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I was a gifted painter, self taught. My father, an entrepreneur, considered art wastage of time. However, he had this penchant to buy artifacts and paintings to decorate his residence. I remember the Jean Auguste replicas he'd bought in an auction after a verbose word fight with an art dealer. Bidding for the best was his only area of interest.

The first time I showed him my painting he remarked, "Do you think I pay such big amounts in your schools to let you waste your time on these?"

He didn't even glance at me or the painting, which was in fact a portrait of my grandmother. Being so stupid and naïve, I expected appreciation from him.

I ran out of the dining hall, kept running towards the road; I simply ignored the worried cries and calls of my nanny and other servants in the house... I ran until I saw another girl of my age playing with her doll near a house with a white fence.

"Why are you running?" She asked me lifting her blue eyes to my face. I stared panting; her eyes were so clear and innocent.

"Who are you?" I asked her back, lacking any appropriate reply.

"I'm Elena Gilbert, and this is Holly." She said showing me her doll. "And who are you?"

"I am Katherine. This is my grandmother." I showed her my painting. Her eyes widened in bewilderment.

"She is so beautiful." She stepped closer. "It's nice to meet you Katherine."

That was our very first introduction. We were seven years old then.

I was looking at the house with admiration. I loved the old building at the end of the run down street. My back was turned to Elena; I felt her eyes on my profile.

"What?" She asked. I knew she was scared of old places like these.

"Are you sure about this place? You know, we could arrange something else. Some better place maybe?" She hesitated before asserting her doubt. "I am not feeling good about this place at all."

"Come on Elena. It's just a month or two. I'll move out as soon as I get another place to stay." I assured her, taking my luggage out of her car.

"You can stay with me." She said. She climbed out and helped me with the heavy box full of my belongings.

"I can't. I know my dad. If he speaks with your dad, which he definitely will, your parents will kick me out too. It's better this way." I said and pressed the door bell.

"But why would anything like that happen?" Elena lowered her voice watching a kid next door.

"What exactly happened between you and Mr. Pierce?"

The door opened with a creek; we both looked at the lady standing before us. We were horrified by her sudden appearance.

She was dressed entirely in black, as a dark mistress guarding the age-old debilitated by the passing time and natural tortures. Her face was grim, expressions stone-like. Her gray hair was pulled back, knotted tightly.

"Yes?" She questioned, her voice echoed in the empty passageway she stood in. It sounded as if it came from a far distance.

"Hello, I am Katherine Pierce, the new tenant. Ms. Caroline Forbes talked me in to renting this house. She is supposed to meet me here?" I asked, forcing a smart formal tone. The woman observed me and Elena, and nodded.

"Ms. Forbes came this morning; she had some urgent business to take care of, so she took off to Seattle. I will show you to your room."As she moved her lips, I noticed her throat was not moving as it was supposed to.

"I am Mrs. Flowers, caretaker of this house. Come on in." She almost dictated.

"You should call Caroline first, I guess." Elena whispered in to my ear. I took my cell phone out of my pocket.

"You cannot reach her right now, she will call you herself." The lady announced and advanced to a grand staircase on the hall. I dialed her number anyway, and received a recorded message. Mrs. Flowers said.

"She is creepy." Elena, too worried that the lady would hear her again, mouthed soundlessly. I held her cold hand in mine and followed the old lady.

We were ushered through another passage leading to the west of the building. Elena looked frightened and poked me; she pointed her finger to a series of oil painting hung on the walls. The former owners of the house I guessed. I clutched her upper arm and walked fast to catch up with Mrs. Flowers.

"This will be your room." She unlocked the room with a small key she singled out from a huge bunch of others. The scene suddenly reminded me of the goblins I saw in the Harry Potter movies. Her expression and personality matched theirs absurdly.

The instant the room was opened our amazement was hiked to its maximum. It looked like a luxury suit in some star category hotel with every facility provided. The bright shades and lightings inside the room made the rest of the building look like a haunted house.

"You will find everything you need in your room, still if there is anything else you require, you may call me." Mrs. Flowers gestured to a room downstairs, partly visible from mine and added, "That is my room. You can call me from here."

Shortly after Mrs. Flowers left, Elena closed the door behind her and complained.

"This house is like the one in that movie. Please come with me or else you will die of boredom and loneliness if you live here."

I rolled my eyes, "really?"

"Yes. You haven't seen that movie have you? It was so scary." She reluctantly helped me unpack my things. I adored her when she prattled like a baby. My sweet innocent Elena. I smiled softly and stood behind her, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair.

"You thought this house was scary?"

"Why are you avoiding my point?" Elena touched my hand and gave me a pleading look which reflected strongly within her clear blue eyes. "You know very well what I am trying to say, don't you?"

I breathed. She was right, I knew it very well; the problem was she didn't know exactly what I was trying to avoid.

That was a perfect day to tell her my secret, tell her what made me leave home, but I decided not to.

I was waiting for a more appropriate moment.

The air was below freezing point that night. I was, as usual, trying to portray her on my canvas. I didn't know how to capture her innocent beauty in the lifeless surface, how to paint the pure emotions that played on her face whenever she saw me...

Suddenly I heard a whistle. It was faint, just a small noise declaring another presence in the empty first floor.

I focused for a moment. Nothing suspicious came to my ear. I glanced at my clock. At just 10.30 it seemed like midnight. I kept my paint brush on the table and waited to hear another sound or movement.

Nothing came back.


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