Gakuen Hetalia: Welcome to the World Academy!

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Summary : In our huge and vast world there lays a small southeast nation isolated from the others, though she isn't known or acknowledged by most of the other countries yet, an opportunity opened up giving her the chance to show the world exactly what that small Filipina is made of. Join this little nation through life's ups and downs as she struggles to fit in the madness filled World Academy.

"Who are you?"

"Who am I?" she raised a brow at the question then beamed her usual bright smile "I'm The Republic of The Philippines! The one and only!"

Chapter 1: A Little Incident

Right after the class Advisor announced that he had to go for a teacher's meeting, excitement filled the room. Finally they could talk with their friends and meet new ones. However the most excited one was Maria who was smiling from ear to ear. Her smile didn't falter even after Sr. Buvelle, their class advisor, left the room. Maria turned to her right and told Antonio that she would just check if she knew anyone in the room besides him. Antonio seemed to pout slightly, a bit disappointed that he couldn't spend the whole period with her, but Maria didn't notice Antonio's disappointment so he quickly smiled and told her in a very cheerful tone

"That's a great idea!" Antonio seemed to think for a while before continuing "I think I'll try to do the same!" He paused, thinking of a way on how to drag the conversation on before finally giving up and saying "Well, see ya later." Truthfully Antonio didn't feel like doing so but if he didn't do so Maria would just keep asking if he was sure.

"Ok" She gave him a questioning look "If you say so, if you got nothing to do just call me." Maria continued before Antonio left to look for some of his friends. Maria involuntary sighed once Antonio was out of ear shot, honestly she was still a bit tense around him, well of course, anyone would be after being taken over for more than three hundred years, though it did surprise her when one day he just talked to her like they were long lost friends she still didn't completely trust him, yet she still hangs out with him anyways.

Maria looked around the room to spot anyone who looked familiar. Later on Maria spotted a girly-looking boy who was seated two seats to her right, beside the window, seemingly hugging and praising a Hello Kitty doll for it's cuteness. The girly boy had brown eyes and excessively long black hair which was tied in a low pony tail. He replaced the school blazer with a chestnut colored sweater with the school logo on the left side of chest, the sweater had long, loose sleeves that exceeded the length of his fair arms. Maria smiled to herself for she quickly recognized the man and walked towards the guy.

"MARIA DA-ZE!" However before she could even get a few inches away from her current spot she was tackled by something, or more specifically someone. Maria hit the ground hard, she was too dizzy to notice that the Korean was currently on top of her, making it look like Yong Soo pinned Maria to the ground, if their classmates had not known better they might have thought of a handful of rumors that were no where near innocent, and when she realized what had happened her face turned red and she shouted in a loud angry voice


After a few seconds of lecturing Yong Soo about his actions, which was mostly consisted of Maria chasing him and trying to land a punch at his face while screaming a few Tagalog profanities that no one understood, Im Yong Soo finally apologized for his actions. The personification of South Korea was childish, a trait they all seemed to have to varying degrees. He just like the girly boy also replaced the blazer for the long-sleeved sweater but unlike the girly guy he wore a headset which was dangling on his neck currently.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room sat a less than pleased Antonio. The sound of someone hitting the floor caught the whole classrooms attention and what he saw wasn't what he'd like to call a pleasant view.

"Oi! Tomato Bastard! What in God's name are you pouting for!" Growled an Italian guy with hazel eyes, dark brown hair and a single curl going to his right who was obviously not in a great mood. Antonio liked to refer to the Italian as his tomato for his tendency to blush as red as Antonio's precious tomatoes. The Italian goes by the name Romano Vargas, the representation of South Italy. Antonio saw Lovino at a corner of the room talking to a random female classmate so Antonio had gone and told the girl that he needed the italian for some urgent business, but actually he just wanted someone to accompany him. "You dragged me all the way here, telling me its urgent and what do you do you stare off into God knows where and leave me talking to myself like an idiot! For God's sake! You weren't even listening to me while I was talking!" When the Italian noticed that Antonio really wasn't even paying any attention to what he was saying, he looked at the direction where the Spaniard was pouting at. All he saw was this short tanned girl and a noisy guy chatting happily as they walked to God knows where. Lovino tried to connect the dots and only came up with one solution. He looked at Antonio then at the couple the back at Antonio. " Are... you jealous?!" Lovino uncertainly accused as he pointed an accusing finger at Antonio.

