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Dean, Sam, and Katie were used to moving around at random intervals of time over the last near decade. John had been leaving them in run-down apartments and motels for longer periods of time now. It had started with a day or two, and those turned into weeks, and eventually those became a month or more at a time. Dean was always left in charge when John didn't take him along. Since Sam and Katie were getting older, the responsibility wasn't as much as before for Dean—at least that's the way John saw it. However, John wasn't there to see what really went on between the siblings. Mainly because Dean kept most of the details from their father, never wanting to get his siblings into actual trouble with their old man.

Much to Dean's despair, Katie continued to be in this phase where the only way she knew to communicate with Sam was by fighting. To make matters worse, even since Sam had turned 13, he had become a poster child for teen angst. So much for things getting easier. Dean's grades were falling dramatically and he knew his dad would kick his ass when he found out, but taking care of Sam and Katie came first in Dean's book. Grades didn't matter anyway - not in his line of work.

School was finally done for the day, and the three Winchesters had returned to their craptastic hotel a few hours ago. The two younger Winchesters started on their homework as was the usual routine. They'd been in this middle of nowhere town Ohio for about three weeks now, and John said it'd be at least another week during his phone call with Dean a few days prior.

Katie was sitting cross legged on her bed, rushing through her homework per usual. "DONE!" she yelled as she slammed her folder closed and shoved it in her backpack. She'd plowed through the Math and Spelling homework like it was nothing. Finally, it was over!

"Is it really necessary to yell that every single day?" Dean asked, glancing over at her from the small kitchen counter where he was starting to get dinner ready.

"Obviously it is, Dean. Otherwise I wouldn't do it every single day," Katie replied, smirking as she walked over to the couch. She plopped down and grabbed the remote without a second thought. Flipping through all the channels (which weren't many), she finally settled on one.

But it didn't take long for her actions to be met with protests. "Turn it down. I can't concentrate," Sam complained without even looking up from where he was sitting on the floor by the couch, his school books sprawled all over.

"No way. Power Rangers are on and they're my favorite," Katie stated as if it was already a known fact.

"Well I'm doing homework which is a million times more important than your stupid baby show," Sam replied, completely forgetting, or rather ignoring, the fact that he also enjoyed watching the show.

"Uh oh," Dean mumbled to himself as the tension grew a few feet from him. He knew he should intervene, but for some naive reason, he thought maybe, just maybe, they would resolve this one on their own.

"It's not a baby show! The yellow power ranger kicks butt! Go somewhere else. I was here first."

Sam looked around their tiny motel room to prove a point. "There's literally nowhere else to go. Now quit being a brat and just turn it down!" Sam threw an evil glare up at his sister.

"Make me!" Katie yelled back as she grabbed the remote and cranked up the volume.

Dean felt his shoulders tense up as it started to escalate. Should have known…, Dean thought to himself as he mentally prepared himself to be the bad guy yet again.

"DEAN! Make her turn it down!" Sam yelled into the kitchen area.

"DEAN! Sam won't leave me alone!" Katie yelled also looking over at Dean who still had his back to them.

"I'm sure Dean can't hear you over all your baby whining," Sam retorted, causing Katie to whip her head back and glare down at Sam on the floor. That comment was the last straw for her. Dean turned around to yell at both of them, but he saw that Katie had picked up the remote and had it locked and loaded to launch directly at Sam.

"Katelyn!" Dean belted out luckily before she threw it. She looked over at Dean with her big, green, innocent eyes. No matter how many times she made that look, it would never stop reminding him of their mother and her beautiful green eyes. He hesitated for a moment, which caused Sam to quickly interject.

When Sam noticed that she was about to launch a remote at him, he said in exaggerated horror, "Dean, she was going to throw that thing at me!" Dean shook his head as Sam's voice dragged him back to reality.

"I can see that. Katie turn off the TV and get your ass in here and help me," Dean said in a low voice. The last thing he needed was to join in on this little bitch yelling fest.

"But Deeeeean. That's not…," Katie complained.

"Now. Don't make me repeat myself," Dean said more sternly this time. It was that tone that left no room for negotiation. And it never ceased to amaze him how much he could sound like his father when the situation presented itself. He never let himself dwell on that fact because he was sure that he wouldn't like it.

Katie huffed as she turned off the TV and stood up. "HAHA," Sam mocked as she started to walk to the kitchen. Wanting some kind of instant gratification revenge, Katie walked out of her way so she could step directly on Sam's notebook, making the paper crumble beneath her bare foot. She smiled and was just about to consider this a victory when Sam retaliated and pushed at her legs, causing her to lose her balance and trip.

"You jerk-," Katie started to screech in protest as she hit the ground but she was cut off.

