more of a grade, for me" Shifu said with his hands or paws behind his back.

He did say act natural. I'm pretty sure this will affect me in no way possible. Right? I hope so, I also don't want to clean the bathrooms just because of one mistake I make. I bowed respectfully at Master Shifu then left to my room. But unsurprisingly Viper followed me though.

"You know, just because Master Shifu said to calm me when I'm mad doesn't mean you have to follow me around" I said not turning to her.

"I know but I just want to see any signs of what you do when you get angry" Viper said slithering behind me.

"Well I don't like when anybody follows me!" I said as my tail started lashing back and forth.

"So your tail lashes around when you get aggitated, I'll take a note of that" Viper muttered.

"Alright, Viper do you mind if I ask you something?" I asked deeply sighing and turning to face her.

"Sure go ahead, what do you want to know?" Viper asked with her usual cheerful attutude.

"How do you manage not to get angry, or at least not get annoyed with other people?" I asked.

"Its very hard for me to stay angry, I like to forgive people" she replied smiling. I crossed my arms.

"Forgive? Why? What if they did something worth getting mad for?" I asked leaning on my door.

"They say anybody who hold grudges, die faster. Besides, next time you get mad just think, is this worth getting mad? If anybody makes you angry just say they are not worth your time" Viper said.

"That's true, I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I should practice, after all this does seem important to Master Shifu" I said.

"Oh good, maybe we can try on Po! Did you also hear what Shifu asked you to do?" Viper asked.

"Huh? Shifu only told me to do one thing, what else did he say I do?" I asked unfolding my arms.

"Well you sort of have to, well when the guest comes Shifu ordered you to give him/ her a tour of the palace" Viper replied.

"What? Me out of the six? Why would he do that? He already knows I have problems with my anger! Is he trying to make it worse?" I asked not stopping.

"Tigress.." Viper said giving me a look. I caught the sign stopped talking and stood still and faced Viper again.

"You're right Viper, that is not worth for me to get mad" I replied breathing in and out "Where's Po? I want to practice, and for good measures this night I'll set up dominos" I said.

"Good, now I think I saw Po in the kitchen, how about Monkey and Mantis watch you, I need to tidy up the Jade Palace" Viper said.

"Okay then, I'll see you later," I said walking into the kichen I saw Crane in the corner, Monkey eating his cookies, Po eating dumings, and Mantis on the table.

"Are you guys busy? Good you're not, how about all of you help me with my anger issue so I won't make Shifu look bad?" I asked.

"Okay, I guess. How 'bout it? You guys want to help Tigress?" Po asked stuffing his mouth.

"Yeah, lets just see who's face will be punched" Mantis said chuckling.

"I will not punch anybody!" I said offendedly.

"So who are you practicing on?" Monkey asked coming over by the door.

I grinned. "I am practicing on Po" I said glancing at everyone.

"Your evil smile says I'm not going to like this" Po said frowing.

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