Harry Potter and Twilight I do not them that belong to JK rolling but I do not Stephanie Rose Lupin- Black Sirius and Remus's Daughter

Chapter 1 Father and Daughter Reunion

Stephanie follows Remus to her Papa's house

Sirius did not know what to say when Remus and Stephanie arrives

Stephanie: PAPA

Sirius: Darling * Hugs his Daughter*

The order gasped in shock

Stephanie and Sirius were crying fanily reunion again

Molly: who is that girl?

Stephanie wince at that

Sirius growls at Molly: that girl is my daughter Molly you cow leave her be I mean it * overpriced of his Daughter*

Stephanie: Papa stops it

Sirius hugs his daughter again

Stephanie hugs her papa back smiling

They pull apart

Stephanie giggles

Sirius laughs with his only Daughter

Chapter 2 Stephanie meets her Papa's godson Harry and his friends

Stephanie sits in her Papa's lap

Sirius wraps his arms around her

Harry, Hermoine and Ron comes in

Sirius: hi Harry, Hermoine and Ron this my Daughter Stephanie Rose Black

Harry: nice too meet you Stephanie

Stephanie looked up her Stunned Light Grey eyes with long red hair: you too Harry, Hermoine and Ron I am ready done with School but I am staying with Papa now

Sirius loves being called papa only if Remus knows she is his daughter too

Stephanie will not leave her Papa alone at all

Sirius: Darling you staying in my room with me

Stephanie: okay Papa you want to Show me?

Sirius leads her upstairs into his room

Stephanie flaps on the bed looking tried

Sirius waves his hand

Stephanie was in her Pjs red with gold on them yawing

Sirius change into his Pjs bottom

They under the quid and they fall fast asleep in each other arms

Hermoine and Ginny want to talk to Stephanie when they looking in Sirius's room whisping: awe

Remus even looks in: wow

Chapter 3 the next day

Stephanie is up and in her light green Dress with her red long hair tied up and heads down Stairs


Stephanie: SHUT IT RIGHT HERE GRANMA OR YOU WILL WAKE PAPA *send a death glare at her Papa's Mother *

Everyone froze to seen Stephanie yelling at her grandma

Mrs Black went quiet

Stephanie walks past without glaring at her

Molly: here Steph take that tray ups to your Papa

Stephanie takes the tray upstairs knocks

Sirius is wake and is dress: come on in Darling

Stephanie opens the door carries in the tray and place in front of her papa: Papa I shout at grandma

Sirius: so I have hear that I am so proud of you kiddo

Stephanie giggles

Chapter 3 the Superise in the daily prophesy

Sirius reads chokes on his coffee

Stephanie rub's her papa's back

Sirius: holycrap I am free

Stephanie: that was me finding Peter and got him into the minister of magic he admit it he betray Lily and James and Fame you Papa you have to Remus something Papa

Sirius: Omg Darling that amazing * realize then signs * okay Remus follow me and Stephanie to the Drawing room but no one else will not follow us

Chapter 4 Remus gets tell the truth about Sirius's Pregnancy and his Daughter

Remus: Padfoot what is going on?

Sirius: you remember when in year 7 I was throwing up everymoring?

Remus: yes I remember that why?

Sirius nods: I was Pregnant back then the only that knew were James and Lily when me and you were dating

Remus Gasped: you mean you were pregnant with my Chid?

Stephanie: Papa was pregnant with me

Sirius: she's right Remus she is your Daughter too

Remus: WHAT

Stephanie: Dad stops it

Remus calms down: I can not believe this I still love you Sirius

Sirius: I love you too Remus

Stephanie: EW GROSS *covers her eyes shudder *not kiss in front of me

Sirius and Remus: Opps Sorry darling

Stephanie rolls her eyes grins: its okay

Chapter5 the park

They heads out to the Park with Harry and Stephanie its was snowing

Stephanie made a Snowball: hey Papa watches out * throw the snowball at Sirius hitting him right in the face *

