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Suddenly, in a low, deadly tone, Dean repeated, "'Events?' What exactly does 'events' mean?"

"Events, you know, like hanging with your friends. She doesn't get that very often at the billion schools we've been to," Sam managed to get out.

"I ain't buying it. Sam, I swear to everything we hunt that if you don't tell me what the hell is really going on, you're going to wish that the only thing I'm going to do to you is make you do all the salt rounds by yourself," Dean threatened.

Sam swallowed hard, but his conviction to the cause was still intact as he took one slow step toward the motel door. "Dean, it's exactly what I told you. She's hanging out with friends. She got new shoes. She's FINE. Safe even. Nothing is wrong."

Dean just stared at him for a long moment. His mind continued to see red as he'd not only been deceived but practically lied to by both his soon-to-be-murdered siblings who knew better than go behind his back. Then, without a word, he suddenly snatched his jacket from the couch where he dropped it and stormed back to the table to grab his car keys.

Sam knew that he had lost the battle, but he still made a mad dash for the door and threw his back up against it, fully intending on blocking his brother's passage. "Where are you going?" he asked, stalling.

Dean gave him a death glare. "Move. Now."

Sam didn't budge. "Where are you even going to go?"

Dean was about point two seconds from blowing his top, but he answered through gritted teeth. "You won't give me a straight answer? Fine. I'll go find her myself. I'm not going to get torn a new one by Dad because you can't just fucking tell me where she is." The look on his face clearly said that he was not messing around.

Sam searched his brain for anything, anything to help his sister, but he realized that the fight was over. He could lie to Dean about her whereabouts, send him on a goose chase. But in the end, that would only backfire more on them. So he had no options left but to bargain. "Okay, how about this. I tell you where she is if you promise not to go there and drag her out."

"Deal," he quickly replied without moving a muscle.

Sam's shoulders started to relax, taken off guard that he agreed so hastily. "Uh, okay, good. Now look, don't go all overprotective psycho...but she's...she went to the junior high dance." He kept his stance in front of the door in case Dean went back on his word.

"Fine. Move."

"You said you wouldn't go get her."

"No, I said I wouldn't drag her out of there. And I won't." He got that Hulk look in his eye. "Move. I'm not asking again."

"Come on! Please, don't take this out on Katie. Take it out on me." He wanted Kate to have just one night of normalcy and he was literally grasping at anything to help her case.

"Oh, you bet your ass I'm going to take it out on you later. But right now? I need to make sure my baby sister is okay. So this is the last time I'm going to tell you before I remove you. Move. Away. From. The. Door." He grabbed a fistful of Sam's shirt, making it clear that he was about to shove him forcefully away from the door if he didn't willingly go.

Looking down at Dean's fist, he knew this was the end of line. He'd tried his best and then fucked it all up. A tsunami of guilt started to drown him from the inside – he wasn't able to give her the night that she deserved. But for what it was worth, at least Dean agreed to not drag her out of there, and Dean Winchester was a lot of things – but he wasn't a liar. But Sam was sure that Dean would find some type of loophole in his promise. He placed a hand on Dean's shoulder, resigning to his fate, but not before he added, "I'm coming with you."

That was the last straw. "Like hell you are." Dean gripped his shirt tighter and yanked him forcefully to the side, sending the taller Winchester stumbling for a moment. He exited the room, slamming the door and taking a few steps to get into the Impala.

Even though he knew that it was completely futile, Sam still opened up the door and stood there, just in time to see Dean roar up the Impala. He sighed, wishing that he hadn't fucked up. He had been so close to getting away with it. He prayed that Kate had a chance to at least dance with Kyle before Dean arrived.

Dean floored it, thinking of all the ways he was going to kill Sam later. He screeched to a halt at the door of the junior high school. Divine intervention for Kate from on high suddenly came down and touched his brain. He paused for a moment as some of Sam's earlier words came stabbing back into his mind. This wasn't her fault- and she did deserve a night to just be a kid. It had barely been a year since she even learned about the supernatural, and she'd been handling everything like a pro. But the idea of her getting cozy with some thirteen-year-old pimply prick in a dark corner of the gym made him see red again.

All at once, divine inspiration hit this time— literally. He jumped out and dug in the Impala's trunk for a minute. Once he found what he was looking for, he dove back into the car for a moment.

Kate was surprisingly enjoying herself at the dance. She had gossiped with her girl friends about all the cute boys, but none of them had dared to make a move. They were all dancing to the upbeat music, laughing at one another's silly dance moves. She felt so happy for the first time in a long time. It was like she didn't have a care in the world – she felt normal for a change. Not like a girl who constantly moved around and had to be hypervigilant of all the evil in the world. Was this what Sam was talking about when he said there were other ways to live?

Dean walked into the gymnasium with confidence. With the outfit he was wearing, the chaperones guarding the door didn't even question it. They nodded respectfully to him, and he nodded back. Once he was in the gym, he scanned the room, trying to spot Kate. He was on the verge of a full blown panic attack when he finally saw Kate standing with all her friends, no boys in sight. He breathed slightly easier, but he leaned against the wall, crossing his arms.

