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It is late, I am tired, but I don't want to leave. The dance floor has cleared considerably, and the crowds now wander around the snack and drink tables. Tobias, Uriah, Christina, Lynn, Marlene, Zeke and I hover in a corner near the chasm.

"Hey, what's that?" Uriah snatches a bottle from Zeke' hands. "Ooh, naughty naughty, mum will not be pleased. Little boys shouldn't drink alcohol." He tuts.

Zeke scowls. "I'm of age, aren't I?"

"A fact that I doubt in your level of brain cells..." Uriah eyes the bottle. And takes a quick gulp.

"You idiot! Mum is going to kill you when she finds out!"

Uriah smiles. "You'll have to tell her that you were drinking first."

Zeke seems to think for a second, then glares at Uriah and snatches the bottle back. "I'm gonna go find Shauna." He stomps off.

Uriah scrambles for some water, gargles it and spits into the chasm. "God, that stuff is nasty!"

Marlene giggles.

Uriah picks another bottle off the table. "Ah, beer." He takes a swig and sighs. "Much better than that bird piss of Zeke's."

The group emits a collective groan. "I'm sick of you and your bad jokes, Uriah. Take your toilet humor somewhere else." says Lynn.

Uriah smiles. "Then how would you survive without dissolving into endless misery?"

Another groan.

Tobias picks up another bottle of the beer. "Want some, Tris?"

I shake my head.

"Tris the Stiff, all the way through." Uriah mocks a look of deep disappointment.

I glare at him. I'm not a Stiff anymore, I am Dauntless. I may have Abnegation tendencies... but i must fit into my new faction to avoid being noticed as Divergent. I take a bottle from the table and sip it. It burns down my throat, and I scrunch up my face but take a few more mouthfuls until half the bottle is gone.

"There." I tell Uriah, pointedly. He raises an eyebrow.

"I'm impressed. Think you can hold it down?"

I nod. It didn't taste very desirable, but it's alright now. I just don't want any more.

Zeke reappears, Shauna on his arm. Uriah has another heated conversation with his brother, which I tune out. After a few minutes, my head starts to feel funny, light, and a bit headachy.

Tobias notices. "You okay?"

I don't really think I am. My stomach is already feeling a little queasy, and my vision teeters every time I move. "I'm just going to get some air." I say.

"Do you want me to come?" asks Tobias.

"No, I'm fine. Don't worry." I walk down a hallway, heading to a balcony. The worlds tips precariously and I stumble along, why did I have that stupid drink?!

I am vaguely aware of hushed voices, then shouts. I recognize one of them. Peter.

He appears out of a corridor, accompanied by his new cronies, and smiles. "Good evening, Beatrice."

Oh no. This is bad. I had all my friends by my side before, but now I am alone and disoriented. This is very bad.

"Your boyfriend isn't here to save you this time, is he? I bet that's the only reason you got into Dauntless. That bastard felt sorry for you."

Anger bubbles up inside me. "Well I did kick your ass this morning, didn't I?" I snap.

Peter's smile falters. I take the opportunity and dart forward to punch him in the still weak stomach, but my hit lacks power. The action leaves me dizzy and spinning.

One of the boys behind Peter jumps behind me and grabs my arm, I manage to kick his legs but am fully restrained by the time another comes to his aid.

Peter steps forward. "Not so brave now, are you?"

I glare into his eyes, determined not to show him my fear. I know what he can do.

Peter steps forward and grabs my collar. His breath is hot and foul on my face.

"I am going to make you pay for that ranking, little girl. And you will regret ever choosing this faction for the rest of your life."

He tightens his grip, and the fabric cuts into my throat. A fist slams into my stomach, and he throws me away, his cronies let go and I fall back into the floor, cracking my head on the concrete.

Another boy pulls me up, planting a rough kiss on my cheek. I squirm away from him.

"I'll save you, my love! I'll protect you from those big mean Dauntless!" He says in a silly imitation of Tobias' voice.

"Stop that!" growls Peter. "I want to get this done."

The boy who kissed me looks me up and down, scrutinizing.

