Chapter number two! Some new things in this one- all is explained in the a/n at the end.

Sorry it's a bit short. This is really just setting the scene for when I start writing the actual events in the book.

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I am running.


My mane whips and whirls, my breath pants and puffs, my heart races and rages.

Electricity pulses through me, working my muscles, sharpening my senses and dimming the constant call of the sea.

I am alive.

The young man, who has grown from that time on the beach, long ago, sits confidently on my back. His heart beats with mine, and our voices sing together. We run and run faster than sound, or light, or comprehension. I feel free. So does he.

A shout dances through the wind, somehow reaching both my and my rider's ears.

"Kendrik!" Is what it sounds like, mutilated by the rushing air. The other men seem to address my rider with that sound, but I don't fully know what it means.

Kendrik twitches the reins and I slow down, but we have been riding together so long that he doesn't really need to.

I trot in a circle and head towards the source of the shout.

The man stands amidst the scrub, eyeing us. It is the jealous one, the resentful one, the one with the evil gleam. Serr, is how most refer to him. Not Kendrik, though. He avoids addressing Serr directly.

Serr steps forward as I slow to a walk, raising a hand to Kendrik. His eyes have not lost their malicious gleam.

He says a few words to my rider, words that sound friendly but are contradicted by his tense air. He makes a sound like "Skorpio" somewhere in the middle, and my ears prick up. The Skorpio is the time when I come alive, when I race with others of my kind, proving my worth to the sea, and proving my superiority to the other sea spirits. I am king amongst us, however tainted by y years on the land.

Kendrik replies with a single, stiff syllable, a response that causes the gleam in Serr's eye to harden into a dull, metallic shimmer. He mutters a condescending string of grunts, and lifts his hand to slap my flank. It burns my skin, not a particularly hard hit, but one that leaves a mark in my mind more than my body.

I rear and kick, I feel a need to hurt Serr. It blocks out the sea and wind.

I smell his flesh and feel hunger, tainted with something else unnameable that has something to do with Kendrik. I will kill this man and feast on his soul.

Serr backs away, making a high, rumbling, evil sound that is somehow also delight. I screech at him, jerking my hooves. The sea, down below, calls for me, adding to my bloodlust. Food. Food is here.

But then a voice mutters in my ear; Kendrik. It is soothing, but also promising, like I will get a chance to hurt Serr one day. I set my feet down, feeling Kendrik tying knots in my mane, calming my mind.

I calm myself, too, glad that Kendrik doesn't use on me the silly bells and trinkets that the others do on their sea spirits. Serr tried them once, and the resulting whispers in my head, scrambling of my mind, and separation from the sea was maddening.

I am still stiff and tense, pulsing with hunger and a wanting for spilt blood.

Kendrik leads me away from Serr's retreating figure, towards the cliff's edge. He dismounts me then, and stands by me, gazing out at the waves.

They rise and fall and hiss and crash and push and pull and swirl and dance and run, run, run trough the darkening water. That is what I was, what I used to be. Now, I run on land, with the wind and the sand and the sky and Kendrik.

It strikes me, suddenly, that when I was the sea I would not have hesitated to turn and tear at Kendrik, to eat his flesh and leave his remains on the rocks and run and leap from the cliff into the sea.

But now, his presence comforts me, in a way that makes the sea laugh and sneer.

Kendrik is so like me, so like the sea spirits. He is of the land, but has grown into the sea. I am of the sea, but have grown into the land. We both long for something we can't have, freedom to do and be anything and everything. He does not waste time or thoughts on human folly. We are so similar, and I feel such a deep connection with him that it shames me, to be so attached to a thing of the land.

Kendrik has thoughts of a similar theme running through his eyes as he shifts his gaze to me.

"Corr." He whispers.

I am Corr. He named me. Corr. It is a harsh sound, a rumbling, sharp, back of the throat sound. It is me. It is the sea, and the land, and the wind, and the sand, and the sky. Mostly, the sea. It has something of Kendrik, he named me. He made me what I am, without lessening what I was before, and giving me room to be more.

I am the sea.

I am the wind.

I am Corr.


There. Chapter two.

As you can see, water horses are horrible spellers. Kendrik is obviously Sean. Serr is Sir, referring to Mutt Malvern. Sea Spirits are Capaill Uisce, that's their name for themselves. And the Skorpio refers to the Scorpio Races.

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