Kate was fully focused on the dance and oblivious to the fact that her brother-turned-priest was lurking in the shadows. Just then the song finished and the tempo switched – it was time for a slow song. Her heart started beating fast...should she do it? Should she ask him? This might literally be her only chance ever to dance with a boy. She threw her friend Natalie a panicked look.

"Go on, ask him. You got this!" Natalie encouraged with a nudge.

Kate nudged her back with a smile, but she was petrified. What if he said no? She wouldn't be able to live that down. Natalie saw her hesitating, so she gave her a little shove to get her feet moving. Kate grinned back in appreciation and kept with the momentum of the push to walk over to the punch table where Kyle was standing with a few other guys. She'd met Kyle in her English class as she sat behind him. He wasn't one of the cool kids by any means – he was more of a geek. He always asked her how her day was ever since she first got to this school. And it wasn't always that people spoke to the new, weird girl. So an immediate crush had formed. Lucky for her, the crush was mutual.

Meanwhile, Dean was watching her like a hawk. He would keep his promise – he was a man of his word. He wouldn't drag her ass out. But he sure as hell wasn't going to leave her alone in a dark room with a boy. He barely moved, keeping zeroed in to her as he saw her going toward a group of horny teenage boys. He stopped leaning on the wall, ready to pounce at a moment's notice if one of those ass clowns tried anything funny with his baby sister.

She locked eyes on Kyle's back as she approached, gently tapping on his shoulder. "Uh, hi, Kyle," she greeted quietly, hoping he would remember her.

The kid's braces almost fell out of his mouth when she said "hi". He tried to recover manfully. "Hey! Hi. Hey, hi, Kate." He tried to make himself taller by standing up straighter.

She blushed and looked away for a moment. "Hey, to you too." It was a good thing that the lighting was dim, otherwise he would see how dark red her cheeks were by this point. Before she lost the courage, she spat out in once breath, "Doyouwanttodance?" She couldn't believe she'd done it!

However, Kyle was too busy trying to think of a good opening line- something that would clearly sweep her off her feet without making him sound like a macho jerk- and so he totally missed what she said. He almost did a double take at her. "What?"

Her eyes went wide. He wanted her to REPEAT it?! It had been hard enough the first time. Her heart started to fall, because clearly he was not interested, but she gave it one last shot. "Wanna dance?" Savage Garden continued to play in the background, setting the mood for a slow dance.

His freaking dream came true. "Uh- YEAH! I mean yes. Yeah, I'd love to dance. With you. With you dancing- with me." This conversation would undoubtedly come up in future therapy sessions. He offered her his shaking hand, because he really wanted to look like a gentleman. Also, he saw it in a movie once and wanted to try it out. He waited to see if she'd take it.

And it worked. Kate was instantly captivated that he held out a hand to her and she quickly placed hers in his, feeling butterflies fill her stomach when their hands clasped together.

Kyle felt like a mother fuckin' rockstar. He prayed that she didn't notice how suddenly sweaty his hand was, and he led her to the dance floor. There was a bit of an awkward moment where he switched his hands back and forth, trying to remember where his hands were supposed to go. He finally settled for her waist. When Dean saw that turd touch his sister, it took all his strength not to go out there and rip him apart. But if that kid moved his hands even a centimeter more, he was going in.

Kate jumped a little when he suddenly placed his hands on her waist. Not that she didn't like it...but it took her off guard. If she was being honest, she was rather enjoying the attention from the opposite sex. It had never happened before, and she was living for the high that it was giving her. She couldn't wait to tell Natalie. Kate placed her hands around his neck and laced her fingers together. "So, um, I think...the dance is pretty cool." She immediately diverted her eyes – was she doing this right? Were you supposed to talk while you danced? She regretted not asking Sam all these questions before she agreed to come to this thing.

He nodded for a bizarre length of time, then realized it would be better if he spoke. "Yeah! It's like the best dance ever. And you're a great dance. A great dancer." He wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole from embarrassment.

She ate up his lame compliment like it was a bowl of ice cream. "You're a good dancer, too," she complimented. After a moment of awkward silence, she blurted out the first thing she saw. "I like your tie. It's, um, cool." It was honestly light blue with pinstripes and nothing special, but she thought if she kept talking that maybe he'd like her.

"Thanks. My mom picked it out. I mean- I picked it out and she...bought it. I really like your dress." He was desperately trying not to look at her chest, but hey- he was thirteen.

"Thank you! I actually got it today," she added even though she was sure he wouldn't care when she bought it. Her nerves kept getting the best of her, and she word-vomited, "My brother took me, well he was with me, and then I decided to get it, the dress, you know."

Kyle gulped down his nerves and made his move. "Well, I think it's really...really nice." And he got closer, pulling Kate into his body that filled them both with a bolt of electricity.

They swayed in bliss for a moment as the song continued. Kate had closed her eyes, soaking it all in, when suddenly over Kate's shoulder she heard, "Hey, now. Leave room for the Holy Spirit." The voice was horrifyingly familiar and sent a cold electric shock down her spine.

