This is an idea that jumped into my head today at work. I am trying to stay Canon, with my idea worked into it.





Kurt sleepily snuggled deeper into his blankets, relishing the clean, fresh smell. The overwhelming scent of grape slushie was finally out of his nose and there wasn't a trace of it in his hair. The laundry was done and put away so his dad didn't have to know that he got another slushie facial today, and thankfully it had happened late enough that the stain didn't set in his clothes. He moved to snuggle deeper into his pillow, but gasped as he rolled slightly onto the newest 'locker' bruise.

Remember to always pay attention in the hallway, no matter what you are doing or where you are going… maybe then you might manage to duck when they go to shove you and even catch yourself so you don't get too hurt! If only I had been paying attention after French class, maybe I wouldn't have been hurt so badly.

Karofsky had caught him completely by surprise today just after he'd left French class. He was shoved so hard that he had actually rebounded back into them, and they had shoved him into them again with a twist so that he had spun to the ground. His books and papers had gone flying across the hall. People either grinned at him as they deliberately stepped on them, or they had sheepishly looked at him from under their eyelashes as they scurried by, avoiding his gaze and his papers as best they could.

Tina and Mike had found him still sprawled in the hallway, struggling to not show how hurt he was, gathering himself to try to get up. Tina grabbed his things as Mike helped him to his feet and together they went off to Glee club.

No, stop thinking about it. There is nothing you can do. The teachers either refuse to see what is happening, or refuse to do anything. The ones who do see seem powerless to stop it. So, just deal with it, and focus on getting out of this town. Somewhere where people celebrate difference and individuality, and away from here where everyone is a sheep and even if you won a million dollars and paid people, they still couldn't come up with an original thought. Kurt sniffled gently, decided he wanted to sleep on his other side and rolled over. Now. Go. To. Sleep.

Let's see, where do I want to go tonight. Maybe a tropical beach with palm trees, white sand beaches and sun shades to block the sun, a little drink with an umbrella in it, and a handsome hottie lying beside me in a lounge chair. *This has been Kurt's nightly routine when he couldn't sleep, or had a rough day. The 'Where Would I Go' game. He used to play it with his mom and dad before she died, but his dad hadn't been able to play it without always picturing his wife there beside him, so they had eventually stopped. But Kurt used to do it after his dad tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. It helped him stay closer to his mom, made him feel like she was still there.

Hmmm.. Olive skin. Honey eyes. Curly dark hair. Beautiful smile. A voice that sends shivers straight through me whenever he speaks.

Kurt finally drifted off to sleep dreaming of amber honey eyes with just a hint of olive green smiling at him, so full of love that his heart actually throbbed.

Burt Hummel walked in, shrugging his jacket off into the laundry room. It had been a tough night. Accident with a car into a deep ditch that he'd had to slog through cold mud to hitch the tow rig to the car. Thankfully, only minor injuries so the dreams wouldn't be too bad tonight.

As Burt stripped off his muddy pants and socks and threw them with his boots into the laundry sink, he realized the room was warm and smelled too fresh.

Kurt did laundry tonight. Something must have happened again since he usually did laundry on Wednesdays and it was only Tuesday. He sighed. And he is trying to hide it from me so I don't get upset. I'll see how bad it is in the morning and decide if I have to talk about it.

He walked slowly upstairs to bed, wondering what it was going to take to finally allow his wonderful boy to finally have the life that he deserved. Maybe Kurt was right, maybe it would take him moving away. Burt almost stumbled at the thought of only seeing his boy once in a while for holidays. He stopped. I don't know how I will get through the days alone. He heard a whimper from Kurt's room so he pushed the door open to check on him.

"No. No... That's not fair… You promised." Kurt was clearly talking agitatedly to someone in his sleep. His head was moving slightly on the pillow. Burt waited a few more seconds but Kurt seemed to be settling deeper into sleep again. The hall light Burt had turned on fell across Kurt's cheek, and suddenly Burt could see a beautiful smile on his face.

"I will wait forever if I have to. Just keep your promise." He looked like he was snuggling against someone, but he just sighed and began deep, smooth breathing again, clearly sound asleep.

Burt continued on to his room, and later as he lay trying to fall asleep he tried to pray. "I don't know anymore if you are real or not. But someone out there needs to do something. That boy is so full of love and kindness. He deserves love and happiness in his life. You better have something exceptional planned for him. He is so strong. He just keeps going. He just stays true to himself. He just keeps shoving it up their prejudiced, unthinking noses that no matter what they do, there is nothing they can do to change him. He is who he is. Waste your energy on something else instead of on who people love." Burt sighed deeply as he rolled over to go to sleep. "You just better have someone amazing to be there for him.

Kurt was running down a beach at the edge of the water, the waves gently rolling on the white sand. He was holding someone's hand, he could feel it squeezing his in love and excitement. He looked down to see a strong, callused olive-skinned hand snuggled into his fair one. "Come on silly, I'll race you into the water!" The voice sent shivers coursing through his body, making him feel funny deep inside, and making his heart hurt a little. Suddenly, they were splashing into the water, pulling each other deeper until they were able to swim. Suddenly the arms were now wrapped around his shoulders, and an amazing body was snuggling up behind him, holding him safely and securely in the water as the sand fell away beneath their feet. "I've got you, just relax. Let's just float here for a bit and enjoy the moment." Someone was now nibbling on his ear, using his nose to push the hair away so he could get at the spot on his neck that just sent waves of heat coursing through his body. "Yummm, all mine. Forever." A sighing kiss on his cheek. "Thank you for doing me the honour of becoming my husband."

"WAIT...What!" Kurt struggled a little in the water, trying to turn around and see this wonderful man… thrashing and gulping in water as the arms slid away from him… gone... No. He had to find him. He had to know!

Kurt sat bolt upright in bed, frantically looking around to find the person who had spoken. Oh. Home. My room. Not a beach. Not in the water with some amazing man who had married him. He put his hand over his pounding heart, frantically trying to slow his breathing down again. "Just a dream. Again. And always. When is it going to be real? Is it ever going to be real? Or am I destined to spend my life a beaten up, mocked, reviled gay man, doomed to die alone and lonely?" He snuggled back into the blankets, his body finally throwing off the adrenaline rush from the dream. He thought about being alone and lonely, no one to share his life. Words seemed to find their way through his lips. "No. No... That's not fair… You promised."

A voice or a thought seemed to resonate in his head. "You have things you have to do. It IS going to be hard. And lonely. And things might happen that make you doubt. … a long pause. But … When you are done, it will be worth it... HE will be worth it."

Kurt sighed as he snuggled deeper into his bed, finally sinking into a deep, restful sleep. He felt arms wrap around him again, holding him tight like they would never let him go. Kurt snuggled back into him, finally feeling safe and secure. And SO loved.

I will wait forever if I have to. Just keep your promise."