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He didn't know what to do. He just escaped jail, stabbed in the stomach, and is running and hiding from police. Never in a million years would he be thinking of going to jail; escaping and being a fugitive. But, while he was in jail there was one person he was thinking about; that one person was Kono Kalakaua. Ever since the first day they met on the beach he was falling for her and hard. He tried to ignore his feelings but he knew that he couldn't. So, when he was arrested and he saw Kono in that station his love for her was complete, and he secretly promised her he wouldn't give up without a fight.

Now he is in a HPD car holding his wound and driving to her house, when he got there she wasn't home.

So, he dragged himself to the bathroom and sunk down to the floor, tiredness and pain overcome him and he once again slipped into the darkness.

Kono was tired, physically and emotionally. Because physically she was just chasing a suspect and this one was pretty fast, but she (of course) was faster and got him. Emotionally, because the love of her life was in jail, just escaped, and is now on the run. Kono fell for him when they met on the beach. She too tired to ignore the feelings but they were to strong. When she saw he in that station, she knew her love for him was complete; she secretly promised that she wouldn't give up without a fight.

She was getting in her car to held home and nap, when Danny came and pulled her to the side." Hey babe are you okay. Do you need anything?" He said worried and concerned." No I am ok Danny just tired. Why do you ask?" She said with wonder." No reason just after the alert came on the smart table that said Steve escaped you seemed sort of off."He said with a smirk." Oh shut up Danny, I just want to go home and rest ok. I will see you later." She said with a dismissed hand getting into her car." We will clear his name ok don't worry babe." He said before smiling at her.

" I hope so Danny. I really hope so." She said with a sad smile." Oh, one more thing. If you see Steve at all please call us ok, just me and chin all right." Danny said making sure she knew what to do." Ok Danny I really doubt i'm gonna see him." She said with full doubt on her face." He's in love with you too." He said with a smirk before turning around and walking away." WHAT! DANNNY COME BACK HERE!" She yelled, shaking her head before driving off.

As she parked in her driveway, she instantly knew something was wrong. So she got out of her car slowly and with caution. Putting her hand on the gun she saw the blood on her steps, and the HPD car parked down the street, she wasn't worried anymore, because she thinks she knows who is in the house. When she got in her house she saw the blood leading to the bathroom. She gulped hard not wanting to move from this now comfortable spot in the living room. But, reluctantly she slowly moved toward the bathroom and once she saw who was in there she felt like she was about to cry or pass out, because she was right.

The person leaning half on the floor; half on the wall was Steve Mcgarrett.

Kono knew all about stab wounds from the Academy and that the stab wound he sustained was low and didn't hit an vital organs. But, by the way his skin was lighter from it's usual tan, she could tell he lost a lot of blood. So, she herself got out of shock from seeing him there and went by his side. Pulling his shirt off which was easy because it was a button-up. When she got the shirt off she immediately put pressure on it, earning a hiss from Steve.

She went up to get some wrapping guaze, adhesive tape and antibacterial cream to put on it. When she came back she immediately got back to work, putting a wash clothe under warm water, squeezing it out and putting cream on it. When she put it on the wound she earned a content barely there sigh from the man. As she finished putting the cream on, she actually saw the cut clearer now and it was small but deep and she placed a small kiss next to it." I got you Steve I will always have you. I...I love you." She whispered to herself and to him knowing he can't hear her.

Now here comes the hard part. Since he is unconscious and he has no control over his body means that all his weight is wherever he is leaning; since Kono is 2 times smaller than him she somehow has to balance him on her while she sews up the wound, and wraps the guaze around his waist.

After a few minutes of thinking she has an idea, and since he is unconscious she can do it without being embarrassed or teased. Using her left hand to push him upright careful not to disturb the wound, and pull him between her legs facing her. Using the wall as leverage she lays his head on it; now that his weight is balanced on the wall she can get started.

As she's sewing the wound, she would stop just to stare at his amazingly sculptured chiseled abs wanting to lick and bite them; makes them hers. 'Focus Kono Steve needs help.' She thought to herself. When she was done sewing him up she looked at the now, freshly closed wound and placed a kiss on it gently and sweetly. As she picks up the guaze from her lap she starts it at the wound and wraps it around his waist. While she keeps wrapping it she also starts placing sweet kisses on his chest and abs. Once she finished wrapping the guaze and she got up to put a soft barely there kiss on his cheek which earned her a soft moan coming out of Steve's mouth.

As she got up she pulled Steve with her careful not to hit the guaze and moved him to the couch. She layed him down on it and got up to only go back in the bathroom again to get some pain killers and a glass of water. When she came back, she opened his mouth put the pain killers in, and washed it down with the water. She held his face in her hands for what felt like an hour admiring his handsome face without the concentration lines or focus lines that are there only when they were working.

Kono was going crazy. She was just about to get up and shake him yelling wake up, but after a minute she thought that was a bad idea. The first thirty minutes was ok and she thought he was going to wake up, but when he didn't wake up yet for an hour she began to worry and started to go to the couch. Stopping when she got there just to look at him and then she leaned down and tapped him calling his name slowly. He came back to the real world and turned looking at Kono with sudden guilt on his face." I'm sorry I came here. I didn't have anywhere else to go." He said putting his head down." It's ok Steve I just glad your ok and actually really glad you came to me. But...why did you, I mean you could have went to anyone's house just to hide in. I know you said you had don't have anywhere else to go but, why me. Why not Danny or Chin." She asked in pure wonder and question."I...I came here because I can trust you, I know you have my back whenever or whatever and you are really good with injuries. Also...I...I nevermind."He said to her sitting upright on the couch.

He had always had his heart broken by many people Catherine, his mom, dad and he really loved Kono so if she rejected him, he wouldn't know what to do so he just didn't tell her. But, little did he know was that Kono was thinking the same thing, but she was going to give it a shot and quit backing down before it's to late.

" Hey Steve." Oh god she was nervous."Yea". Steve said all his attention on her."Here I have new clothes for you they should fit. Also I...I have something to tell you and it's really important." She said taking giving him the clothes and taking a deep breathe and releasing it before talking again." Steve...I...I...love you there I said it I love you." She finally got it out, she looked at Steve's face trying to find any place of doubt or no love but, all she found was shocked and then it turned into this amazing affectionate loveable face, and she knew he loved her back without even saying it." I love you too Kono I always have since I've met you on the beach and it grew into so much more." Steve said finished putting the clothes on and stepping into her personal space." You do, I do too and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you as soon as we clear your name. Now kiss Commander." She said before wrapping her arms around his neck." Okay I can handle that, I just want to say that it better be soon because I can't wait any longer, and to kiss you, oh yes ma'am." He said before putting his hands on her waist, pulling her flush to him and kissing her with all the love has for her.

Just as it was getting more intense, the pounding on the door pulled out his gun, and changed his emotions of loving; passion to serious; hard-core. "Steve it's ok it's just Danny and Chin I call them here".

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