Kyle's eyes got really wide and he took a half step back immediately and flushed with embarrassment. He quickly apologized, "Yes, sir. Sorry, Father."

Kate didn't even have to turn to see him-she knew who it was. But why was Kyle saying Father? She slowly turned her head and her eyebrows almost flew off her face when she spotted the priest collar and coat that her brother had on. Her face went from delightfully blushing to ghostly white in less than a millisecond. She was caught red-handed and had an urge to run, scream, or just disappear. However, her face displayed full panic. She quickly looked between Kyle and Dean but couldn't form any words, because how would she explain to her crush that her psycho brother was posing as a priest to spy on her – on top of that, how did she explain why he had a priest's outfit?!

Pleased that he had gotten the response that he'd desired from both of them, Dean just smiled benignly at her, then patted Kyle on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it, son. Just remember- Father Flannigan is watching. So is Jesus." He pointed up to the sky. With a slight side eye to Kate, he walked away.

Kyle turned to Kate, a bit in shock himself. "Wow. When did priests start chaperoning dances?"

Kate bit her bottom lip to contain her rush of emotions. She tried to calm herself, but she could feel Dean's gaze boring into her back, and that made her panic slowly morph into anger. When she realized Kyle was still staring at her, she quickly replied, "I don't's weird though, right?"

Her mind started running wild. What was she supposed to do? Was he going to make her leave? Well, that couldn't be it because he clearly just had a chance to force her out of here. Was he going to let her stay but just be supervising her like some little kid?

Meanwhile, Dean was very pleased with himself. He kept his promise to Sam (still didn't mean that he wasn't going to tear Sam a new one) and he kept that little pimply prick from getting his paws all over his baby sister. Still with an eye on the kids, he meandered over to the refreshment table, trying to see if there was bacon-wrapped anything. He paused for only a second, trying to remember if priests were the ones against delicious pork - but then he decided that he didn't care one way or the other.

Kyle awkwardly shifted, but he realized that he was somewhat closer to her than they originally started, so he considered that a win. He grinned, completely oblivious to her internal debacle. "Totally weird." Just then, the song ended and Kyle looked panicked for a moment, before spitting out. "Hey- want to keep dancing? ''d like to keep dancing with you. If that's okay." He definitely didn't want the song to end- he was kinda crushing on Kate, and one song was definitely not enough for him.

At hearing that, Kate's internal monologue immediately disappeared and she was filled with innocent teenage lust again. "Um, yeah, I'd like that. Like a lot." After realizing she sounded too eager, she quickly added, "I mean, that's cool." As she listened to see if the song was going to be a slow or fast one, she felt herself leaning in toward him, getting caught up in the moment of bliss. She could smell his musk – which was just some deodorant – and it was captivating.

Dean had a mouthful of bite sized somethings, when he saw Kate creeping forward into the little schmuck. He swallowed so fast he nearly choked. He brushed past a gaggle of drooling teenage girls, and positioned himself directly in Kate's line of sight. He folded his arms and glared at her.

It took Kate longer than expected to pick up on his presence. She had been lost in the moment, and she would do anything to keep it going. When she caught the brotherly priest glaring at them with crossed arms, she coughed, trying to forget about it, but her eyes instinctively were drawn over there again, torn about what to do. Give in? Or try to not make this moment end? The answer was obvious – she was a teenager and there were raging hormones all over the room. Great decisions weren't being made.

Kate finally spoke up, "Hey, uh, do you want to go dance over there?" She motioned with her head to the other side of the crowded room. Maybe they could hide in the crowd and sway in dancing paradise alone.

He was totally confused. Why did Kate all of the sudden want to move over to the other side of the room? Was his breath bad? Was his fly down? Did he suddenly start sporting a new crop of zits? All he knew was that he didn't want to stop dancing with the pretty girl. "Uh- sure? Sure. We can totally move." He waited for her, seeing as the poor boy really had no idea about what was going on.

She grabbed onto his hand and charged off into the sea of people, disappearing toward the other side, but not nearing the edge of the crowd-she made sure to stay toward the middle, hoping she was out of direct sight. Seeing how confused Kyle looked, she felt a need to somehow justify this. "I, um, the music was getting loud over there. Now maybe we can talk better."

He was flooded with relief. "Oh, yeah! Yeah, that's a great idea!" And he was struck dumb- he had no idea what to say.

Dean's eyes narrowed as she pushed her way to the center of the room. Like that was going to stop him. He moved around the perimeter of the room, trying to see her. He was starting to get pissed. He didn't embarrass her, he didn't make her leave, he didn't even introduce himself. But she was still going to try to avoid him and do what she wants? Oh, HELL no.

Kate returned her focus on Kyle, and the butterflies returned. She racked her brain for any question to ask him and came up with only one. "Do you like movies?"

"Yeah! Yeah, I love movies!" Kyle was so relieved that she came up with a topic, that he answered her about twice as loud as he normally would have. He cleared his throat and modulated his voice. "Ahem. I really like the new Spider-Man movies. Have you seen them?"