"I don't want her anyway." He throws me in Peter's direction. I use this momentum to get under Peter's guard, and plant my knee in his stomach, darting back as he growls in pain.

He jumps toward me, but I dance to the side, making the world spin on its top. Before I realize it, he has me in a headlock, and kicks my les out from under me. I scrabble around on the floor, trying to get up without falling back down again.

Peter kicks my side, and I can't breathe, my chest is empty and I'm sucking in air but it isn't working, and he kicks me again, and again, and I grab his leg feebly, but he just crushes my hand under his heel.

I will not show weakness.

I somehow get up, ignoring the pain in my head, my stomach, my side, my hand. Peter punches high, so I duck under, dodging a kick, spin, and elbow him in between the ribs. He winces, but doesn't let up. A push from another boy sends me to the ground again, and my head crashes to the floor, pain exploding in my neck. My vision goes fuzzy and spots dance before me.

I can't get up this time.

A shout. Familiar. A figure. Familiar. The boys scatter. Peter holds his ground. I hear yells, grunts. Someone screams. More thumps. Quick footsteps, odd and out of rhythm, heading away. A hand grasps mine, pulling me up. An arm across my shoulders. My vision starts to clear.


He studies me. "Deja vu, I think?"

"What?" I croak, the world still spinning.

"I think that scene felt a bit familiar."

A laugh, a little, the pain fading.

"What hurts?" He asks.


He nods. "You went pretty well. It was four against one, and you held up for a long time."

I don't say anything. The world is growing fuzzy again from movement. Soon, we enter a room. Familiar. He sits me on the bed, where I stare at the words on the wall.

Fear God Alone.

Tobias returns with an ice pack, which he holds to my head. "You might have concussion, so tell me if you feel sleepy or anything." He hands me a painkiller, I gulp it down eagerly. I dot feel sleepy, now. If anything, I feel more energized, as if the fight rid my brain of the fog of alcohol. Even the ache in my head is disappearing.

"Why did you come?" I ask.

He shrugs. "I was worried. You didn't come back."

I nod. Simple answer.

"Feeling okay now?"

"Much better. It just hurts a little bit now."

"Do you want to go back?"

"Yeah. But not to the party. I don't think the loud music will help."

We stand up, and Tobias leads me out of the room and down the corridor. I still feel slightly dizzy.

"At least you got Peter this time."

Tobias smiles. "You don't even know. He could barely walk away."

I chuckle.

"I can't believe you took them on for that long. To think you were that skinny little Stiff who couldn't budge the punching bag. But, ranking first!"

I smile in spite of myself. Sometimes it is nice to be complimented, especially after being totally hammered.

We walk along the deserted halls in silence, listening to the faint music coming from the pit. I start to notice little clumps of leaves decorating the walls every so often, tied with red ribbon. I point them out to Tobias.

"What're those?"

He smiles, a ghost of something humourous lurking behind. "Mistletoe. It's a Christmas plant. They put it along the hallways, because they say you have to kiss whoever stands under it."

"That's stupid." I say dismissively.

"Yes, it probably is. But all in the spirit of the season."

Silence again, but comfortable silence. Like we know what the other is saying so they don't even have to voice it.

"I think I have something to tell you." says Tobias.

I raise my eyebrows at him as he leans closer to whisper, "I think I might love you. But I'm waiting til I'm sure to tell you, yet."

My mouth goes dry, my heart thuds in my ears. "That's sensible."

"Maybe I'm already sure, but I'm just waiting for the right time to tell you."

"Then you really should know better."

"Fine. Then, I love you." He stops and turns to face me. I see something stir in his blue, blue eyes, something soft but powerful. "I love you, Tris."

He presses his lips to mine and I am lost, floating, somewhere else. I want to take this moment and wrap it up in a box and bury it deep in the ground where no one can spoil it.

"Tobias," I whisper, close. "I think I might love you too."

I smile, and he smiles too. I kiss him again and nothing matters, all the problems of today don't matter, I don't are about being caught by the Dauntless leaders, I don't care about the Erudite's attacks on Abnegation through the reports. I don't care.

I see something on the edge of my vision. Hanging above our heads. Green, tied with red ribbon.


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