Sirius: you're on * throw open back only to hit Harry *

Harry throws one back hitting Remus in the face

They have a big snowball fight

They went back home

Stephanie giggling jumps into her Papa's Arms

Sirius chucked as his rest his Head on Remus's Shoulder having family time

Harry leaves them to go help with the

Chapter 6 family time

Stephanie, Sirius and Remus all asleep smiling fanily being back toghter as a Family

Molly tiptoes in place a blanket around the happy family know Remus and Sirius are couple and Stephanie is their Daughter

Stephanie wakes up bined her eyes

Sirius wakes up too: hey Darling

Stephanie: Hi Papa

Remus when wakes up smiling: Hi Love and Sweetie

Stephanie: Hi Dad

Sirius: Hey Babe

Stephanie: Papa the father and Daughter dance is coming up soon will you go with me?

Sirius: you know I will with go with you

Stephanie Speals: SHOPPING

Sirius groans knowing how much his daughter loves shopping: we go tommozo into London to shop okay

Chapter 7 Shopping for the father and Daughter Dance

Sirius, Remus and Stephanie are walking the streets of London looking at the shops

They go in a dress open to buy their daughter a dress

Stephanie see the one and goes ties it on it's was a long red one

Sirius and Remus waiting outside the dressing rooms they gasped when Stephanie comes out she looked so beautyfull in the dress

Sirius: wow Stephanie you looked so goreuges in that dress

Stephanie: aw thanks Papa I want this Dress it's the one

Sirius nods

After that

Stephanie comes out in her own cloths they buy the dress with red High heels

Chapter 8 the Father and Daughter Dance

Everyone was waiting

Remus clears his throat

Everyone look at him

Sirius is at the bottom of the stairs

Remus: please welcome my and Sirius's daughter Miss Stephanie Lupin-Black

Stephanie arrives at the top of the Stairs

Everyone Exp Sirius and Remus gasped

Stephanie walks down Stairs to her Papa who holding a matching red spiking coat for his daughter is wearing a tux with a read jacket mating tie to match his daughter 's dress

Sirius slips on the coat over his daughter's shoulder

Remus spad a Picture with a Magic crinam

Sirius Hire a pink limo to pick them and pick them again after the dance was done

Stephanie and her Papa gets in the limo knowing the dance was at Stephanie's old school

They arrive

Everyone gasped when the limo opens the door

Sirius steps out turn out holding his hand out to his daughter

Stephanie step out with the help with her papa 'a hand

The limo leaves

Stephanie hears someone calling her name: ALICE*dragged her Papa to Alice and Carlisle *

Stephanie and Alice hugged

Sirius: Erm

Stephanie: Ohh sorry papa this Alice Cullen and her Dad Carlisle Alice and Carlisle this my Papa Sirius Black

Carlisle: nice to meet you Sirius

Sirius: you too Carlisle this wired now our Daughters are bests of friends

Alice: We moving

Stephanie: what?

Carlisle: Yep

Sirius: We moving to Forks

Carlisle: that was we going as well

Stephanie and Alice Speals they stay bests of friends they moving to the some area

Stephanie: Alice how is your boyfriend Jasper?

Alice: he's fine

Stephanie: Okay

Chapter 9 High School

Stephanie is in the Cullen's Car with Alice and Jasper laughing

Jasper: So Steph?

Stephanie: Papa lets be in your year Jasper I am older then Alice I am 18 years older

Jasper: sweet

Stephanie: yep

Stephanie knows about them being vampires will not tell a soul about it

Everyone Stare at them I mean everyone no one will talk to the Cullen's

Stephanie, Jasper, Alice and the Cullen's leaves for their lessons

Stephanie and Jasper both have History

They sit next to each other: Papa told me this might help you * whisping * its form was me and papa is from *

Jasper nods knowing about them being wizard and witch shucking on the blood pop

Stephanie: it's that Helping Jasper

Jasper: yes * his eyes return to gold*

Stephanie knowing about Jasper's History

Mr Evans: well we have a Hero Mayor Jasper Warlock Aka Jasper Hale

Japer:* glare at the teacher * but did ya know about that

Mr Evans: it's in the Book

Stephanie: Erm Mr Evans I know another hero you hear of the wizardry world?