"I like Spider-Man too!" she lied. She'd seen a poster for the movie, but going to the theater wasn't high on their approved to do list. But she wanted him to like her, so she had no choice but to lie. "Do you like all the superhero movies?"

"Totally! Except the Hulk movies..." And for a while, Kyle went on and on about the merits of Edward Norton v. Eric Bana v. Mark Ruffalo.

In the distance Dean leaned casually up against the wall, finally having found her. He was almost silently daring the little shit face to take another step closer to Kate so he could do what he really wanted to- tear someone apart. His eyes narrowed so far he almost couldn't see.

Kate had no idea what Kyle was talking about but she nodded and laughed and agreed at all the right times. She was suddenly feeling bold, very comfortable in their conversation and caught up in the moment of having a boy's sole attention. She blurted out without thinking, "Maybe we should watch one of those movies sometime."

Kyle's eyes got wider than he ever thought possible. "Yeah! That's a great idea! That is the best idea ever!"

All Dean saw was the kid's eyes get huge and say "That's a great idea". That was all he needed. He started shoving kids aside, making his way towards Kate, fire in his eyes.

Kate blushed at his excitement and turned away for only a second. But that second was enough to see the tornado that was her brother, parting the Red Sea of junior high students on a path toward them. Panic set in. Dean was going to ruin her life and take away her happiness in three seconds if she didn't act fast. She quickly put on a shocked face. "I think that priest is after us again." She grinned mischievously. "Should we move?

Kyle's eyes darted around, alarmed. "Are we...are we allowed to run from a priest?" he whispered in a scared voice. "What did we even do?"

As Dean was closing the gap, Kate momentarily second guessed her own plan. She always cared about what Dean thought and hated when he was mad at her-but tonight had been one of the best nights ever. Ever. She was pretty, confident, and had a man on her arm for a change. "Um, let's just dance around," she suggested. She wrapped her arms around his neck again and started swaying and moving her feet so they were weaving in and out of people now. Although the impending threat of Dean loomed, she was smiling and looking into his eyes.

"Works for me!" Kyle replied as he pulled her in close and tried to follow where she was leading. Dean saw her dancing and smiling, and as much as it killed him, he gritted his teeth and backed slowly away. He disappeared into the shadows once again.

She was smiling as giddy as a rich kid on Christmas as they spun around, circling people to keep moving positions. She laughed as she tried to take in her surroundings. "I think we did it!"

Kyle looked around and grinned back. "Man. Running from a priest and dancing with the hottest girl here. What a night." He suddenly realized what he said and started stammering, "I...I mean...Like, you're really pretty, but I'm not objectifying you or anything. You know- Feminism is cool."

Her eyes sparkled. Hot? She'd never considered that someone could think that about her. Without a thought, she instinctively leaned in even closer as they stopped spinning around. "I, uh, I think you're handsome too." The music went deaf to her ears and all she could see and hear was Kyle. It was like everything and everyone in the room around them disappeared into a darkness and the lights were just on them for a moment.

Kyle saw her coming closer, and all he could think about was "don't screw up and sneeze in her mouth, don't screw up and sneeze in her mouth, don't screw up and sneeze in her mouth"... She got all tingly inside at realizing she was on the verge of kissing a boy. There was a surge of energy rushing through her body as she felt warm from the inside out. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.

The boy summoned every bit of courage he had from the ends of his hair to the tips of his toes... and closed the gap between them. Fireworks went off and it was like the finale of Disney fireworks. They were on cloud nine - like a moment straight from the movies. However, in reality, it had been a half sloppy peck that lasted only two seconds. But that wasn't how it felt to the two teenagers. It was the greatest thing ever, and Kate was filled with such joy. As their lips pulled away, her cheeks burned red hot. "That was nice." Oh boy did she like the feeling.

Kyle could barely breathe himself. "Yeah. Yeah, it was."

Just then, the song ended and reality settled back. Suddenly, Kate felt a hand tightly grip her upper arm. In her ear, she heard a hiss. "Time for confession."

Kate's teenage glory was short-lived as the abrupt grip and voice reminded her that she was about to die in a very unpleasant way. Without being too obvious, she tried to remove her arm, but his grasp was iron-clad. As her heart started pounding at how mortified she was in front of Kyle, especially after the moment they'd just shared, she still managed to protest quietly, "But this isn't a church."

Dean didn't pay any attention to her comment. He smiled nicely at Kyle, but the teenage boy was thoroughly confused. Was this Kate's priest? Was she religious? Kyle had no idea what was going on, but he knew better than to question a man of God.

Satisfied that the scumbag wasn't going to say anything, Dean spat out through teeth clenched so hard that they might shatter, "Excuse us, son- we'll be right back." He then proceeded to lead (i.e. drag) Kate away from the dance and into the school hallway where there were a couple of kids making out against a locker. He barked at them, having zero patience left, "HEY! BEAT IT!" The kids jumped away from each other and looked in horror at the priest. He made the sign of the cross at them and the teenagers scrambled back into the dance. He turned on his sister with narrowed eyes. "What the hell, Kate?! I leave you alone with this kid, and two seconds later, you're sucking on his face?!"

