Unfortunately, it looks like this isn't getting the response that I had hoped. I'm removing the contest, effective immediately. The way things are going, the timeframe is just going to be too large. If you want to write a story for the challenge, please PM me.

First things first. I will be including a directory of any story that is created in respone to this, with seperate sections when convenient. These will include seperate directories for yaoi, yuri, and true crossovers.

FIRST RULE: NO YAOI. I don't have a problem with yaoi writers, and I don't really have a problem with yaoi stories. I just don't want to read them. If you want to write a yaoi story for this challenge, please let me know that it is or will be yaoi when you notify me, so I can put it in a seperate directory for those who want to read it.

SECOND RULE: NO EXCESSIVE BASHING. The limits on this will be decided by me, and I'll try to be lenient, but be warned: any story that I feel goes over the line on this will be moved to seperate directory. I will try to send a warning if I feel someone is toeing the line.

THIRD RULE: STAY IN UNIVERSE. I have posted this story in the Harry Potter section, so please try to remain, primarily, a Harry Potter story. This means that any character from Naruto cannot become a permanent fixture. At most I'll allow a ghostly mentor or some equivalent. This also means that you can't start bringing in characters from other works, as well.

FOURTH RULE: LIMIT OC'S. No OC's are best, but it's your story, of course. As with rule two, what qualifies as too much falls under my discretion.

PAIRINGS. These are up to your discretion.

HOUSES. Like with pairings, this is your choice. If you feel that your story would be better served by having Harry (or someone else) in a different house, go for it.

PROLOGUE. If you want to copy and paste the one shot that I posted to the begining of your story, feel free, especially if you think you might have trouble finding a way to actually give Harry the cheat-code eyeballs.

NOTIFICATION. If you write a story for this, please inform me with a PM, so I can put it in the directory.

SUGGESTIONS. What follows will be a series of suggestions that may be included or excluded at the writer's discretion.

TIME SKIP. At some point, a time skip is included that allows Harry to train with his sharingan.

JUTSU. While researching the sharingan, Harry comes across more mentions of ancient Japanese magic, and decides to study it in depth.

MENTOR. Harry comes across a ghost or similar of an Uchiha (Madara, Itachi, Sasuke, Obito), that trains him in use of the sharingan. Easily mixed with the previous suggestions.

OTHER BLOODLINE SCROLLS/BLOODLINES. At some point in the story, some of Harry's friends gain acess to other lost bloodlines. Be careful not to extend this one into overkill.