"STOP! There will be no more fighting or tattling. I swear the next one of you that fights is getting their ass kicked and doing laundry for a year. So knock it off and apologize. Do you understand me?" Dean yelled, whatever remote patience he had flying out the window.

Dean had really been channeling their dad lately, whether he realized it or not. He now felt the need to ask if they understood everything when he reached his breaking point. One of these days Katie was going to say no, but today she really didn't feel like taking Dean up on his threat, even though it was an empty one. Instead both Sam and Katie nodded at Dean and turned to each other.

"Sorry," they both said in unison through clenched teeth. Dean knew neither of them meant it, but it would have to be good enough for now.

"Now, Katie set the table," Dean pointed towards the plates as he turned back around to finish tonight's dinner of macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, a Winchester staple. Katie picked herself up and made her way to the kitchen. Dean finished "cooking" and called Sam over as they finally all sat down to eat.

"So how was your day?" Dean asked, looking over at Katie, thinking some small talk might lighten the mood and tension.

"Mine was fine until I got home and had to be in the same room as it," she said motioning her head toward Sam. "Ouch!" she screeched as her hand swooped down to rub her shin. "Sam kicked me!"

Dean put down his fork and ran his hand over his face and through his hair. How did his dad handle this? Oh wait, he really didn't. It was all him and he had no idea how he was going to make it through their bitch phases. "Enough. I want a peaceful dinner. Nobody will talk or touch the other. I am going to enjoy a quiet meal. And when we're done, you both will be cleaning up together. Without fighting. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes sir," Katie chimed reflexively. She rarely called her brother "sir" but their father instilled a certain level of respect in them, and sometimes it came out automatically before she could stop it. Dean nodded in approval, pleased that she wasn't pushing back.

"Yeah," Sam replied. Dean gave him a stern look and he knew exactly why. When Dean was really mad, he always demanded the same level of respect they might show their father. But in Sam's eyes, Dean was supposed to be their brother, not an authority figure. The 'chain of command' was bogus in his mind and he was starting to fight it more and more lately. "Yessir," he mumbled.

They ate the rest of their meal in complete silence. It sounded almost better than any AC/DC song to Dean's ears. The silence was actually good for Katie too. She was forced to think due to lack of other distractions. And she felt guilty. Guilt always got to her one way or another. Damn that Winchester trait. At just 8 years old, she still had an air of innocence about her, and her feelings weren't 50 levels of complicated yet, which was likely due to the fact that she hadn't found out about the true Family Business yet. And it would be decades before she could if Dean had anything to do about it - he wanted to shield her from it all as long as he could since he'd already lost that battle with curious Sam.

Katie looked over at Dean and truly took in his appearance for the first time that night. He looked purely exhausted and worn out. Something a teenager should feel after an all night rage, but here Dean was feeling this way because of knew Sam and she played a big part in all this.

Katie finished eating and went to put her plate in the sink. She returned to the table and pushed and wiggled her way onto Dean's lap. She knew that she was breaking the second Winchester Commandment of avoiding chick flick moments like the plague (the first being that nobody in any way, shape, or form shall impart harm on his Baby). But she also knew that somewhere deep down inside, he reserved a soft spot just for her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "I'm sorry Deanie," she said referencing the nickname she had for him when she was younger. "Please don't mad at me and Sammy." It was that innocent side of her that thought a sincere apology and hug were enough to fix anything.

Even though he would never EVER admit it, his heart might have slightly melted a tad bit. All his anger and frustration went away and he even let a small smile escape his lips for the first time that day. He quickly kissed the top of her head and pushed her off him, only too eager to end whatever moment they were having. Feels weren't something he wanted in his life on a daily basis. "Not don't do it again," he reminded as he gave his plate one last lick before taking it over to the sink.

"Come on Sammy. Let's get washing'," Katie said as she went over to the sink with a skip.

Sam touched his chin just to make sure his jaw hadn't really dropped to the floor. "Did hell just freeze over or did Dean just take part in a chick flick moment?" he thought to himself. He blinked a few times and came out of his thoughts. "Don't call me Sammy!" he said as went over to Katie and began to tickle her.

"Hahahaha..Deeeaaa….hahaha…nnn…help…hahha…meeee…," she squealed. Dean grinned at their antics, enjoying the sudden change in atmosphere in the room. He walked over and effortlessly scooped her up in his arms.

"Here Sammy, this should make it easier for you," he said with a huge grin on his face as he held onto her so Sam could continue tickling her without mercy. Dean finally felt like they were just three siblings having fun together, instead of him always having to play the responsible, authoritative one.

The smiles on all of their faces and the laughter that filled the room from that evening so many years ago was the last thing that ran through Dean's mind before the light slowly went out in his eyes, and his soul was dragged to hell as both siblings cradled the limp body he left behind from his deal with the crossroad demon.

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