The question caught Antonio off guard and startled him. "W-wha-?"

Lovi didn't let Antonio finish what he was going to say, disbelief all over his face. Lovino had seen that look at Antonio's face once, just once, it was when he fondly talked about a south east asian colony he had a long time ago, he had a sort of bitter yet fond look at his face back then and it was the exact same look that he had before he accused him of being jealous. "But I thought you were gay! You've been cooing at me and my fratello since we were young!"

A single drop of sweat rolled down Antonio's forehead as the Italian ranted off "I-it's not like that..."

"By the way, where were you heading to a while ago da-ze?" Yong Soo asked as the two if them walked to Maria's seat.

When they finally reached Maria's seat, Maria sat down her chair while Yong Soo sat down a table near her chair. "Well I saw kuya Yao a while ago and I was supposed to go to him, until you came ."

"Then let's both go to Oppa!" Yong Soo yanked the girl away from her seat making her lose her balance. The first thing she did was grab anything that she could hold onto to regain her footing, luckily Yong Soo was still holding her wrist so he pulled Maria towards him making her land on his chest. Afterwards she quickly pushed herself off of him and cleared her throat.

"Yong Soo, give me a warning next time!" Maria complained while Yong Soo laughed sheepishly. Afterwards he clasped his hands together and bowed down.

"Sorry, Maria da-ze." In reply Maria mumbled something that Yong couldn't hear and purposely gave out an exaggerated sigh.

"I don't know what to do with you." Why are we best friends again?Maria asked herself but gave no answer to her question and simply shook the thought off her head.

"Does that mean you forgive me?" Yong Soo shamelessly asked as he straightened his back to look at the Filipina in the eyes.

Maria looked sternly at the Korean, purposely making him feel uncomfortable under her gaze before smiling at him. "Do I have a choice." Maria's answer wasn't a question but simply a true statement, well at least it was for them, because no matter what the Korean does, she'd always forgive him, whether it was simple things like what happened a while ago or things that took weeks before they'd talk. All they had to do was to say sorry and the other would forgive and forget about the mistake. That's how it has always been and they intended to keep it like that.

Yong Soo hugged Maria as tight as he could as he told her "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist me! You're the best!" Maria giggled a bit at her best friend's actions as she returned his hug.

Once they parted Maria grabbed the Korean's hands, "C'mon we better get going, we don't have all day you know." and then dragged him towards their Chinese friend.

The Chinese man's attention was also grabbed by the sound of someone hitting the floor and when he saw what happened he started contemplating whether to go to the pair to berate Yong because of his actions, or to simply wait for them to come to him, knowing Maria she had probably already noticed him and was planning to go to him till Yong Soo came but before he could decide the loud voice of the flustered Filipina broke his train of thoughts. He watched the chase go on and finally made up his mind that he'd prefer being out of the Filipina's punching range, and with that decide he just gone back to his own business.

A minute or so later he saw the pair walking towards him.

"Yo, China oppa!" The Korean greeted their Chinese friend as he waved a hand in greeting.

"Hi kuya Yao." Maria greeted him as well and she sat down a seat near the representation of China.

"Ni hao Philippines, Korea" the Chinese, Wang Yao, nodded in acknowledgement as he greeted the pair.

"Geez kuya! Just call us by our names~" Maria and Yao had known each other since Maria was practically a toddler so they were pretty close.

The three talked about anything that came to mind and they had a pretty good time. the bell rang, indicating that it was the end of the first period, the three had already agreed to eat snacks at break and lunch together with some of their friends before parting ways towards their respective seats.

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