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A week had gone again in a blur, Jess felt like she'd been here months, but it was two short weeks. She'd already had sleepovers at Cece's, with Sadie there too. She'd been so relieved that she'd made close friends already, she needed to keep it up. The girls all loved watching crappy old teen dramas like Dawsons Creek and The OC, and much preferred both to the stuff on TV now. Cece was fond of Seth Cohen, in a really embarrassed way, Jess liked Ryan's manliness, and Sadie…well, Sadie liked Marissa. She'd been 'out' for just over a year, and her parents were satill convinced it was just a phase or something, but Cece did impressions of Sadie's mom saying sucvh things that made Sadie crease up every time.

She'd sat with them everyday for lunch, plus Cece's boyfriend Kyle, Sadie's childhood bestie Scott, and this week Nick had joined them. Cece said it was strange having TWO new people in their friendship group, but it was good nonetheless. Nick was actually funnier than anyone thought, maybe he'd been suppressed of what he should or shouldn't say at the 'popular table' with the douchebags only ever talking about touchdowns and pom poms. He did amazing impressions, like Bill Cosby, Tom Waits and Daffy Duck; it made Jess realise he wasn't as cool as he pretended to be, but that was such a great thing. She liked losers, they were way more interesting! Cece always tried not to laugh, but she couldn't help but smirk.

She'd sit next to him always, and try not to stare at him too much. His hair was so scruffy, she was itching to touch it and smooth it out, but then he wouldn't look like himself anymore, if he gave a damn about styling it. She'd look forward to lunchtime intensely, all the time, as it was her chance to be that bit closer to him. She'd blush when he spoke to her, and faced her; in that proximity, being face-to-face was unbearable in the most delightful way. In her head, Jess would dare herself to hold the gaze a little longer, but then freaked out after 3 seconds and would go bright red and stumble her words, or just look at the ceiling whilst finishing her sentence…which made her look like a freak. She just wished their time together would last a little longer.

On Friday, he'd sat next to her in homeroom, a surprise somewhat. She couldn't hide her smile at that moment, and he definitely noticed it too, because he was grinning like she'd never seen before. They were officially good friends that hung out, even if it was just homeroom. They chatted feverishly and laughed at what the other one was saying, and ignored everyone else in the room. That was until the Queen Bee walked over. Jess detested Janey, she didn't know what history Nick had with her. Whether they were a couple, or if they'd simply dated for a couple of weeks, if he'd ever loved her, or if they'd just had sex one time. Jess' stomach lurched at the last thought…she hoped Nick hadn't with her, Jess still hadn't with anyone, and the thought of Nick sleeping around made her queasy, even though she had no right to feel like this; he had just turned 17, so the likelihood that he had slept with someone was quite high, being a popular guy who was legal to. Jess was still 16, and she's never felt that strongly about someone yet.

"Nick, I see you've momentarily sympathised with the freak all week, you coming back over here yet? You've already done her the favour of trying to get her popular, not working, hon. C'mon, I need you Nickels!". She gave him a perfect smile and a wink…Jess wanted to punch her, badly, yet she'd never been a violent person. She felt the rage build inside of her, clearly Nick was in a conversation already, why would he move? Surely he wouldn't? He looked nervous and not really sure what to say. Fuck it, he'd stood up for her the other day, and said his piece. She knew there may be implications to this, but she needed to say it.

"Janey, he's comfortable here, thanks. Oh, and I'm not a 'freak' as you put it, I'm just happy being a strong independent woman, who doesn't let others dictate what I wear, or who I hang out with, so just…back off…ok?" She was holding the urge back to not start singing Independent Women by Destiny's Child, because her 'I'm not a freak' defence surely wouldn't hold up then, but instead held a triumphant face…even if she was nearly breaking inside, her legs felt like jelly, and she thought she may puke. That really would be gross, especially in front of Nick.

As much as Jess may hope there wouldn't be a reply, there inevitably had to be. Jess had made her look like an idiot, people in the room were trying not to laugh, this time at Janey's expense. With all the rejecting of her Nick had done in the week, her credibility was starting to drop in a few peoples eyes, but not many knew about it…this was in front of the entire room.

"Who the HELL do you think you are? You aren't a woman yet, honey, you're the most obvious virgin I've ever seen!". How do you embarrass someone who just verbally murdered you in front of an entire class? Mention their sex life, or lack thereof. Jess kept telling herself to breathe, and then it occurred to her, so what if she hadn't had sex? She wasn't a slut! By the time she realised she'd said this out loud instead of in her head, Janey's right hand was already ricocheting off Jess' left cheek. OUCH. She couldn't think of anything, except the feeling that Nick was gently pulling Jess behind him, and taking Janey's slaps himself. Brit, Janey's best friend convinced her to stop, to be honest she was starting to look crazy to everyone, and drama like this wouldn't stay in the classroom, most of the 11th grade had probably heard about this by now via text, or facebook.

The day flew by after that, even though it was spent constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure the crazy lady wasn't chasing her about to kill her with a stapler for 'stealing her man'…not that Jess had stolen Nick, he was just her friend, and she had no idea how to make the move to make it more than that; mostly because of her total shyness, but also, if he stumbles his words whenever Janey was around and didn't know how to defend her straight away, would it work really? Maybe she should test the water, see what he was like as a friend first. But it would be so difficult to ignore him in a non-sexual way, she felt a stirring in her being whenever she saw him. That wasn't normal for friends…was it?