"I wasn't doing anything wrong!" she quickly defended as she took a step back from his hovering presence.

"Nothing wrong?!" Dean snorted sarcastically. "Last I checked, YOU were the one who went to this dance without my permission, YOU were the one sucking face with some little middle school shit in the middle of a dance floor, and YOU were the one actively trying to avoid me out there!"

Kate quickly glanced around her to make sure there were no lingering eyes to see the fight she was inevitably about to have with a priest. She was still on a hormone high from that kiss, coupled with the embarrassment and anger of being caught, so it all made for a complex set of emotions that no teenager could properly process with short notice. "Yeah, but you aren't even supposed to be here. This is my dance. I didn't just sneak out to come. Sam said it was okay!"

"And since when is Sam in charge? 'Cause last I checked, that was never."

Kate took a step closer. "He's in charge when you're not around. And we didn't know when you'd be back. So, yeah, I didn't ask you for permission. I asked Sam and he said yes." She raised her eyebrows at him as if daring him to challenge her logic. They both knew that when Dean was away on a hunt, the only logical thing was that Sam was left in charge.

Even though she had made a valid point, Dean wasn't having it. He knew very well that she was only using it to her advantage, and that wasn't the real reason why his two dumbass siblings carried out their plan behind his back. "I wasn't out of town, Kate. I was at the freaking store. You know damn well you should have waited for me to get back." If she hadn't been so overcome with her own slew of anger, she would have seen the brief flash of fear in his eyes. Whether that was fear of not knowing where she was or fear of what would happen if John found out…that wasn't clear.

"But you didn't have to come here and embarrass me!"

Dea laughed condescendingly. "Seriously? You thought that after the crap you pulled that I wasn't going to come find you? Just let you and Sam off the hook for lying to me?"

"I didn't lie to you!"

"You snuck behind my back, which is the same damn thing, and you know it, little girl," he added, feeling the need to remind her of her place as he pointed a finger at her angrily.

Kate had to fight hard not to smack his hand away from her face when he called her little girl as if she was a freaking baby. Knowing she clearly wasn't going to win with him, she threw up her arms in clear exasperation. "Well I guess it doesn't matter, huh? You've literally ruined my life!" A priest forcing her to leave a dance was only going to cause a wave of rumors around school, probably leading most to suspect she lived in some type of religious cult family. Her life was officially ruined by teenage standards.

Dean laughed back. "I'm ruining your life. Really. I'd say that I interrupted your little suck face session out there. But your life? Seems like an exaggeration."

His nonchalant, belittling tone brought her to the edge. It was like a volcano on the verge of eruption - only she didn't know if she would spew out hatred or shed tears. She bit her bottom lip in an active effort to try and not lose control but hot tears pressed against her eyes. "You're unbelievable!"

When he saw the tears and clenched fists, Dean knew that he had pushed her to the breaking point, and he had to be the adult here and take a step back before this ended even worse. He bit his tongue and turned away from her to regroup his thoughts. Did she have a point? All he'd seen was red over the last hour - from Sam blatantly lying to him about her whereabouts to Kate suddenly getting all friendly with the opposite sex. All of which she had so desperately tried to keep from him. And that fact alone replaced some of his anger with a pang of guilt. It wasn't the relationship he wanted with his sister - that she felt the need to hide things from him or try to go around him to get what she wanted. That was what they had to do with John, and he didn't want that. And with Sam pushing so hard against everything right now, Dean was panicking that if he kept pushing Kate, she'd start pushing back even more, and he couldn't deal with that. He was supposed to protect them both – and sometimes that meant keeping them both happy. Even if it meant John was going to come down on him like a ton of bricks.

He turned back around and made direct eye contact. His voice audibly had less anger, but it was still firm. "Look. You...just don't do anything stupid, you hear me? And meet Sam outside at exactly 11 o'clock. Not one minute more. Got it?"

Her head tilted to the side as she tried to process what he just said. Why did he have a change of heart? He was suddenly going to let her stay? Just like that? It felt so out of character that a fight between them was defused this way. Her brow furrowed as she replied with signs of disbelief, "Um, yeah, I got it but that're leaving?"

He couldn't look at her because it freaking hurt to say it, but through clenched teeth he replied, "Yes." He popped his head back up, focusing again on the important details to ensure she truly understood. "What time are you out of here?"

The teenager couldn't help the mile-wide grin that spread across her face like sunshine. She was going to dance with Kyle again - if he was still there and hadn't been scared away. "Meet Sam outside at exactly 11pm," she repeated. However, as she said her middle brother's name, she remembered how Sam was supposed to prevent all this from happening, and clearly failed, but that didn't keep her from worrying. "Please don't take any of this out on Sam," she pleaded.

Dean snorted a laugh. "Don't worry about Sam." He pointed in her face again, changing the subject. "Don't do anything I WOULD do."

She gave it one last try to shield Sam for his efforts tonight, "As long as you don't yell at Sam," then she added quickly, "any more than you already have."

"Kate. Let it go. Go freaking dance before I change my mind," he warned.

