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Period four had dragged so slowly that Nick thought it would never end. It was only a 50 minute lesson, but each second seemed like an hour. Finally when that beautiful sound of the bell going off rang round the school, he jumped out of his chair so eagerly that his chair fell to the ground, and a sea of bewildered and amused faces were trained on him. It's not like he acted like the excited and purposeful type on a normal day, people knew there was something up.

Janey noticed this, and had to know. She corrected her blonde poker straight her, placing some in front of her shoulders, and checked her block fringe…she was good to go. She barged forward as elegantly as she could, and put a perfectly manicured hand on Nick's shoulder, mildly restraining him from moving on ahead.

"Hey Nickles, what you off to in a hurry?". She couldn't help but notice that he had the expression of someone clearly not interested in whatever she had to said, and looked desperate with a look that conveyed 'hurry up'. Surely he wouldn't genuinely be brushing her off?

"Erm, Janey…hey. Got some important business to attend to. Got some things to do and, people to see, and…I've got detention?". How typical of Nick. This school didn't generally do lunchtime detentions, they usually saved them for after school, but this was Nick, is was probably his asshole calculus teacher Ms Corby. She was such a bitch. Janey was in his class too, but didn't exactly pay attention to what was going on, unless Brit was talking about her new haircut, or a new move to try in cheerleading practise.

"Oh my god Nick, another one? Save your doodles for me! Bye, MWAH!"

Had Janey seriously just MWAHed him?! And why would she want his doodles? She was such an odd, and over-keen one, Nick thought. He wasn't sure why he was her type, but since Jess had arrived Janey had really upped the physical attention, like always sitting on his desk playing with his hair, and complementing his shirt, whilst fixing the collar. He was beyond uncomfortable with it, which was weird since every male in this school wanted her, except him. He might have done a couple of weeks ago, but now his attention was diverted.

He had 2 minutes to get to Room 307. It's not like it was far away, but through the throngs of kids excitedly pushing by to get to the canteen, it wasn't particularly easy.

It wasn't difficult to see her, though. Most kids wore denim and a simple shirt or T-shirt to school, but through all the dull colours, he saw Jess, in a plain white tee, but a bright orange skirt with white stars all over it, and stripes around the trim at the bottom. She looked gorgeous. She had glasses on today, which weren't an everyday feature, but looked so cute when she did have them…did he, Nick Miller, just think something was CUTE?! She was turning him into a softie, even if it is about a girl.

"Hey Jess, how ya doin'? Really glad you wanted to have this…conversation. Where we going? It's not exactly the best place for-" She couldn't really hear him much, so needed to get out of here as soon as possible. She had a small case of claustrophobia, and this was a big school, with a LOT of eager students desperate to get to their friends and food.

"Outside? On the hill? It's really nice out there, and we can talk all lunch through, unless you need to get some food first, I can't remember my way to-"

"DETENTION?! Really?!" Oh dear, Nick had been caught out. He looked so relaxed now talking to Jess, in comparison to earlier when he was trying to get out of Janey's claws, and now Janey was stood here, witnessing this. "Erm, Jess has detention with me, we're going together."

"A goody girl like her? Bullshit, Miller! Why are you wasting your thoughts on this weirdo with a tacky skirt, geek glasses in an unironic way, and hair that has clearly not seen straighteners yet this week? She's gross, Nick! You could do so much better!" She looked Jess up an down with a displeased look on her face and Nick heard Jess give out a small giggle. "What are you laughing at, dork? How about you leave me and Nick alone, ok? Go on, off you run...or skip, or whatever it is you freaks do."

Nick stayed silent, he couldn't stand the way this cheerleading bitch was speaking to Jess, but was scared of what she'd do to Jess if he didn't walk away with Janey. Jess was giving him an expectant look, waiting for him to defend her. Now was the time…but he couldn't muster enough courage to do it, with Janey looking at him like that. "Erm…erm…erm…I err…need to…erm". Nick vaguely heard Janey telling Jess to go away again, but he couldn't register the actual words, he needed to be a man and tell Janey to leave Jess alone. Now. Or Jess really would never speak to him again, he'd already blown enough chances. Plus, what kind of man is not brave enough for this? A crap one, that's who.

"Janey, I don't have detention. Jess DEFINITELY doesn't. You should though. Who are you to tell me who I should and shouldn't be friends with, god. See ya around Janey, c'mon Jess.". She was on the brink of crying, and he'd saved her with seconds to spare, he felt like a first prize ass for not jumping in sooner. He noticed a sound to his left where Jess was standing, and realised he needed to snap back to reality.

"Nick? Niiiiick? NICK?! Hey, why did you do that? Why did you stick with me instead of walking away with her?"

She seriously didn't know the answer? "Jess, you're unique, to some that's bad but to me that's really, really good. You're way more interesting, and I've already screwed up with you a bunch of times and I'd really like us to be…friends, Jess. Friends. Let's go talk now, cool?" She blushed, and adorable. He'd definitely lingered over the word 'friends' too long and hoped she hadn't noticed it, or she'd start to put pieces together and know he liked her. REALLY liked her.

They walked along, and true to form, Jess nearly dropped the folder of stuff she'd just clearly taken out of her locker for double art later. He'd have to remember to keep at least half a metre away on Mondays when he had that thing, because when she nearly dropped it, her stuff went flying all over the floor in fornt of them. Luckily, they hadn't gotten outside yet, and most of the lunch crowd had dispersed away, but it was still a nightmare. Although, he couldn't help but notice all the work she'd done in a week. It was stunning, and not surprisingly, so colourful. He helped pick the sheets up with her, and put them back in the folder. They both reached for the folder at the same time, and her left hand nudged his right for a second. It was a strange few seconds, because neither of them moved, but both were terrified to look up to the others face, they just…hovered there, still. He felt her retreat away, and stumble over her words, maybe she felt a bit of something there too, but was most likely just saying something awkward to get away from that moment as soon as possible.

Everything was back in the folder, and Nick passed it back to her once they were stood up again. He held eye contact on her for a second, trying to decide what to say. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Cece came over with her boyfriend Kyle, and her other friends Sadie, Amelia and a guy called Scott. She was asking Jess if she was coming down for lunch, when Cece turned towards him once Jess had confirmed and asked if he was joining them. Nick usually sat with Janey, her minions and the usual bunch of guys, but today he didn't think he'd be exactly welcome. Plus, this could be a way in to properly get to know Jess.

"Why not?", he replied to Cece, who smiled back. As the group started to walk towards the cafeteria, Jess and Cece a little further ahead than the rest, Nick noticed a huge patch of bright green, pink and a deep purple smudge on the side of Jess' previously pristine white shirt, which must have come from some chalk on one of her sheets of artwork, all he could think was that this was adorable, rather than finding it piss-takeable. She was just Jess, all quirks included.