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Kate had been putting the finishing touches on Princeton's final essay while she graded papers for her kindergarten class when the call came. She dropped everything she was doing and raced over to the hospital.

"Where is he!" She screamed. "WHERE IS HE!"

A nearby doctor carefully approached the frantic monster woman with a syringe.

"DON'T DRUG ME! I NEED TO SEE MY HUSBAND!" Kate yelled at him as he ran frantically away. Eventually, she got to the correct door, one that read Princeton in bold dark letters.

"KATHERINE STEPHANIE MONSTER!" A voice yelled at her. Kate turned quickly to find Trekkie, along with the rest of Avenue Q standing there, hoping she was alright.

Kate, while trying to hold back her years, took a few deep breaths before she couldn't hold them back anymore. She started to sob uncontrollably on the floor.

"He's...he's awake!" She said as she cried. Christmas Eve moved into a hug, motherly stroking her back. Behind her, nobody said a word, not actually knowing how to react to such good but told to them so sadly. Well, until Nicky broke the silence.

"That's great!" He cheered ecstatically. Kate stopped crying long enough to stare at him.

"ARE YOU CRAZY! My husband finally wakes up, but he has amnesia. He won't know who I am, and he can't!"

"Well why not?"

"Because of the plan! Because of his condition! Listen to this!" Kate yells, picking up he clipboard on the door.


Diagnosed with amnesia

Treatment-painkillers for first few weeks awake, then he's good to go


Additional notes- first few visits from family and friends would not be remembered due to amnesia and painkillers. Once out of the hospital, it's unknown whether or not he will actually make a full recovery. It can be assumed that with the help of his loved ones, he would remember what his old life used to be. However, he probably wouldn't remember his time with amnesia."

"Wow, that seems fairly specific for a clipboard analysis." Gary said.

"So why can't we see him?" Brian asked, still confused.

"Stop being idiot, Blian!" Christmas Eve shouted at him. "If we show up in there, the whore pran goes up in smoke!"

"But he won't remember us! Shouldn't Kate get the chance to see him awake?" Rod added.

"No." Kate said simply, still sniffling, but no longer crying badly. "If I see him now, awake and everything, then all of our hard work is for nothing because I wouldn't be able to go through with it." She took a deep breath. "Trekkie, will you please take me home?"

"But Kate-"


Trekkie sighed, "Okay sister. Home it is." And the pair left, along with most of the neighborhood. All except Nicky, who walked into Princeton's room.

"Hey Princeton, how ya doin?" He asked.

"Hi Mr. Candy man. Can I have a lollipop?" Princeton asked, obviously loopy from the painkillers.

"Nope. I'm just here to drop something off for you." Nicky said, debating now if it was worth it before placing a cellphone behind the hospital night table.

"One question." Princeton said, and Nicky nodded. "Who am I?"

"Your name is Princeton."

"What am I?"

"You're a twenty two college student."

"Am I a good student?"

"Well, you are graduating soon."

"I am?" Princeton asked, surprised, loopy, and sleepy, "How the hell did I do that?"

Nicky gave his best friend a small smile.

"Having your friends do all the work while you laid around all day." He said honestly, "goodnight, man."

"Night candy man." Princeton said, closing his eyes as Nicky turned off the light and left.

Moments later, a song started playing through the room.

"Doo doo doo, bah da bah!

Doo doo doo, bah da bah!


Princeton, now in a deep sleep, didn't notice what was going on.

"The sun is shining its a lovely day,

The perfect moment for kids to play.

But you've got lots of bills to pay.

What do you do?"

In his head, Princeton imagined a sun, wanting to go out and play, but being forced to do work all the time.

"You work real hard, but the pay's real low.

And every hour goes oh so slow.

And at the end of the day,

There's nowhere to go."

Princeton was starting to frown, the sun seemed so unhappy. Why was this a happy tune? He soon found out why.

"But home to AVENUE Q!


Your friends do too.

Yoooooou are TWENTY-TWO!

And you live on AVENUE Q!

You live on AVENUE Q!

You live on AVENUE Q!"

The words "Avenue Q" flashed across Princeton's brain, along with dreams of diplomas, and his new life.

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