"Black Bird; Green Arrow"

By: Wtchcool

Disclaimer: If I owned "Arrow" and "The Cape," Quiver and Peter/Vince would be canon.

Chapter One: Send Me on My Way

It was night and the billionaire was alone in the parking lot—or so he thought. A hooded figure above him caught his attention and it wasn't the one he was accustomed to seeing.

"Peter Fleming, you have failed this city."

An arrow was fitted to a bow and aimed.



Palm City, Franklin

"Vince, could you come inside for a minute?" Dana asked. Her ex-husband, Vince Faraday, had just dropped off their twelve-year-old son, Trip.

"Sure," the sandy haired man acquiesced, following her inside.

The Faradays had been happily married until one night a couple of years ago. Vince, a sergeant in the police force at the time, had received a tip from the blogger known as Orwell. Orwell had sent him to the train yards, where illegal explosives were being smuggled into the city on behalf of the masked villain calling himself Chess.

Vince was ambushed by Chess, who revealed his secret identity to be Peter Fleming, the CEO of ARK Corporation. Unfortunately for Vince, the city had just delegated the Palm City Police Department's duties to ARK Corporation. Fleming had one of his men staple Chess' mask onto Faraday's head, and then had his forces chase the last honest cop through the city on live television.

The chase had ended when Vince was seemingly blown up in an explosion. In reality, he'd been safely tucked away in a tunnel underneath the exploding truck.

With Fleming framing him for Chess' crimes, Faraday had allowed everyone to believe he was dead. He'd continued to do so until Fleming had had a change of heart and publicly declared that Vince had been innocent.*

Vince had decided it was then safe to announce to the world that he had survived the explosion. He had thought that he would then be able to go home to his old life.

He'd been wrong. In his absence, his wife had gotten over the loss of her husband and fallen in love with Jack Kirchner (a law school professor). Shortly after Vince's return, Dana had filed for divorce.

Now Vince wondered what was up.

"What is it?" he asked, after she had him take a seat.

"Vince, Jack's been offered a job in Starling City. He's thinking of taking it." She bit her lip. "If he does, well, he asked me to go with him."


"I've scheduled an interview with Starling City's Legal Aid Office. If I get the job, I'll…"

"You'll take Trip away from me? Dana, we agreed to joint custody! How would I see Trip if he's—"

"Starling City isn't that far from Palm City," she interrupted him. "It's in the same state. You could commute!"

"Do you know how many hours that would take?" Vince demanded.

"Well, what if you moved, too?"


"Vince, I know you've been having trouble finding a job since…what happened. And I know you'd rather die than work for ARK Corporation. Starling City's police force hasn't been privatized. I'll bet that they would hire you."

Vince stared at her. She did have a point. He could be a police officer again. And he wouldn't have to worry about being separated from his son. But the thought of leaving Palm City, which had always been his home… how could he?

Even when he'd been a fugitive, he'd refused to leave. He'd told his friend Max Malini that he wouldn't let his son think he was a coward that ran from his problems. He had stayed and become Palm City's vigilante, the Cape. But he'd done that to stay near Trip.

His former partner, Orwell, had recently moved to Starling City herself. After Vince's name had been cleared, she'd decided to reconcile with her father. To the Cape's great surprise, her father was none other than Peter Fleming.

Fleming had welcomed his long-lost daughter, Jamie, back with open arms. (It helped that he had no clue that she had been the blogger denouncing him at every turn.) He'd wasted no time in putting her in charge of ARK Corporation's Starling City offices.

So Orwell had left her friend behind. He had missed her, but not nearly as much as he would miss his son if Dana took him away. He could, he supposed, take her to court to try to stop her from moving, but he doubted he'd fare well against the attorney. Most people in Palm City still seemed to suspect him of being Chess, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

By the time he left Dana's, he'd decided to send the Starling City Police Department his résumé.


Starling City

"Dad! Hi!" Jamie greeted her father at the restaurant.

"Great to see you, Jamie," he embraced her. Then he nodded to the maître d' and they were seated promptly. "You said you had news?" Peter asked, noticing the additional places at the table.

"I did. I've been seeing someone and I want you to meet him."

"Sounds serious," Peter commented, immensely pleased that his daughter was involving him in her life.

"Sorry I'm late, honey." The new arrival kissed Jamie briefly on the lips before turning to Peter, whose mouth was wide open. "This must be your father."

"Dad, I'd like to introduce you to—"

"Faraday and I have met," Peter said, regaining his composure.

"No, you're thinking of my brother, Vince. I'm Ian," the look-a-like shook Fleming's hand.

"I was unaware Faraday had a twin."

"I knew Vince wouldn't talk about me. You'd think he was ashamed of me or something."

"Ian spent a few years in Bali," Jamie added. "He hasn't seen his brother in years."

"Oh, a lengthy separation from family; it sounds like we have something in common. Tell me how you two met."


"You must hate me," Peter addressed Ian later that evening, while Jamie was in the bathroom. "For what I did to your brother," he added.

"No more than Jamie does," Ian said, shrugging. At Fleming's perplexed look, he continued. "Didn't you know? Jamie said she was friends with Vince."

"No, I didn't know," the Brit answered. "I don't suppose she said how she'd known—"

"I'm back," Jamie announced, before resuming her seat. "You weren't talking about me while I was gone, were you?"

"I was just telling your father about how we've decided to let bygones be bygones. After all, it's not like he's the jerk that set up my brother."

An awkward silence ensued in which neither Fleming corrected Ian. Peter's decision to clear Faraday's name had not been accompanied by a desire to tell the complete truth. He was quite fond of not being in prison.

Jamie was one of the few people that knew that it hadn't been Marty Voyt who had framed Vince that night, but as long as her father was trying to turn over a new leaf, she wouldn't have to remain his adversary.


In his hideout underneath the future nightclub, Oliver Queen and his bodyguard/confidante John Diggle watched the news.

Oliver had once lived with a devil-may-care attitude. That had stopped five years ago when he'd boarded the Queen's Gambit with his girlfriend's sister** and his father. The boat had gone down, but he and his father had made it into the lifeboat.

He hadn't expected his father to commit suicide before his eyes.

Before Robert Queen shot himself, he'd handed his son a notebook filled with names, warning Oliver that the people in the book were poisoning Starling City.

After Oliver had been rescued from the island he'd been shipwrecked on, he'd taken it upon himself to take care of all of the people on the list. As the vigilante the Hood, he was making pretty good progress towards that goal—with some help from Diggle.

"So Peter Fleming's in town," Diggle observed as they watched the newscast. "Wonder whether he's here to check on his daughter or on his business."

"Either way, he's going to wish he hadn't made the trip," Oliver replied. "He's on the list."

*For why Peter had the change of heart, see "Putting Chess in Check," the prequel to this.

**In retrospect, he understood that he'd been a major jackass in seeing Sara Lance behind Laurel's back.

Author's Note: I'm doing my best to make sure that members of only one of the fandoms aren't confused. If you're lost, let me know.

This is technically a crossover with "Eat, Pray, Love," as Ian is from that film. If you haven't seen the movie, you don't have to, but you're missing out.

The chapter title is from Rusted Root's song.

Incidentally, I can't believe they barely included Quentin in tonight's episode! I promise he will feature in this story.