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Blake moved to England to go live with her brother Trevor, and when she went out to sketch Big Ben she met a dashing man with a bow-tie. After being cornered by some Nardiffians the Doctor saves her and brings her home. But being agnsty by the death of the Ponds the Doctor yells at her and leaves. But he returns when she gets caught in a transmat, the Doctor gets caught to and they both get transported to a multicolored world. There they run into River Song, who is being a boss per usual.


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River Song was having a good day. Probably the best she'd had in a long time. She'd escaped prison. Again. And by the time she left, half the guards were unconscious and the remaining men were either hallucinating, extremely confused, or cursing the day she was ever emitted into the prison in the first place.

After hopping around a bit with her vortex manipulator, she managed to find a beautiful planet with people begging for her urgent assistance. The expedition they had in mind was rather intriguing and the warrior pre-battle feast was certainly delicious, but that wasn't what made her day so wonderful.

It was the Doctor.

He'd stumbled into her life again; bow tie and all, and that brought her life just another glint of joy. These were the days she lived for. But it wasn't just that. He had someone with him. And it wasn't her mother.

She could tell from the smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, and the averting gaze, that the Doctor was post-Manhattan. And the fact he had someone with him was a good sign. Maybe she was his new companion? Now that would be something!

She examined the girl from afar. River had seen her marveling at the sites earlier and she seemed rather curious, a good trait for a companion. As she watched the two she could see the chemistry between them, and it almost reminded her of the way the Doctor and her mother, Amy, had acted together. When she'd approached them she was almost convinced this girl was his companion. The way he stood in front of the girl to protect her and the way she tried to annoy him practically gave it away.

But she felt a tinge of sadness when the girl hadn't known whom River was. Had the Doctor not mentioned her at all? Maybe they had just started traveling and he hadn't got around to it yet. But she couldn't help wonder that maybe he hadn't told her because maybe they were together, together? Sure River wouldn't always be around forever but the thought still hurt. But when she glanced at the Doctor all those terrible thoughts were shoved aside. When he looked at his companion there was love there. Maybe he didn't know yet but it was there. But the affection forming behind his eyes wasn't romantic. It was something else that River couldn't quite place. She turned back to the girl.

She smiled, "Simple darling, I'm the Doctor's wife." The look the girl gave her was priceless. Pure astonishment. "And I'm guessing you're the new girl, the Doctor's newest companion? Tell my, how are you liking all of time and space?" River continued with a seductive grin.

The Doctor and the girl's eyes widened.

"She's/I'm not the my/his companion." They spoke in unison. They avoided each other's gaze as the Doctor tried to explain.

"I just saved her once from some Nardiffians. Nothing more. Blake was heading home when she got stuck in a transport. It brought us both here." He said glint of determination and slight guilt in his eyes. The girl, Blake, looked down at her feet upset. Something had happened between these two, River could tell. The Doctor needed a companion and they looked like they could be good together. River decided she would help. She had to get these two to sort out their problems.

"So no TARDIS then I'm afraid." She half stated half asked the Doctor. He nodded, but then looked up at her questionably.

"What are you doing here River?"

"Well that will take sometime to explain." She stated offhandedly. She turned to one of the warriors in her company. "Midnight is approaching, shall we make camp near the edge of the plains?" River watched the warrior look off into the distance. They were all standing near the cliff on one edge of a huge expansive plain. Towards the adjacent edge was a large ominous forest. The forest was the next step in their journey, and he regarded it quietly.

"If you think it best, shaka." He replied respectively. River smiled at his consent.

"Doctor would you join us to our campsite? We can have a nice long chat." She said with a grin. The Doctor looked back at his friend before nodding. "Rutan, call two Gallins for the Doctor and Blake." River instructed. Rutan nodded in respect before pulling out a small reed-like flute.

"So." Said the girl suddenly. "Are those… steads of yours called Gallins?"

"Yes Darling, and their riders are a people called the Marlobines." River said with a smile.

"Marlobines!" Cried the Doctor startling them all. "From the planet Marton! Fantastic! I told you I'd figure it out!" He said quite proud of himself. Blake rolled her eyes before playfully punching him in the shoulder.

"Not with out your wife's help you moron." She said jokingly. Blake turned to River. "Nice to meet you Mrs. River Doctor!" She smiled.

"Actually it's River Song." River said slowly looking at the girl questionably. What was she smiling about?

"Not this again." Moaned the Doctor. "Don't worry River, Blake just thinks it's funny to make fun of peoples names. She's convinced my name is…"

"Just. The. Doctor!" Finished Blake happily. "First name Just, middle name The, last name Doctor!"

Before the Doctor could argue, Rutan blew his reed flute again and two bareback Gallins burst through the trees. The galloped strong and majestically up to the group, their powerful legs pumping. River watched as Blake's eyes widened in awe and anticipation. When the Gallins approached the group the man known as Rutan and another man jumped down to greet the beasts. River continued to watch the girl as she walked up behind the men and watched the beasts. She appreciated the beauty of the planet, another good sign.

The men bowed to the steads, "We are grateful and honored by your services," they said. Then Rutan and the other man placed saddles on the Gallins and offered them to the Doctor and Blake. River got off her saddle and walked over to the young girl. Blake was still staring up at her Gallin.

"It's tradition that when riding a Gallin for the first time you must honor them and ask permission to ride." River informed her. The Doctor's Wife was testing the girl. River wanted to see what kind of person was potentially going to be traveling with her husband. Only the best traveled with the Doctor.

Blake glanced at River with a smirk and slowly walked over to the Gallin. "Um… well…" She paused for a moment before thinking. "Oh! I'm grateful and," she bowed, "Honored by your services." She straitened up and looked back at River. River gave her a look that said, Well? Go on! The girl looked back at the Gallin. "Well… um would you be so kind as to um… Maybe be my um… Stead?" The Gallin snorted. "No um… friend! We could be friends if you like!" The Gallin looked at her curiously, and Blake sighed. "Will you please just help me get across this plain?" The Gallin gazed at her for a moment and turned to its side as if offering her its saddle. Blake grinned back at River who was smiling.

Rutan walked up to them and tried lifting Blake up onto her stead. But Blake struggled, "No hey I can do it myself!" Rutan sighed before dropping the girl, a little roughly to the floor. "Humph!" Blake grunted before attempting to climb the giant stead.

Spunk, another good trait thought River. Soon they were all aboard their steads and ready to ride. "Well?" called Blake, "What are we waiting for? Vamanos!"

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