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I crack my eyes open for a stream of blurry white light to make me scrunch them up again. I snuggle back under the warm doona and revel in my own body warmth. Then, a shout.

"Up, up, up Tris! It's Christmas!"

I groan and pull my pillow over my head. Will this whiny little voice stop?

"Come on, no sleeping in today!" Suddenly, an icy chill creeps over my body as the doona is ripped off of me. I leap up and snatch it back, awake now.

"Christina! It's freezing!"

"Well get dressed then, lazy bones." My friend orders. "I expect you to be ready and in the chasm to meet everyone else by nine o'clock." She sweeps out of the room and runs off, presumably to ruin someone else's blissful sleep.

I glance at my alarm clock- 8:45. Wearily and with great reluctance, I pick myself up and traipse into the bathroom.

In the chasm, hundreds of Dauntless gather in groups. They are singing, talking and laughing loudly, while exchanging gifts and smiles. I spot Christina sitting with Will, Tobias, Uriah, Zeke, Shauna, Marlene and Lynn. I join them, sitting cross-legged between Tobias and Uriah. I am greeted by smiles, waves, wishes of a merry Christmas, and a frosty smirk from Lynn.

"Merry Christmas, everyone." I say, hesitantly. Christmas is such a new experience for me that I am not really sure how to act.

"Here, Tris." Christina hands me a golden wrapped gift. I look up and see everyone else also unwrapping presents. I stutter, "Thank you. You-you didn't have to-"

"Tris, Tris, Tris. Once a Stiff always a Stiff, huh?" Uriah elbows me. "Just open the present."

I smile and peel back the wrapping to reveal a pile of black fabric. I unfold it, it's a dress. Dresses aren't usually my thing, but this one comes to the knee and covers me well enough. Flowy sections hide my small frame. I smile at Christina and hand her my present, to her delight.

I give gifts to all my friends, to much thanks, and, to my surprise, I receive some back. Uriah gives me a voucher for the tattoo parlour, with a wink and comment about shedding my Abnegation skin. Will gives me a book about identifying you and your opponent's strengths and weaknesses in battle, which I think will prove useful. Marlene, to my horror, presents me with a box of chocolate. I forgot to get her a gift, and apologise profusely. I decide to get her a gift in a spare moment. I don't know the others well enough to give or get gifts from them, but we all have a good time, especially laughing about Zeke's gift to Uriah; a trick knife that slips into the handle when pressured.

Finally, I give my present to Tobias. He accepts the dagger with amazed thanks, pulling me to his side and handing his gift to me.

It is a small box, black, with a green ribbon. I slip it off carefully, and lift off the lid. I gasp. Inside, nestled on a bed of red velvet, is a silver rectangle, engraved with the Dauntless symbol. It is about five centimetres long, small enough to fit in my pocket. A little knob on the side catches my eye, and, on a whim, I flick it.

A shining blade snaps into place, dazzling me with a reflection of the gigantic Christmas tree.

"Thank you." I breathe. No one has ever given me a gift so perfect before.

Tobias smiles. "There's more. Move that switch again."

I do so, and the knife is replaced by a corkscrew, then a mini pair of scissors, then a serrated blade, then a hook, a screwdriver, can opener, and, finally, a lock pick.

"I love it. Thank you Tobias," I say quietly again. He puts his arm around me and plant a kiss on the top of my head.

"I thought you would." I can hear the joyful smile in his voice, and it coaxes one from me as well.

Christina stands up, announcing, "Let's go. I heard that there was some sort of light show out nesr the train tracks." She sets off, us all following behind.

We pass hundreds of happy Dauntless on our way, all shouting "Merry Christmas!" to us as they pass. Christmas is indeed a remarkable holiday here.

I see a familiar figure up ahead, Peter. I narrow my eyes, he is glaring at us all. As we continue, he remarks drily, "I didn't think Stiffs celebrated Christmas. Too happy, or something, for those emos."

I feel my fists clench, but am determined not to get fired up. Tobias takes my hand and squeezes it reassuringly.

"Oh right, you're her boyfriend now, aren't you Four? And here I was thinking you were destined to be a life-long loner." I feel Tobias tense beside me now. Peter continues, "To be honest, she's not exactly who I'd think you'd go for. You strike as more of a…player, know what I mean?"

Before I realise I am moving, my knee connects with Peter's stomach. Not my Tobias. This time, Peter is going to get what's coming to him.

He recovers quickly, and sends a fist flying at my face. I duck and punch in the same placed I elbowed him, hard. He doubles over in pain. I skip behind him and push him to the ground, where he holds his stomach and swears. I turn around and stroll back to Tobias and the others, who stand gaping at Peter.

Tobias puts an arm around my shoulders. "Brilliant, Tris. Brilliant."

"I caught him unawares, it was nothing. If he was prepared, it would have been a very different situation."

Tobias frowns. "Stop putting yourself down. You totally nailed him."

I smile at my feet and we catch up with the others.

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