Mr Evans: Yes

Stephanie: the Hero is Harry James Potter he my Papa's godson and hero I meet him

The class gasped

Mr Evan: that means you are a witch can you show some stuff

Stephanie: sure * Brings out her out * Expecto patronum* sliver Lion shot out her Wand maybe I can have papa to have a duel with go him

Lion took off

Mr Evans: WOW what else can you do too?

Stephanie: Wingardium Leviosa* Points at Jasper *

Jasper began to flow up: whoa bloody hell

Sirius arrives: darling you ready?

Stephanie: YOU'RE ON PAPA

Everyone of the whole school comes out into the sports area hearing they have Witch and Wizard in town

Stephanie and Sirius Blow to each other taking tree steps

Stephanie shouts: Tarantallegra

Sirius: Protego* shied light up around him * ha

Stephanie rolls her eyes then smirked: YOU IN FOR IT PAPA Reducio

*breaks the Shied and Hits Sirius in the Arm * ha got ya

Sirius: Damm Ow * felt the pain in his Arm*

*Carlisle and Esme, Charlie and Bella are in shock to see magic is real

Stephanie hits him with a Cutting curse

Remus Watch as his Daughter and lover having a duel



Stephanie: ha you easy even you were an Auror Papa Stupefy

Sirius gets hit by it

Stephanie: Expelliarmus

Sirius gets it by the spell and his wand flees closs

Stephanie Catching her Papa's wand: Ha DAD YOUR UP

Remus: FINE * began dueling his daughter *

Sirius: Oh Boy they going to be at for a While

Headmaster arrives watching them fight

Stephanie: Rictusempra

Remus get by the Spell began to laugh cant not stop

Sirius signs:

Carlisle, Alice, Jasper: GO STEPHANIE

Stephanie: stupefy

Remus does not duck fall unconscious

Everyone can not believe Stephanie Beat her papa and Dad in an Duel

Harry Arrives: OI STEPHANIE ME AND YOU VS Sirius and Remus

Stephanie: SURE HARRY

Harry stands next to Stephanie

Sirius got its wand back is standing next to Remus they began a Double Duel

Harry and Stephanie: STUPFY

It hits them

Sirius recovery's quick: Rictusempra

Stephanie: Protego * shied light around Harry and Stephanie *

Harry makes a snowball and hits Sirius and Remus in it with his wand

Sirius and Remus's face was priceless

Everyone laughs at them

Stephanie smirked mutted something pink light shot her wand hitting Sirius and Remus in the chest

Sirius realize the spell: oh no Moony our plan been backfire

Chapter 10

Stephanie is walking With Jasper: DUKE REDIUCO *hits Bellatix* Get LOSE Aunt duels her

Sirius and Remus gasped as Stephanie Bellatix without backing down

Chapter 11 Stephanie's Gradation

Sirius can not believe that his Daughter is about to Gradation

Stephanie comes down wearing her gradation outfit

Thanks god the Black is next to the Cullen's

Carlisle and Esme deived that Sirius, Remus and Stephanie are part of their family after Stephanie Save Jasper Life

Mr Evans: Stephanie Lupin-Black

Sirius, Remus, Carlisle and Esme Claps for her

Stephanie Blush: we are the future it's our chose to do what we want to you thanks * gets her dimpord*

After that

Sirius ,Remus and Stephanie are at the Cullen's Stephanie Been Dating Edward a most a Year now

Carlisle: Stephanie you and your Papa and Dad will get change in a year time

Stephanie suddly screams: Omg

They turn to see Edward on one Knee

Sirius and Remus know about this Edward asked for Pessmisson to marry their daughter

Sirius and Remus even have tears in their Eyes

Edward: Stephanie Rose Lupin-Black will you marry me?

Stephanie: YES I will marry you Edward

Edward: this ring is my of birth mother * place the ring on Stephanie's hand *