Great Mystery Revealed

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T for Romance and Violence

Pairings: Pokeshipping, Brock x Cynthia(Later on)

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Never have and never will. I only own this story and Jeff and Jamiya(when they appear). I do not own Cynthia Ketchum, she is owned by uncutetomboy.

Chapter Six: Cerulean City Combat

Character Ages: Ash, Cynthia, and Misty: Age 17, Brock: Age 22, Daisy: 22, Violet: 21, Lily: 20.

Last time on Great Mystery Revealed...

Ash found out that he had a Twin Sister. It was emotional and wonderful at the same time. Cynthia is Ash's Twin Sister that is owned by a friend of mine uncutetomboy. I hope uncutetomboy will enjoy this chapter.

Three Months after Brock's Training...

Brock was now a full-fledged Team Rocket Member. Him and Cynthia were paired up. They go along with Ash and Misty on their missions. As this story goes on, you will see Brock and Cynthia's relationship grow. They are just partners and friends now. They help Ash and Misty out on their missions. Ash and Company hope to turn Team Rocket around someday. Right now, they must do what Giovanni says. They are now continuing their quest to turn the organization around. Also steal some rare and valuable Pokemon along the way.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully and Ash and company went to their quarters to prepare for their next mission.

The Next Morning...

Ash and Misty were the first ones to wake up. They showered, shaved, fixed some Breakfast and ate it. They also fixed breakfast for Brock and Cynthia.

Once Brock and Cynthia ate breakfast, they were ready for their mission.

"So we are off to Cerulean City then right?" Cynthia asked.

"That is where we are off to." Misty said.

"Do you have any flying Pokemon?" Ash asked his twin sister.

"Unfortunately I don't. Do you think you could let me borrow one of yours?" Cynthia asked.

"I think Charizard can carry all four of us." Ash said as her released said Pokemon.

Charizard emerged with a roar.

"Charizard do you think you can carry all four of us to Cerulean City?" Ash asked.

"Chaos, it will be easier if you get inside of your Pokeball." Cynthia said. "Would you do that for me?"

Chaos nodded as Cynthia pulled out her Pokeball and recalled him.

Charizard considered Ash's question and nodded.

With that the four Team Rocket members boarded Charizard and were off to Cerulean City.

In a matter of one and a half hours, they arrived at Cerulean City.

Cerulean City...

Charizard was recalled and the four Team Rocket members headed off to do some shopping. Once the shopping was done, they disguised themselves as trainers wanting to challenge the Cerulean Sisters to a gym battle.

"Hello?" Ash asked as he and his Teammates entered the gym in their disguises. "Could we have a battle with the Gym Leaders please.

Daisy, Violet, and Lily emerged.

"We are like the Gym Leaders and we accept your challenges." Daisy said.

The new Team Rocket members smiled and took their place at the side of the pool opposite the gym leaders.

Ash and Company won the battle no problem. All of a sudden Charizard let loose a Smokescreen making it hard to see.

"Prepare for Trouble!" Ash said.

"Make it Double Double!" Misty said.

"To inflict upon the world devastaion." Brock said.

"To unite all peoples within this nation!" Cynthia said.

"To denounce the goodness of Truth and Love. Even though we are in love!" Ash and Misty exclaimed as they linked arms with each other.

"To send our evil wrath to the Galaxy above!" Brock and Cynthia said.

"Ash, Misty." Ash and Misty said emerging from the smoke in their Team Rocket outfits that were a combination of colors. White top and black pants or skirt.

"Brock, Cynthia." Brock and Cynthia said as they emerged in the same outfits as Ash and Misty.

"Team Rocket taking over the earth at the speed of light!" Ash and Misty said.

"Surrender to us now. There is no way you could win this fight." Brock and Cynthia said.

"TEAM ROCKET!" The Cerulean Sisters said not expecting to see Ash, Misty and Brock in Team Rocket outfits. This is the first time they have seen Cynthia so they don't know her.

"Pikachu! Chaos! Blissey! and Golduck! Come on out it's time for us to steal Pokemon!" Ash, Misty, Brock, and Cynthia said.

"We are like so not going to hand over our Pokemon!" Daisy said.

"You have no choice! Pikachu Thunder Wave on the sisters." Ash said.

Pikachu did so and Daisy, Violet and Lily were paralyzed so they couldn't call the cops. Ash and his friends got away with the Pokemon and vanished behind a smokescreen, but not before knocking the Cerulean Sisters out.

Once the sisters woke up they found all of their Pokemon gone.

Viridian City Team Rocket Base...

"Excellent my children." Giovanni said. "You have done well. Now it's time that I leave this empire to you. For my time is short. Please turn this organization around to the way it was originally meant to be. To help people and Pokemon, not harm people and Pokemon."

"What do you mean Dad?" Ash asked.

"I have had a rare form of Bone Cancer for several years now. "That is why you never saw me around Jessie, James, Butch and Cassidy or any of the other Team Rocket Grunts or team members except for that one time in Unova. I need you to do me a favor and bring Team Rocket out of the ashes and make it into an excellent organization like it was meant to be. Can you do that for me my son?"

"Of course I will Dad." Ash said with tears in his eyes. "Did you purposely throw that mission in Unova because you were sick?"

Giovanni nodded as he coughed up blood. "I was testing you Ash. I knew you had what it takes to defeat me. If you ever find Meloetta again and she decides to travel with you, take good care of her. And Cynthia, you and Ash have got to turn this organization around along with Brock and Misty do you understand?" Giovanni's tears began to flow a little bit more.

"I understand Daddy." Cynthia said also with tears in her eyes.

"You can count on us!" Misty said.

"We will make you proud Boss." Brock said.

"Oh please, since you four are taking over you can call me Giovanni or Dad. Also protect Mewtwo and Mew with your lives. If they were to fall into the wrong hands, who knows what might happen. Here you can have my Gym Pokemon as well." Giovanni said as he tossed our heroes six Gym Pokemon each. You are all now the Gym Leaders of the Viridian City Gym. I must be going now. I will see you later."

With that Giovanni went to his room not knowing that this is the second to last time he would see his son and his friends that have quickly become his top four Team Rocket commanders.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ash and Company were given leadership over all of Team Rocket. Also something happens to Giovanni and he has to be quickly taken to the hospital. Will he survive his Hospital Stay or not. Also who is this new team of criminals that is popping up? What will happen? Stay Tuned to find out.

Next Time on Great Mystery Revealed - Chapter Seven: The Death of Giovanni! coming soon.

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