She quickly weighed her options and decided to just cut her losses-sorry, Sam, but it wasn't worth the risk of Dean changing his mind and dragging her back home. She started to back away and held her hands in front of her, pressed together as if she were in prayer. She bowed her head down. "Thanks, Father. Amen." She grinned wildly.

"Hardy har har. Go in peace before I make you go in pieces." Without waiting for a response, he turned on his heel and left. Once inside the Impala, he ripped the collar off, put his hands on the steering wheel, and took a couple deep breaths. Okay. So John was going to tear him a new one when he found out. Big deal. He'd taken it for Sam before- now he'd just take it for Kate. He could deal. He gunned the motor and peeled out, heading for the motel. He just had to set one more record straight before he could go deal with the shit storm he was going to get from John, in his own way.

Kate was smiling so wide that it almost split her face in half, ecstatic that not only did she not get berated in a hallway but she also got to stay! She skipped back to the door and scanned the room until she found Kyle, who was standing off to the side sipping some punch and looking a bit lost. She walked up beside him and touched his arm, saying, "Hi, Kyle. Sorry about that. You want to dance some more?"

"Heck yeah!" He practically threw the cup of punch behind him before gallantly offering his hand to her again and leading her to the floor. "Everything okay, with uh, the priest?" he asked, still not sure what had happened.

Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, but she quickly recovered. "Yeah, um, the priest is just, uh, a family friend. Everything is good now." She flashed him a grin as he took a step closer toward her.


Meanwhile, Dean sped back to the motel. He crashed into the room without so much as a how-do-you-do, and flopped out full length on his bed, staring at the ceiling, not removing his shoes, jacket, or anything.

Sam slowly turned around from the couch and stared at his brother, who was dressed in all black. His brow furrowed in confusion and then it hit him like a ton of bricks. "Oh god, Dean, don't tell me you went to the dance as a priest?!"

"Just doing God's work," Dean replied stoically.

Sam knew he would hear all about it and the inevitable embarrassment from Kate. He looked back at the door, but was surprised to see that nobody else was coming in. "Where's Kate?" he asked, fully expecting that he wouldn't return until he'd conned her into leaving through a loophole in his promise.

"Still at the dance." Dean didn't move. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, just trying to hold on to this feeling of not being ripped to shreds. He finally realized it was a moot point. He sighed heavily, sat up, but didn't get up. His bottom jaw was rolling around as he searched for the words. "Sammy- don't...just...Run stuff like this with Kate by me next time. Don't just let her go wherever the hell she wants to without talking to me first." It was not a command- it was more like a plea. Something neither one of them was used to hearing from Dean.

Sam took in his brother's sudden change in tone from the last time they'd interacted before he'd left. Sam slowly nodded his head, but felt the need to defend himself slightly, although it wasn't in a fighting tone. "Okay, I will, I promise, but we didn't mean to go behind your back on this one. It came up, she wanted to go, so I helped her. You just happened to not be here during that and..." He took a deep breath, not sure if he should even ask it, but he decided to go for it. "Would you have even let her go if we had asked you?"

Dean looked at Sam, a touch of anger forming behind his eyes. "You really think I'm so heartless that I'm going to keep her from doing normal stuff?" He stood up, obviously pissed now. "So sorry that you both think I'm out to ruin your freaking lives." In reality, Dean didn't know what he would have decided if she'd just asked him herself. On one hand, he had an innate urge to be John's perfect soldier - keep his siblings safe and not draw attention to themselves. And he was sure that his father would see a stupid school dance as a violation of both. Dean liked to think that he would have let her go to give her a night of normalcy she deserved. And that would have brought him right back to the position he was in now - immediately assuming the worst was about to happen and John Winchester would find out.

When he noticed the irritation in his tone, Sam also stood up. "Woah, woah, man. I didn't mean it that way. I know you're not here to ruin our lives." He snarked, "Dad does enough of that for everyone. I'm time we'll run it past you, okay?"

When he heard the word Dad his face blanched. He shook it off quickly. "Well, I'm glad YOU know that. Thanks. Make sure you get Kate on time." He headed for the door again.

Sam quickly stepped over to Dean and lightly grabbed onto his arm to stop him from leaving. The sudden change in demeanor was worrying him. "Wait, what do you mean you're glad I know that? What are you talking about?"

The eldest gritted his teeth and swallowed the hurt, putting on his stoic face. "Kate thinks I'm ruining her life."

That had been the last thing he had expected, and Sam couldn't hold back the laugh that escaped his lips. "Seriously? That's what's bothering you?" He put a hand on his brother's shoulder as if to show he understood. "Just last week I ruined her life because I picked her up inside the library instead of waiting outside and all of her friends saw me." His dimples showed through his grin. "Must be a big brother's duty to ruin her life. Or she just exaggerates because that's what she does." He loved his sister to death, but he wanted to be honest because he could see that some things were bothering Dean.

The eldest shrugged stoically. "Whatever. She's gonna think what she's gonna think." He gave Sam's hand a pat and navigated away from him in one movement. Over his shoulder, he said, "Just make sure she gets home on time." That was the only thing that mattered to him right now. And without another word, he was out the door. He moved over to the Impala, slammed the door harder than normal, and took off, desperate to find the nearest bar and just drink it all away.

