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Kono was getting ready to go to Steve's house. It was half past six and she was dressing causal, hoping he would like what she was wearing. A navy blue tank top with blue short shorts; a baby blue bikini under her clothes. What, don't judge her. It's Hawaii a lot of stuff involve swimming and water.

As it neared 7:00. Kono was about to leave, she made her way to her car and got in. As she sat in her seat, she thought about how this week has gone from horrible; misunderstanding to loving; caring for each. And how luck she was to such a man like Steve.

" Ah Steve. I can't wait to spend the night with you. My Boyfriend. Yea, mine". She said to herself before driving off.

Over at Steve's house he was waiting for Kono to get there, dressed and all. He hopes Kono will like the causal look; the date tonight. Steve was wearing a black t-shirt with board shorts and since the shorts are like swim trunks he use them as swimwear.

Just as the clock hit 7, the doorbell rang. Steve got up to open the door knowing exactly who it was. When he opened the door he was presented by his, yes his beautiful girlfriend.

" Hi baby". Kono said giving him a kiss, while he let's her in.

" Hey babe, you look fantastic". Steve said to her, admiring her outfit and mile long legs.

" Looking good yourself, Commander. So, what do you have planned for us this evening". Kono asked coming closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

" Mmmm, how does this sound. We have dinner, go surfing, and finally a movie". Steve explains to her.

" Amazing, I can't wait. What are we doing first"?

" Wanna have dinner first? I doubt you have eating". Steve asks going in the kitchen.

" Yea, what are we having". She said following him.

" Ahh, how about steak and garden salad". He said

" Sounds perfect. Can I help in anyway babe"?

" Yea sure, can you get the salad out of the fridge? Also, how do you like your steak"? Steve asked putting the steaks in the pan.

" Yea and medium rare". She said giving putting the salad on the counter; cutting the vegetables up to put in it.

" My kinda girl". He said dreamily.

" My kinda guy". She said equally dreamily as him, finishing the salad and putting the dressing on and setting the bowl aside.

" Ok, the steaks are done. Can you get the plates, forks, and knifes out the cabinets". He said as she handed him the silverware and plates.

As Steve was putting the steaks on their plates, Kono was putting salad on them too. When they were done. They went out on the lanai and sat in the beach chairs to eat; to enjoy the night time waves washing up on shore.

" This food is amazing Steve, thank you". Kono said as she finished the meal along with Steve.

" No problem, babe why don't you sit here for a minute, while I wash the dishes. Then we can take that walk on the beach". Steve said grabbing her plate and going in the house.

While he washed dishes, Kono was laying back in the chair thinking of how this evening was going, and how many more dates they could, no will have. Because, she loves Steve and always will no matter what; she knows Steve loves her too. No matter what comes their way they will fight and oversee the rumors and anything else. But, as she was thinking she didn't see Steve walk out on the lanai about to say something but, was interrupted when she said.

" I love you so much Steve. No matter what people say or do, I love you". She said blissfully in a quiet whisper.

Steve can't believe what he was hearing, I mean he was excited and happy don't get him wrong but, to have her admit that to him. ( Well more to herself). But, still it was like a goal to get Kono to admit something like that. So, he said the only thing that he could say that was in his big mess-up head.

" I feel that some way". He walked closer to looked up in suprise then smiled that infectious smile of hers.

" You heard me? I didn't even know you were there". She said getting up and closer the distance between them; putting her hands on his shoulders while he puts his hands on her lower back rubbing soothing circles on her.

" Well, I am a navy seal. Also, I really do babe. I love you with a my heart, since the first day I meet you".

" I love you too. And I meant what I said". She said inches from his face, closing the distance and kissing him with all the love that has built up the past two years.

When they pulled apart they both were overcomed by the emotions that they forgot that they had a date to finish. As they pulled themselves together, Steve said.

" Ok now that we got that out the way let's go surfing. Good thing you guys keep you surfboards over here, I will go get ours out of the shed". He walked away to get the surfboards and brought them back, giving hers to her.

" Let's go surfer girl".

" Coming Mr. navy seal". She said following him into the surf.

As they paddled out in the water on their surfboards, they came to a safe distance offshore and waited for a wave to come. But, that didn't last long as a medium-sized wave came their way.

" I got this one brah". She said paddling to the wave and standing once she got close.

Steve was amazed by the tricks and flips she was doing but, manged to keep her balance the entire time. As she made her way back to Steve he looked at her with awe and said.

" How do you do that". He said as she paddled back next to him

" Years of practice baby. Yup, that's how it's done". She said blowing her hand and wiping it on her shoulder.

" I have to say you got it waterwoman".

As he finished he talk with her a monster wave came and Steve looked at Kono with excitement.

" You got this Mcgarrett".

" Oh yea, I do Kalakaua". He said paddling away to the wave and standing once he got to it.

Kono had to admit he was pretty good. Steve had some pretty good moves as he glided and moved with wave keep the balance Kono did before. As he finished, he paddle back to her and for 20 minutes they surfed and surfed till their bodies ached.

" That was...amazing". Steve said plopping down on the sand.

" Yea, I know". Kono agreed, laying down too.

" I know both of our bodies ach, so when you and me feel good we can go inside to watch a movie". Steve said to her as she nodded her head.

So, they layed there enjoying each others company in peace and quiet. Listening to the calming ocean water; the fresh pine tree air blowing in the wind.

" You feeling okay, are you still feelin ached up". Steve asked.

" Yea I'm okay, you"? She asked and he nodded.

" Ok, let's put these surfboards back in the shed, dry off ,and watch the movie". Kono said getting out, followed but Steve who was taking the surfboards in and putting them back in the shed.

When they made their way back to the lanai the to dry off, Steve handed Kono the towel that was laying on the chair to dry off with. While, he dried off with his towel.

Once they were completely dry and changed. They went to the living room and looked in the cabinet trying to find a movie. Kono found something and said.

" Hey, how about this movie. The Shooter. I love this movie it has a action-packed, thriller theme in it and it's amazing". She said showing him the movie.

" Oh yea, sure I like this movie too. I'll put it in". He said taking the DVD off of her and sticking it in the player and walking back over to sit down next to her.

As the movie started they both were into it, as the guys on the movie were fighting and arguing. But, as the movie was half over they started to get distracted with each other as Steve was rubbing his rough, and hard fingers on her soft, smooth skin underneath her shirt.

Kono moved her hands up his chest to his neck then to his face as she cupped his cheeks and kissed him deeply and passionately, not like the first and second. But, now that they are alone, they can show their real emotions and forget about other people. Now with the movie forgotten, Steve pulled Kono on his lap so, that she was straddling him.

He moved to her neck and nipped the junction between her shoulder and collar, making her moan and circle her hips on him in just the right places. Mmmmm. As his hands moved further under her top she moaned at the friction and heat coming from his hands. But, Kono noticed out of all of the heat moments that they were on the couch. She doesn't want there first time to be on this couch. So, with the voice she could gather up she said.

" Ste..vee...bed..please...now".

As Steve could never deny her requests. He lifted her by the ass and, carried her up the steps to his bedroom he dropped her down gently; getting on top of her kissing her with the love he has for her.

They both were thinging the something. That this was a perfect evening, and through all of this trouble the came on top and last be noe least.

What a wonderful weekend this was going to be.

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