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Ninja of Huntik

(Back track)

Chapter 5: The Mission

Guggenheim surprised at the disappearing amulet, but decided not to talk.

"I'm surprised at you Naruto my boy, you have grown strong in the past year and with only using your seeker powers," Guggenheim said gladly as Naruto helped him up.

"Thank you sir, I trained hard to be where I'm at," Naruto said politely. (Kurama knocked some manners into Naruto over the course of the year and Kami taught Naruto to be a gentleman but there still some Naruto in there. Naruto can also match Shikamaru in intelligence. If you don't know, his IQ is about 220. So just say he is really smart)

"Before we discuss your mission, let's grab some lunch shall we?" Guggenheim said as both he and Naruto went to grab a bite.

(An hour or two later at Guggenheim's office)

"Okay, for your mission is to find and recover the titan Kitana, in Beijing, China, there have sightings of a rogue swordsman in the alleys attacking gangs, witnesses say it was wielding two swords." Guggenheim informed.

"I'll do my best sir," Naruto said as he saluted and left in a swirl of leaves.

"That man has much potential, he'll have a grand role in the future," Guggenheim said as he got to work cursing the god damn paperwork.

(ElseWhere with Naruto)

Naruto was back at his fox island, preparing himself for the journey ahead and for the fights that will be waiting for him.

Naruto finally got back on land and then quickly went into an alleyway and turned a corner that was in there and summoned a titan.

"Give me a ride Senkou!" Naruto said as a fox that went to Naruto's waist in height and had yellow fur. (It looks like Joltean)

"You called Naruto-sama?" the fox asked as he sat down.

"Yes Senkou, can you send me to Beijing, China?" Naruto asked the fox, which made it confused.

"5017 miles West," Naruto sighed as he had to figure out how far China was from Italy.

"It'll take awhile but I can do it," the fox said as he began to gather energy.

(In Beijing, China)

Naruto appeared in a flash of light in a alley. Naruto came out of the alleyway with a hood on. It was raining, and the middle of the night.

Naruto could hear screaming coming from a close alleyway, close as in 2 miles away. As Naruto appeared in front of the suspicious alleyway he could see a kunoichi holding two katanas surrounded by several downed bodies and one last man against the wall with the kunoichi holding the katana to his throat. The titan finally noticed him and dropped the guy and got into a sword stance.

"Come at me," Naruto taunted.

The kunoichi charged at him and he had two kunais out countering the sword strikes. He finally found an opening and kicked her in the stomach sending her into the wall and brought out an amulet.

"Burn a blaze Shiro ho!" Naruto called out as a pure white fox came out with a white fire tail.

The white fox then spewed white flames at the kunoichi titan turning it back into its spirit. The nice thing of having Shiro ho out is that he is also a tracker.

"Shiro ho followit," Naruto ordered the titan. They soon tracked it down to a rundown church.

They go in the church and find the amulet on the hand of a Jesus statue.

"You can go now," Naruto said to the titan.

"Hold it right there, huntik worm!" said a voice Naruto turned around to see several organization agents. (This is the organization before the Professor)

"Ah isn't your name Manny, your part of the Organization," Naruto asked the main agent.

"Yeah, and you should fear us, we could take you down easily, so give that amulet rookie," the person named Manny demanded.

"Should I?"


"Should I?"


"Should I?"


"Nah, I don't want to, it's too troublesome, you're over there, and I'm over here," Naruto said lazily which made the muscle man fume in anger.

"Then throw it to me," Manny said as he tried to calm down since he liked to compromise.

"Nah, uses too much energy," Naruto said with more laziness.

"Then let me come over there, and get it from you," Manny said as it was hard to contain his anger.

"Nah, that can't work," Naruto said with an eerie smile.

"And why not?" Manny growled.

"You could die or suffer from serious injuries," Naruto said with a straight face.

"Huh?" Manny said confused as he watched Naruto disappear in a yellow flash, then he could hear thumps behind him.

Manny turned around to see his men collapsed onto the ground, and rushed over to them and checked their pulse, there was none he then gritted his teeth in anger, his men… dead, they were like family.

"Y-you killed them and you will Pay! Riot destruction is a must!" Manny yelled as huge red troll appeared.

"Kurama come through the first gate of hell!" Naruto roared as a chakra cloak formed over him giving him demonic looks.

"What the hell, merging with your titan? Riot attack!" Manny commanded his titan as it grabbed a club that was at his waist and charged the demonic blond.

"CHAKRA CLAW!" Naruto said demonically as his red cloak claw extended and completely destroyed Riot in one hit.

The red claw kept extending heading for Manny who froze in fear. The claw grabbed him by the mid section and lifted him into the air. Soon enough the vile energy started to burn Manny at the chest.

"AAAHHHH!" Manny started to scream in agony as his pupils disappeared and can only see white in his eyes. Soon finally he gave in and went into unconsciousness as the energy was searing through his flesh until it stopped.

"See ya later Manny," Naruto said as he calmly left.


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