The rest of the dance had been just as great as the first part. Kate and Kyle danced the night away. However, their lips never met again, both too nervous to screw up the magical moment they already had. After the last song finished, Kate realized that the dream was over and she had to go back to reality. It was 10:55pm, so she knew that she had to hurry, not wanting to ruin her brothers' trust. "Tonight was great," she gushed to Kyle.

He grinned wildly. "Yeah, it was awesome!"

She blushed. "I have to go now though, but I'll, uh, I'll talk to you on Monday?"

He nodded wildly. "Of course! I'll walk you outside." Before Kate had a chance to say no, Kyle had laced their hands together, and she was filled with another wave of giddy butterflies. How could she say no when he was holding her hand?! It was a good thing he was holding onto her because she was about to melt into a puddle.

They took off silently toward the exit and made their way outside. Not wanting Sam to have the chance to meet Kyle, Kate stopped and pointed in the direction where she knew he'd be waiting. "My ride is over there."

Kyle tried to hide the disappointment of not being able to walk her to her ride like a gentleman, but that didn't overshadow the excitement of the night. While she'd been confessing or talking to the priest or whatever that was, he'd been scrambling to think of the perfect way to end the night. He was thankful he'd had the time, because otherwise he probably would have said something stupid. Trying to act as suave as he could, he lifted up her hand and kissed it gently, instantly sending electric shocks down to her toes. "See you Monday, Kate."

After that, the teenage girl practically floated to the corner where Sam was waiting in the shadows. "Hey," she greeted with a grin as she quickly turned to get one last glance of Kyle.

Kyle waved back, feeling like a million bucks after taxes. Sam looked at the kid and smiled. "Looks like you had a good time tonight," he said in a teasing voice to his sister.

She lightly bumped her shoulder into him playfully as they started to walk. "Yeah, it was the best. Except Dean showed up to ruin it. Other than that, it was perfect."

Sam bit the tip of his tongue between his front teeth, then exhaled. He wasn't going to rush into talking to her about Dean yet; he wanted her to bask in the awesomeness of tonight first. "So what was so perfect about it?"

They started walking down the block but there was an extra bounce in her step; something Sam hadn't seen for a long time. "I just, you know, had fun dancing and everything."

"And was that Kyle you were with?" He couldn't help but smile.


"Did you dance together?" he asked with curiosity.

Knowing there was no need to hide it from Sam, she replied honestly, "Yeah, we danced together the whole second half of the dance." She clapped her hands together at the beautiful memory.

Sam's eyebrows arched in surprise when she said the second half of the dance. "So, you guys danced together- for the second half of the dance." He was trying to carefully tiptoe around what he needed to ask her without setting her off or looking like the overprotective brother he was being in this moment. "And were you all with your group of friends, or...what?"

Not seeing how that was relevant, she simply replied, "No, it was just me and him."

Sam said hesitantly, "You and him...alone? But in the gym with everyone else, right?"

Ah, now she understood what he was getting at. Ugh. It seemed pretty clear that Dean hadn't shared the fact that he'd seen them kiss…which was interesting. She had assumed he'd go home fuming about it. Instead of getting angry, she took a playful approach. "No, we went outside to dance under the stars. He's really romantic," she gushed.

"Wait- under the stars, outside by yourself?! Kate..."

Keeping in character, she continued, "I know, I know. I shouldn't have. But he's so cute...and there was this tree that we sat under...and yeah…"

Suddenly, he grabbed her arm and stopped her in her tracks. "Kate! How many times have we told you not to go wandering off by yourself with people you don't really know?! What if something had happened to you?!"

Her grin broke through and she lightly punched him in the chest. "I know better, Sammy. I'm not a little kid. I'm just messing with you. We stayed in the gym the whole time." She shook her head, remembering. "Except when Dean dragged me out to the hall."

He exhaled in relief and let her arm go, thrilled that she had just been messing with him. "Good. I thought you knew better than that. Glad to hear I'm right. But wait- Dean dragged you out into the hall?" Dean had failed to mention any detail of their encounter other than how he ruined Kate's life apparently. This shed some light on that accusation.

"What, he didn't tell you? How he dressed up as a priest and drug me out of there after I kissed Kyle?" The confession slipped off her tongue without even noticing.

"You did what?" he asked, completely taken off guard by the sudden news.

Oh shit. She quickly blurted out in one breath to divert the topic. "Dean was spying on me and it was so awful. So where is he anyway? I thought he'd come." She glanced around, half expecting to see the Impala tailing them down the road to the motel.

"No, he's..." Sam didn't want to tell her where he suspected Dean was. "He's out for the night," he finished lamely, knowing she'd see right through that. Then he got back to the topic he cared about. "So wait- you kissed this Kyle?"

Her cheeks flushed a hot red. She knew exactly what he meant, and focused on that instead. "So he's at a bar then?" she asked rhetorically, before adding with a bit of trepidation, "Is…is he mad?"

"Did he see you kissing this boy?" Sam put his hands on his hips. Everything was starting to come together now. Dean being nervous that John would find out mixed with his anger that they'd lied, Kate's declaration that Dean ruined her life…then seeing her kiss a boy probably sent him over the edge. And Dean only knew how to deal with emotions in one way - drowning them in alcohol.

Kate couldn't meet his eyes, clearly embarrassed. "Yeah, he did," she admitted softly.

Sam couldn't help himself- he chuckled a bit as they started walking again. "Well, you know he's Captain Overprotective. And honestly, I'm surprised and glad he let you stay, though." He shook his head with another laugh. "So he really showed up in a priest outfit?"

Kate and Sam laughed about Dean's antics for the remainder of the two blocks back home, which consisted mainly of Kate complaining about how her life would be over if Kyle ever found out who Father Flannigan really was. As they neared the parking lot, Sam felt compelled to bring up one last thing in his brother's defense.

After a couple beats of comfortable silence, he draped his arm over her shoulders and said, "So...about this 'your life being over' do realize that having two older brothers who care about you is not the end of the world, right?"

Insert the teenage dramatic eye roll. "Um, yes it is. Especially when one of them poses as a freaking priest to embarrass me." When Sam didn't say anything, she added, "You used to tell me how Dean embarrassed you, so don't act like you don't know what it's like."

He took a deep breath. "You do know Dean could have done a lot worse, don't you?" He said it gently, not to scold her, but to help her realize that Dean was trying in his own way. As the middle child, he'd found himself in this position before - where he wanted to relate to his sister but he also had to be the voice of reason for his brother. He had to bridge the gap in a sense.

She opened her mouth to argue, but quickly shut it again, knowing Sam had a very valid point. "Yeah, whatever, but still," she brushed it off. "I mean what happened to the grand plan of yours to keep Dean away?" She wasn't mad, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at him.

"Hey- I kept him away as long as I could. And he let you stay, right? If it'd been Dad, he would have dragged you out kicking and screaming."

Kate felt a shiver down her spine, knowing full well that he was telling the truth. Sam had a very valid point as much as she didn't want to admit it. Maybe she should start being a bit more thankful that it hadn't been her father-now that would have ruined her life. He would have undoubtedly marched in there, muddy boots, flannel, the whole nine-and dragged her out of there with a single glare. A pang of guilt plagued her stomach at how she'd talked to Dean so harshly. She tried to shake it off. "Yeah, you're probably right." She took a deep breath. "It was nice that he let me stay."

"Exactly, Katie. I'm just saying...go easy on Dean, okay? He's trying. In his own way."

"Message received." She would have to find a way to thank Dean tomorrow for what he did. Even though it was still the epitome of embarrassment, Sam helped give her more perspective.

They walked in silence for a few more moments before Sam asked, "So how was it? The kiss?" While he wasn't really eager to know the details, he did have to make sure the kid didn't try anything unwanted on her. He knew just how horny young teenage boys could be.

She took a moment to think of the right words to describe the magical, fairy tale-like moment. "It was extraordinary."

Sam just rolled his eyes and grinned at her incredibly normal teenager experience. It was all he ever wanted for her. Maybe this would help her realize that there was a world outside of hunting. He sent up a quick prayer to anyone that might be listening. "So- you guys were in the room with everyone else, right?"

She groaned as loud as possible into the night air. "Stop already. Yes, yes we were in the room with all the others."

He breathed a sigh of relief. Not that he didn't trust her- he just didn't expect her to actually get to first base with a boy tonight. Maybe she was more like Dean than he thought. That realization made him grimace. He quickly composed his face and said, "Well, good. I'm glad you had a good time tonight. You see? Perfectly normal to have real life happenings, huh?"

"Yeah, it's pretty cool. Maybe we can do it again sometime." Could there be something to this whole "normal" speech Sam kept giving?

"Good. Because you can, you know. You're totally allowed to want normal things like this." Sam felt the pressure to strike while the iron was hot as he knew his countdown was slowly beginning as his senior year was creeping up on him.

Kate chucked. "Sure we can...until Dad finds out. Then the normal is gone." She didn't say it with anger but rather as a factual statement. They were all too familiar with this.

There was a touch of vehemence behind his voice that was clearly not directed at Kate- it was directed at their father. "Yeah, well, it shouldn't be that way. It's perfectly normal to want normal."

Still riding on her high, she didn't pick up on his anger and replied casually, "Definitely. Maybe we can do more normal things again someday."

The "someday" hit Sam harder than he thought it would. "Yeah. Someday." He shook it off and smiled as they approached the motel room door.

A blanket of silence fell over them as Sam opened the door and let her pass inside, closing it behind them. Kate paused for a moment and then turned around toward him. "Thanks, Sam. I really wouldn't have been able to do this without you here." She flashed him a genuine, appreciative smile and wrapped her arms around his waist in an embrace.

Sam was about to respond "Anytime", but once he realized that he wouldn't be able to help her "anytime" as his college clock was ticketing, he swallowed the lump in his throat. "No problem." He squeezed her just a little bit tighter than he normally did.